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3 rd Year Session

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3 rd Year Session. GSD evaluation. 1) After logging in to GSD and clicking through the prompt to log in to a particular clinic, where can you look to find out which clinic you have actually logged in to?.

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gsd evaluation
GSD evaluation

1) After logging in to GSD and clicking through the prompt to log in to a particular clinic, where can you look to find out which clinic you have actually logged in to?

2) Name 2 field in the “Details” tab that would stop you from making an appointment and or recording treatment for this patient (this does not include the symbols)
3) What does this symbol mean?

Where do you find information about this symbol?

5) What does a red * next to an item in the treatment plan mean?

The procedure in the Treatment Plan has not been approved

5b) What is the difference between the Blue & Green star?

Blue is a revised procedure that has been approved

Green is an approved procedure from the initial TP

6) Name two instances in which you should use one of the preset Quick Plans to set up your tab and appointment
  • OD
  • Denture Patient procedures
7) List the steps you need to take in order to make sure the card reader works in your cubicle.
  • Card reader is plugged into the USB port (Make sure you hear a BEEP)
  • Make sure the light on the card reader is GREEN
  • Turn on GSD (make sure you hear 10 BEEPs)
  • Check to see for the card reader icon on the bottom right of the screen

In the chart tab under an appointment

right click and choose

“Sign Off Start Check”

8) Describe how you would obtain a start check from an instructor.


When a procedure is listed under an appointment without being charged off

9) What is an uncharged report?

Which procedures would you get an uncharged report for?

charging out
Charging Out

There are 3 steps to charging out (billing/getting credit) a procedure

1) Drag an item into an appointment


2) COMPLETE a procedure (when you finished the procedure)

3)CHARGE OUT a procedure (Faculty Approval)

10) How do you change the date of service and provider of a specific procedure so that it correctly displays this information when signed off?

Double click on the procedure AFTER its marked “Complete”

base chart
Base Chart
  • Base chart must be done within an appointment
  • You need a start check before beginning a Base chart

5 Existing RCT

6 Decay/Caries

7 Missing Tooth

8 Gold Pontic

9 PFM Pontic

10 Existing Amalgam Restoration

11 Existing Composite Restoration

12 Existing Gold Crown

28 Exist PFM Crown

27 Existing Stainless Steel Crown

26 Existing Gold Inlay

25 Existing Implant

24 Existing Inlay

perio charting
Perio Charting

         To record scores above 9:

-          Hold the Shift Key on the keyboard down, use shift and the * (8) key, then release both and press the number to record the measurement.-          Press 0 to record 10

-          Press 1 to record 11-          The second digit will be displayed in red text.

        To record Negative scores:

-         Numbers will default to a positive number.  To chart a negative number, you will use “shift” and “+”.

        To record Negative scores above 9:

-         Shift +  (clicking the + and the * while holding shift down)

oral diagnosis
Oral Diagnosis
  • Make sure patient bring important medical information such as current medication