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Working Party for Young People and Families PowerPoint Presentation
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Working Party for Young People and Families

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Working Party for Young People and Families - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Working Party for Young People and Families
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  1. Working Party for Young People and Families Progress to date…. 17.11.11 Helen Crook

  2. School involvement • Councils involvement • Volunteer members of group • Others involved • How do we fit into neighbourhood plan? • Thoughts • Fears • Plans

  3. schools • Meeting with head of Sixth form and head boy, head girl and deputy head boy at High School • Meeting at Stratford College with Principal – 18.11.11 • Shottery Head Girl and KES Head Boy involvement • All secondary schools agreed to card distribution • Primary schools requested

  4. Councils • Meeting with Paul Chapman (Stratford district council) and Carla Young (youth worker at Warwick county council) • Previous data from surveys shared with us • High School assembly for further data collection following on from November survey by Paul Chapman in Jan.…..

  5. Volunteers… • Tony Jefferson, volunteer, governor at college • Lezlie Bott, steering group member • Cathy Ganner, practice nurse and mum • Louise Dublin, CAB worker, mum • Glynnis Fletcher, runs play-groups, set-up NCT in Stratford in past.

  6. And also…. • Kate Robinson , manager of stratford RSC theatre nursery • Lucy Strauss, mum, involved with Welcombe Hills school. • Alice Wynne –Edwards, mum, NCT liason

  7. How do young people/families concerns fit into NP?

  8. Tourism • Facilities for young people will be useful to encourage tourism, esp. leisure facilities • A lot of tourists are school groups of teenagers, especially from overseas • We want to encourage families and young people as tourists too! Need long-term view.

  9. Infrastructure… Transport • convenient buses- especially in evening • Cycle routes

  10. Infrastructure…. Education • Schools with space for local children within the town

  11. Infrastructure…. • Leisure facilities very important - daytime facilities - evening nightlife • Open outdoor spaces to have access to also equally important

  12. Shopping facilities – teenagers are big shoppers!

  13. Health • Avoid “Eastbourne Syndrome”

  14. Data already available..

  15. STRATFORD-ON-AVON TOWN CENTRE RESEARCH Prepared for Nadhim Zahawi MP for Stratford-on-AvonOct 2010 PHASE 2 - The ‘elusive’ youth viewpoint

  16. Research was …. • Qualitative Research based on peer group discussions. • Centred on the data already derived, the point of the exercise was to find out more about the generally lower satisfaction levels of young people, compared with those of the rest of the population

  17. Summary of Youth Viewpoints • The majority of participants would leave Stratford before they were 20 and stated they were unlikely to return. • Others who lived in Stratford did not consider Stratford was a town where they could ‘make their mark’ • Those who lived and studied in Stratford professed a certain affection and pride about coming from a world famous town.

  18. Summary cont. • Satisfaction could be raised if for instance the night life could be improved, which was considered particularly ‘lame’, but most considered this to be unrealistic. • Summer days in Stratford were enjoyable using the facilities of the wide open spaces, but there was little to do in winter months – a ‘better’ cinema and better cafes might help

  19. In the main there was a acceptance that the town, as a heritage town attracting many tourists, ‘is what it is’ and it was unlikely to take further useful actions to address the needs and wishes of young people.

  20. Summary of phase 1 town centre survey • younger people gave lower scores to the leisure facilities than older people • Younger people rated the clothes shopping lower than those in the older age group


  22. Five most important things making somewhere a good place to live  … The top five in the District were • activities for teenagers • health services • the low level of crime • shopping facilities • clean streets.

  23. The top five improvements were • better/more job opportunities • more youth facilities • better public transport • improved leisure facilities • affordable housing opportunities.

  24. Plans… • Await and analyze data from survey • Construct initial report for steering group to review • Be aware of financial, practical and political constraints !

  25. Thank you !