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Top 10 Practical Marketing Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 10 Practical Marketing Tips

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Top 10 Practical Marketing Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top 10 Practical Marketing Tips. Kylie Warne MBus BA AMAMI. Tip #1: Have the right attitude. Marketing… is essential, because It helps to attract more customers to your library It encourages them to visit more often It encourages them to make use of more library products/services

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Top 10 Practical Marketing Tips

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    1. Top 10Practical Marketing Tips Kylie Warne MBus BA AMAMI

    2. Tip #1: Have the right attitude Marketing… • is essential, because • It helps to attract more customers to your library • It encourages them to visit more often • It encourages them to make use of more library products/services • helps paint a picture of your library over time • is a long-term investment • is all about removing barriers for customers • doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming

    3. Tip #2: Write down your objectives and stay focused

    4. Tip #3: Be clear about who you’re targeting • Essential for effective communication • The more defined your audience, the easier it is to communicate to them • Not sure? The process: • Decide criteria eg age, location, gender, technology use? • Develop a profile • Select the most attractive segment(s) • Decide what to communicate • Decide how to communicate • Implement, assess and improve

    5. Tip #4: Communicate effectively In general: • Select one or two key messages only • Communicate like you’re a customer, walk in their shoes • Focus on the benefits, not just the product or service ie WIIFM • Be careful not to over-communicate • External communication • Don’t use library jargon • Ensure lead times are long enough and have clear milestones and contingency plans • Use other channels for leverage • Internal communication • Your marketing success often rests with your frontline team! • Make sure your processes are working • Encourage staff support and interest through teammeetings, emails, morning teas

    6. Tip #5: Prepare to be persistent • Remember: you’re painting a picture in people’s minds • A McGraw Hill survey reported that 6 out of 10 people say no four times before they say yes to an opportunity • Be patient. Sales and Marketing Management study in the US surveyed 192 companies/10,000 sales reps • Reported an average of 7 calls to close a first sale • Compared with only 3 calls to close a subsequentsale • Sometimes it takes time for people to bemotivated enough to act

    7. Tip #6: Encourage your customers to return (and others to visit) Some quick ideas! • Say thank-you for becoming a member • Seek customer feedback immediately after they join and respond quickly to any problems or queries • Ask for a testimonial and use it on marketing collateral • Turn fines into positives eg GRLC’s Food for Fines • Conduct a satisfaction survey of members • Membership campaigns and competitions • Milestone member – good for media opportunity • Congratulate/thank on anniversary of membership • Random monthly draws for prizes • Grow your members eg “30 members in 30 days” • Regular print or email newsletters • Announce a new product, service, alliance or event • Talk about a service that can help the client • Introduce new team members • Piggy back on other events in the community

    8. Tip #7: Focus on building long-term relationships, not single transactions • Bain and Co (2002) highlight some reasons why organisations should focus on customer loyalty: • Keeping existing customers is 6 times cheaper than acquiring new ones • Loyal customers increase their spending (borrowing?) over time • The costs associated with serving them decrease, including marketing • Satisfied customers recommend the organisation to others • People don’t know what they don’t know • Cross-sell: suggest other products/services thatcompliment existing or past purchases eg Amazon • View every marketing opportunity as anotherchapter in the story of your library

    9. Tip #8: Understand why customers don’t come back • Why do people leave? • They experience problems, bad taste left in mouth • Lack of communication • Easier to go elsewhere • Silence is deadly • Do you really want them to return? • Complaints stats McKinsey & Co • Only 9% of customers who have major probs but don’t complain intend to purchase again • 19% of those that do complain regardless of outcome intend to purchase again • 54% of customers who have their complaint resolved intend to purchase again • 82% of customer who have their complain resolvedquickly intend to purchase again

    10. Tip #9: Approach the media, BUT before you do… • Know their deadlines • Know the people • Ask for names, emails, phone and fax numbers • Keep a current database • Do your research • Read and listen have a better understanding • Test your story ideas with colleagues • If not newsworthy, consider submitting to community notice boards • Consider producing a media kit • Fact sheets, backgrounders, features, bio’s • Other (business cards, posters, promo goods,newsletters, calendar of events)

    11. Tip #10: Don’t go it alone – collaborate! • eg Geelong Regional Library Corporation • Corporates: Shell, Alcoa, Coles Myer • Franchises: Dymocks, Gloria Jeans coffee • Geelong Football Club • Bendigo Bank • Barwon Health • City of Greater Geelong • Not-for-Profits (Do Care, United Way, Geelong Food Resource Centre, Smith Family) • Geelong Performing Arts Centre • Schools, kindergartens, playgroups • Royal Geelong Yacht Club • Rotary Club • Media

    12. Today’s reward Kylie will spend the equivalent of one day helping you market your library • 2007 communications plan development • answering your marketing questions • sponsorship proposals • copywriting • helping with an event • media release production/distribution • staff training … the list goes on!

    13. Top 10Practical Marketing Tips Kylie Warne MBus BA AMAMI