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CMA 1309 BA Laser Cutting Dealers PowerPoint Presentation
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CMA 1309 BA Laser Cutting Dealers

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CMA 1309 BA Laser Cutting Dealers
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CMA 1309 BA Laser Cutting Dealers

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  1. MASONLITE DUBAI Sign Supplies & Equipment

  2. MASONLITE DUBAI Pioneers in the field of signage, Masonlite was established in 1980 in Dubai, UAE. We take immense pride as we contribute to the signage industry across various parts of the world.

  3. Masonite is serving the sign industry since 1980 (37 years) Masonlite started way back in 1980. We took up franchise “MASONLITE” neon products way back in 1980 for the Gulf Region. There began our journey in trading neon products and slowly we diversified into other fields as the demand in the Middle East. 

  4. PIONEERS IN THE FIELD OF SIGNAGE We are pioneers in trading of sign equipment and supplies in Gulf, parts of Africa, CIS & its republics etc. We trade in all kinds of sign material & equipment, but it is the field of LED, acrylic, printing, training, etc.

  5. One Stop Shop for Sign Supplies, Machines & Displays Masonlitesince its inception in 1980 has strived to introduce the technology to gulf & neighbouring countries. With the digital signage playing an important role in this modern times, we have introduced Korean technology LCD screens.

  6. CMA 1309 BA Laser Cutting Machine • Our CMA 1309 BA Laser Cutting Machine is updated Wood Engraving Machine compared with Yueming Laser Cutter. • Our new Laser Cutting Machine is for Leather, Acrylic products, Furniture, Packaging, Printing &Advertisement, Decoration and Model making etc. • It equipped with higher performance components and advanced laser cutting and engraving software.

  7. CMA 1309 BA Laser Cutting Machine Features • Fully-enclosed containment envelope • Box-type air extracting device, which ensures clean working environment  • Applicable materials: MDF, acrylic and etc.  • High-strength aluminum alloy beam, comparing with traditional steel frame, lighter weight and resonance, smoother running

  8. CMA 1309 BA Laser Cutting Machine Technical Specification

  9. MASONLITESHOWROOM We have our showroom at Deira, Dubai in the heart of the city with all kinds of displays for retail marketing and equipment under one roof.

  10. We have sourced out machines and material from all parts of the world by visiting various trade shows and factories. 

  11. With digital signage being the future, Masonlite has introduced Korean LCD & LED screens for indoor & outdoor purpose.

  12. Dubai with the vision of its great leaders, wish to see Dubai as a digital city.

  13. Being a vibrant city, the world is looking upon Dubai for the introduction of innovative technology, being a hub for the trading world.

  14. BRANDS We have the following brands under our wings from various partners.

  15. INDUSTRIES WE SERVE Our signage solutions are curated for the following industries

  16. MASONLITE P.O Box 86589, Dubai,UAE, Salahuddin road, Next to Abu Baker Al-Siddique Metro Station, KamberAwazi BuildingShowroom No: 2,Near Best Western Hotel