movin groovin with phonemic awareness and phonics n.
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Movin’ & Groovin’ with Phonemic Awareness and Phonics PowerPoint Presentation
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Movin’ & Groovin’ with Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

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Movin’ & Groovin’ with Phonemic Awareness and Phonics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Movin’ & Groovin’ with Phonemic Awareness and Phonics
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  1. Movin’ & Groovin’ with Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Lori Elliott

  2. Hang Those Bottoms Down! Hang those bottoms down, down Hang those bottoms down Some letters stand tall Some sit on the wall Some hang their bottoms down, down

  3. PHONICS Visual Letters and Letter Names Rule Based Print Centered Spelling to Sound System PHONEMIC AWARENESS Auditory Speech Based Speech Sounds have letters Phoneme Discrimination Phonics or Phonemic Awareness

  4. Phonemic Awareness • Phonemic Awareness is not knowing which letter makes which sound. That is phonics. Phonemic Awareness is the awareness that words are composed of sounds, and is an important precursor to learning to read. ( Yopp, 1992).

  5. Kids with Phonemic Awareness • When words start alike • When words rhyme • When words are long words or short words • If words have “lots of letters” or just a few • How to stretch letter sounds • How to play with words

  6. Result of exposure to written and oral language. Rhyme Tongue Twisters Silly Games with Words Clapping Syllables Singing Development of Phonemic Awareness

  7. Assessment • Levels of Phonemic Awareness • Developmental Spelling Test

  8. Phonemic Awareness Activities • Syllables • Back to Back • Simon Says • Rubber Band Stretch • Sing Old Favorites with New Sounds • Sound & Sketch/ Rhyme & Sketch

  9. Online Helps •


  11. Let’s sort some words.

  12. What is a word sort? • A strategy for understanding words and word parts. Students learn by doing. Students analyze a set of word cards for similarities. They sort the words into categories.

  13. Why use word sorts? • Spelling • Content • Build background knowledge • Review • Assessment • Practice • Reading/Fluency

  14. Picture Sorts S B

  15. When and Why? • Work on beginning or ending sounds.

  16. Concept Sorts

  17. Why and How • Use when teaching content. • Math • Science • Social Studies

  18. Anne Rockwell Brian P. Cleary

  19. Rhyming Picture Sort

  20. Vowel Picture Sort

  21. Teacher Directed Sorts • Teachers define the categories and model sorting. The teacher shares with students the key word or word part students should use in the sorting.

  22. cat man can rat fan hat pan sat pat that tan bat van mat than fat ran Beginner Level : Sort for Word Families

  23. Student Centered Sort: Open Sort • Students examine all the words in the sort and decide the categories for sorting the words. They sort the words based on this prediction.

  24. web queen team seat bed seen yes jeep read meal tree leg treat bell sheep jet cream seed eat been feel Student Centered Sort

  25. Guess My Category • The teacher shows two or three pictures or words into each group. Then as picture cards or word cards are selected the students guess which category it would fit. This strategy is used to explore content vocabulary. Students can continue this strategy by creating their own categories based on words given.

  26. Tree Presents Candy cane Basket Church Eggs Try this one:


  28. Poem of the Week • Builds fluency • Work on Phonics and Phonemic Awareness • Connects to themes or units of study • Encourages Writing Poetry

  29. Morning Message Morning Message • K-2 Use a regular and predictable format. • Include a place for students to interact with the message.

  30. 1/14/07 Good Morning, Pioneers! Last week we began our Pioneer family journeys. The Smith family definitely had a difficult time. Sorry to hear about your cow. While making decisions on the trail, you’ve had to learn to problem solve to make it all the way to Oregon. What has been your most challenging decision so far? Be ready to tell why this decision was hard. List one important supply your Pioneer family took with you on your journey:

  31. Morning Message Through the Week • Marvelous Monday • Tangled Tuesday • Wacky Wednesday • Thinking Thursday • Fabulous Friday

  32. Silly Songs • R-read/Re-sing over and over • Listen for rhyming words • Look for rhyming words • Categorize words by sound or pattern • Listen for beginning sounds • Look for words with matching beginning sound • Look for word chunks or word families • Add motions to the song • Act out the song • Draw or write in response to the song • Make class books with drawings and writings • Perform for others • Clap syllables of words in the song • Make copies to send home to read/sing with parents • Keep copies on cardstock and place in plastic sleeves for book bins

  33. I wish I Were.. I wish I was a little caterpillar I wish I was a little caterpillar I’d go munchy munchy munchy Into everybody’s lunchy I wish I was a little caterpillar

  34. I wish I was a little mosquito I wish I was a little mosquito I’d go bitey bitey bitey Under every ladie’s nighty Oh I wish I was a little mosquito I wish I was a little motorcar I wish I was a little motorcar I’d go beepy beepy beepy As I drove right down your streety I wish I was a little motorcar

  35. The Wishy-Washy Washerwoman In the deep dark jungle where nobody goes There’s a wishy-washy washerwoman washing her clothes She goes “Ooh, ahh, ooh, ahh, Ooh ahh ahh and a ringy-ding-ding!”

  36. Black Socks Black socks, they never get dirty, The longer I wear them, the stronger they get! Sometimes I think I should wash them, But something inside me keeps saying , “Not yet! Not yet! Not Yet!

  37. Song Sites • • • • Google camp songs, silly songs or Scout songs