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  1. TELECOMMUNICATIONS CONCEPTS & COMPONENTS Central Office Exchange Thought For The Week No Question Is A Bad Question!

  2. Key Point Centrex Is Good for Businesses That Have Multiple Locations.

  3. Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) Offer An Economical Solution: System Features Normally Associated With PBX Systems Can Be Leased Through A LEC and Provided Through A CO Switch. • At The End Of Lesson 4, You Should Be Able To: • Describe How the Centrex Service Works • Explain the Types of Businesses That Would Most • Benefit From Centrex • NameThe Main Reasons For Choosing Centrex Over • A PBX

  4. Centrex A Telephone Company Network Service That Provides Sophisticated Office Telephone Switching Features Through A CO Switch. In A Centrex System, A Business Customer Purchases a Block of Telephone Numbers. Centrex Customers Are Businesses And Organizations That Have Several Locations Across One Area Of A City.

  5. Centrex The Organizations Find It Convenient To Tie Their Dispersed Locations Together With Centralized Switching Services Provided At A CO, As Illustrated On The Multiple Locations Linked By Centrex Diagram. Multiple Locations Linked By Centrex

  6. Centrex Benefits • Centrex Offers Real Benefits To These Businesses, If They Need Advanced Switching Features But Do Not Want To Manage Their Own Telephone System. • LEC Marketing Campaigns Stressed The Following Advantages: • Reliability • Space Savings • Ease Of Administration • Ease Of Upgrades • Compatibility • Less Hardware Expense • Vendor Support

  7. Technical Requirements For Centrex Distance From CO Switch Allocation Of Call Paths Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

  8. Distance From CO Switch Centrex Switching Is Provided By A CO Switch, All Of A Company’s Locations Or Offices Must Be Located Within The Local Exchange(s) Controlled By A Single LEC. Centrex Is Able to Accommodate Large City- Wide Situations, As Well As Having A Mix Of Long Distance Or InterExchange Services.

  9. Allocation Of Call Paths Centrex Customers Must Determine The Number of Incoming and Outgoing Lines Or Call Paths. In A Centrex System, Individual Lines Are Also Known As Network Access Registers (NARs).

  10. Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) • This CPE Is Connected, Usually By Means Of Twisted Pair Loops, To A Part Of The LEC CO Called: • Common Block • Distribution Frame • Main Distribution Frame • The CO Common Block Determines The Features, Restrictions, And Access That Each Centrex Customer May Receive From That CO.

  11. Centrex Features • Centrex Makes Available All Features And Functions Of A CO Switch. A Few Of The More Popular Features Are: • Voice Mail • Conferencing • Call Forwarding And Special Routing • Call Waiting • Speed Dialing

  12. Centrex Features - Continued • Centrex Makes Available All Features And Functions Of A CO Switch. A Few Of The More Popular Features Are: Continued • Call Hold/Consultation Hold • Call Pickup • Call Transfer • Distinctive Ring

  13. Centrex Features Although Centrex Provides A Wide Array Of Features, Many Customers Use PBX Systems, Key Systems, And Centrex Together.

  14. Centrex vs. PBX The Centrex And PBX Comparison Table Summarizes The Main Reasons A Customer Would Choose Either Centrex Or A PBX System. Centrex PBX Off-site telephone company switching Service to Demarc Telephone company staff Telephone company space, power, HVAC Rent/no property tax Linear growth (gradual upgrades) Multilocation Complicated billing On-site switching Service to telephone Company staff Company space, powers, HVAC Lease/buy Step growth (larger upgrades Single location “Locked-in” pricing