a market development tool for the south carolina food industry n.
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  1. A Market Development Tool for the South Carolina Food Industry South Carolina Specialty Foods Association Annual Meeting Dan Ramage Center Columbia, SC 27 January 2009 SCMarketMaker.com Dr. R. David Lamie Clemson Institute for Economic and Community Development Dept of Applied Economics and Statistics DLAMIE@CLEMSON.EDU 803.788.5700 Ext 36

  2. The South Carolina MarketMaker Projecta web-based Shared resource to aid in the development of the value-added food supply chain for South Carolina

  3. SCMarketMaker Collaborators

  4. Producers Finding Potential Customers - Maps potential niche markets by demographic characteristics, layers in food sector distribution elements, and provides census profiles of the markets being targeted • Potential Customers Finding Products and Producers – Allows potential customers (households, restaurants, grocers, farmers markets, schools, hospitals, universities, prisons) to search, find, and map available products and/or producers --- according to their tailored specifications • Other Useful Searches – Retail Grocery Stores, Food Processors, Wholesale Distributors, Restaurants, Liquor Stores, Wineries, Agri-Tourism Venues • Distribution of Targeted Educational Information – For all segments of food sector. Marketmaker Enables …

  5. Key Web Sites • http://national.marketmaker.uiuc.edu • National portal to all state sites • Buy/Sell Forum • www.scmarketmaker.com • Currently for producer/business registration • Food Processors from Info-USA already registered, but can create userID/PW and/or add to the list • Will become the SC MarketMaker homepage after initial producer registration period

  6. What will the South Carolina MarketMaker site look like? Terrestrial-based food system plus Extra-terrestrial (fish and seafood) http://scdev.marketmaker.uiuc.edu

  7. Tools Currently Available • Producer Registration – www.scmarketmaker.com • Robust data set required for public unveiling • Priming the pump with Certified SC Grown • National Buy/Sell Forum – http://national.marketmaker.uiuc.edu • National audience • Similar to Craig’s List • Other States’ sites - conduct target market searches for potential customers in other states

  8. MarketMaker Training • Delivered Five Regional Training Sessions for CU Extension, NRCS/SWCD, and SCDA Personnel • Available for Presentations and/or Training at Appropriately-Targeted Events

  9. A Vision for SCMarketMaker MarketMaker will serve as an integrated constantly-improving we-based platform, collaboratively supported by a wide range of food sector stakeholders, where South Carolina producers and their customers will benefit directly from participation and supporters will be appropriately acknowledged.

  10. How You Can Help! Business Registration and Record Maintenance Assistance Integrating MarketMaker Into Existing and Future Programs Capturing and Sharing Success Stories Future Sponsorships

  11. Additional Information Dr. R. David Lamie Clemson Institute for Economic and Community Development Dept of Applied Economics and Statistics DLAMIE@CLEMSON.EDU 803.788.5700 Ext 36