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Yr 8 poetry/classics: CIRCE

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Yr 8 poetry/classics: CIRCE. The story so far…. After escaping Polyphemus , Odysseus has continued to wander through the Mediterranean and eventually lands an the Island of Circe – an enchantress

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the story so far
The story so far….
  • After escaping Polyphemus, Odysseus has continued to wander through the Mediterranean and eventually lands an the Island of Circe – an enchantress
  • ON the journey he has further upset the Gods and released all the winds that troment sailors from a bag which he was told never to open…
  • When they land on the island, some of the men approach Circe’s home and are turned into pigs
  • Odysseus tricks Circe and she releases the men from the spell
  • After a year (!) they continue the journey
  • Circe orders them to descend to the underworld to pay their respects to a dead colleague who fell overboard earlier in the journey
  • A minor Goddess, daughter of Helios (The Sun)
  • Imprisoned on her island after murdering her husband
  • Transforms men into wild animals
  • Wants to seduce Odysseus
  • He avoids her spells and the pair settle down for a year.
  • She gives important advice about the journey.
  • Apart from working closely with a passage of the Odyssey, you will be discussing an interesting modern poem based on this myth
  • You may be required to respond in a creative manner to a story which has inspired artists throughout History.
  • After leaving Circe, Odysseus is sent ot the underworld where he sees souls in torment and in paradise.
  • If you could visit someone long since dead, who would you choose and why?
  • What would be your criteria for judging someone to be a hero or someone worth talking to?