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carol ruddell work ability utah n.
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Carol Ruddell Work Ability Utah PowerPoint Presentation
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Carol Ruddell Work Ability Utah

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Carol Ruddell Work Ability Utah
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Carol Ruddell Work Ability Utah

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  1. Acronym-mania Double Jeopardy Carol Ruddell Work Ability Utah Work Ability Utah Medicaid Infrastructure Grant # 1QACMS030319

  2. State Gov’t Services Preparing for Work Health Care Alphabet Bucket 200 200 200 200 400 400 400 400 600 600 600 600 800 800 800 800 1000 1000 1000 1000

  3. Final Jeopardy Special Rules in Social Security and Medicaid that allow people who are working to keep receiving their SSI or SSDI check or continue to receive Medicaid

  4. What are WI? (Work Incentives)

  5. Row 1, Col 1 What is VR or Voc Rehab? (Vocational Rehabilitation) The services provided to someone with a disability, who is capable of working and wants to work, but who also needs training and support to become employed.

  6. 1,2 What is an IPE? (Individual Plan for Employment) The written plan whose goal is employment that is used by Vocational Rehabilitation; developed by the VR Counselor and the client.

  7. 1,3 What is DM?(Disability Medicaid) Public medical assistance for people who have disabilities who meet eligibility requirements for disability determination, income and assets.

  8. 1,4 What is 2-1-1? This acronym is an easy-to-remember telephone number that connects people with important health and human services programs throughout Utah.

  9. 2,1 What is an IPE? (Individual Plan for Employment) The written plan whose goal is employment that is used by Vocational Rehabilitation; developed by the VR Counselor and the client.

  10. 2,2 What is OJT? (On The Job Training) Customized job training by an employer/business; designed to increase the specific job skills at the workplace; the business may be reimbursed for the training costs by VR or DWS.

  11. 2,3 What is CHIP? (Children’s Health Insurance Program) This federally funded state health insurance program is for children, under age 19 who are currently not covered by health insurance and whose families meet income eligibility.

  12. 2,4 What is the DRC? (Disability Resource Center or another name) This office at colleges, universities or post secondary schools provides academic and work-related accommodations and related support services; it sometimes goes by a different name.

  13. 3,1 What is BPAO? (Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach) This program is for people who are on Social Security: how employment may affect benefits, Medicaid, housing, food stamps and more; helps people make an informed choice about work.

  14. 3,2 What is SE? (Supported Employment) This service supports people to get, maintain, or advance in competitive employment in integrated work Settings; a Job Coach is usually on site part of the time.

  15. 3,3 What is UPP? (Utah’s Premium Partnership) Helps make health insurance more affordable for working individuals and families who do not have health insurance; helps pay monthly premiums for adults when enrolled in employer's health insurance plan.

  16. 3,4 What is FAFSA? (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) The process to apply for Pell Grants, federal student loans and other financial support for training programs after high school, including colleges or universities.

  17. 4,1 What is CTW? (Choose to Work) This service provides job development and placement services to job seekers with disabilities and assists employers in accommodating the new employee.

  18. 4,2 What is SJBT? (Supported Job Based Training) A VR program similar to SE in providing workplace supports for individuals with the most significant disabilities; unlike SE, it is time limited and Job Coaches fade out completely.

  19. 4,3 What is MWI? (Medicaid Work Incentive) For working people with disabilities who because of their income do not qualify for a "free" Medicaid card; the option to pay a premium, to keep Medicaid; asset and income limits are higher than DM.

  20. 4,4 What is IL? (Independent Living) This philosophy or idea is to help individuals with disabilities live independently in their homes and communities; centers for increasing this are located all across the state.

  21. 5,1 What is DPN? (Disability Program Navigator) This program promotes services and work incentive information for SSA beneficiaries and other people with disabilities. In Utah it is a resource for CTW, VR, DWS, SSA and more.

  22. 5,2 What is PWDNET? (People with Disabilities Network) A network of businesses trained and committed to hiring and retaining employees with disabilities; people with disabilities can search for jobs to find ‘disability friendly’ businesses.

  23. 5,3 What is EPAS? (Employment Personal Assistance Services) This Medicaid service is for people with disabilities who work at least 40 hours per month and who need personal care assistance to maintain their job.

  24. 5,4 What is JAN? (Job Accommodation Network) This service provided by the U.S. Department of Labor's ODEP focuses on employment and retention of workers with disabilities; website has an incredible amount of information.