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Second Language Acquisition. Chapter 1 Introduction. Preliminary. (1)Why study the course?. (1)  About SLA/L2A 1) definition : the study of how people learn a language other than their mother tongue. 2)a multidisciplinary field:

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(1)  About SLA/L2A

1)definition: the study of how people learn a language other than their mother tongue.

2)a multidisciplinary field:

related with linguistics, psychology, sociology, etc.

3) It studies

① how L2s are learnt;

② how learners create a new lg. sys;

③ What is learnt of an L2 and what is not learnt;

④ Why most L2 learners do not achieve the same degree of proficiency in an L2 as they do in their L1;

⑤ Why only some learners appear to achieve native-like proficiency in more than one lg.

4) goals:

1.describe how learners learn an L2 and how their language changes over time;

2.explain why learners acquire an L2 in the way they do; identify the external and internal factors that influence learners’ L2A

5) objects of study:

1. external and internal factors that influence L2A;

2. similarities among learners and their individual differences in LA.

(3) some basic terms

1.L1, native language, mother tongue, primary language

2.L2 vs. FL

exercise: raise the countries in which English is spoken as an L2 or FL language

4.learner language

5.LA vs. LL


Question 4

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