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Invitation Letter

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Invitation Letter
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Invitation Letter

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  1. Invitation Letter Hora Hedayati

  2. What is an Invitation Letter? • An invitation is a request to attend an event. It could be an invitation to a barbecue, a night at the theater, a birthday or anniversary party, a housewarming, or a wedding. • It could be a formal event or a casual one, even a religious event.

  3. Informal Invitation Letter • Format: Handwritten or typed • Tone: Informal. Active voice • Structure: What, When (be specific), where (include address), charge (any), RSVP, dress (casual, costume,…) • Handy Phrases: R.S.V.P. (Please Reply)

  4. A Sample Informal Invitation Letter Dear Dr. and Mrs. Davidson, We will be celebrating Paula and Steve’s thirtieth year of ministry with a dinner at the Floribunda Commons Restaurant, Saturday, November 29th, at 8:00 p.m. Please let us know by Monday the 24th if you can join us on this happy occasion. With love, ArminehIzadi

  5. Tips for Writing Invitation to Events • Describe the event • Be sure to cover the details: location, time, date, dress, directions. • Provide a reply card, e-mail address, or phone number for responding.

  6. Formal Invitation Letter • Format: Handwritten or typed. • published; engraved or preprinted invitation or card. R.S.V.P. (usually on separate card) • Style/Tone/Voice: Formal. Active or passive voice. • Structure: (1) State the occasion, (2) State when (be specific), where (include address; also a map, if necessary), (3) R.S.V.P., (4) Other information, e.g. a luncheon will be held, formal dress is required (white/black tie, etc.) • Handy Phrases: R.S.V.P.; We invite you to share our joy; Request the pleasure of your company.

  7. Sample of Formal Invitation Letter TwilaLockard Davis and Gladys Lockard invite you to an Open House celebrating the fiftieth wedding anniversary of our parents, Thomas and Susannah Lockard Saturday, May 25th, 2002 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the home of Dr. and Mrs. David Hasbro 4776 Wailing Wind Dr. Indiana, Pennsylvania Please no presents, just your presence!

  8. Tips for Writing Formal Invitations • The phrase “request(s) the honor of your presence” is reserved for wedding invitations; however the phrase “request(s) the pleasure of your company” is appropriate in any formal invitation. • If you must cancel a formal invitation, use the same format and style as that of the original invitation (if you have time to do so; otherwise phone the invited guests). • Send invitations well in advance (six weeks is not too early), particularly if you have invited out-of-town guests to the event.