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  1. ? READY TO GET STARTEDonline study tools for: Macroeconomics, Second Edition in ModulesBy Paul Krugman and Robin Wells

  2. WHAT TO BUY Required Text Available Formats Print book Paperback text e-Books (1/2 the cost of the print book) Worth e-Book: web-based interactive e-Book accessible on any computer CourseSmart e-Book: downloadable e-Book accessible on a computer or via app on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android devices, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, or Nook Tablet. Macroeconomics, Second Edition in Modules By Paul Krugman and Robin Wells ISBN-10: 1-4292-8729-2 ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-8729-6

  3. WHERE TO BUY IT Campus Bookstore From Publisher

  4. WHY YOU NEED IT 1. It is required for this course 2. It will help you get a better grade. Period. • Each chapter is broken down into a series of short, accessible sections. • Each section of the chapter includes a concise, memorable summary of key ideas. • End-Of-Chapter Study Tools. • Motivating questions encourage critical thinking. You will have assigned homework and we will test from material found in this book.

  5. Get access to free online study tools • Self-Test Quizzes • Flashcards • Student Lecture PowerPoints • Related Weblinks

  6. Hover your mouse over “REGISTER” and click “I am a Student”

  7. Enter your e-mail address

  8. Create your account Alert! Do not throw away your access card until you’re registered! When you’re done, click “Register”

  9. Get access to PREMIUM online study tools • INCLUDING… • e-Book

  10. Unlocking Premium study tools… Log on first Locate the “Unlock Premium Resources” box Either enter the access code you received from the bookstore or purchase directly from the website.

  11. If you have an access code… Enter the activation code printed on your access card and click “Go.” Alert! Do not throw away your access card until you’re registered!

  12. If you want to purchase directly… 1. Click “Purchase Access Online” 2. Choose your resources and click “Add to cart” 3. Click “Check Out Now”

  13. UNLOCKED RESOURCES The resources you’ve unlocked will now appear on the home page—click “Go” to access them

  14. USING THE E-BOOK Search Notes Bookmark & highlight Table of contents

  15. NEED HELP? Your first step should always be to call Tech Support. Tech Support will be able to address any issues you might have with registration, etc. If you need help from me for any technical issue, I will not be able to help you unless you first have a ticket number that you have received from Tech Support. Tech Support 1-800-936-6899