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Jaws. By Eric Kelly. Jaws Beach. Hawaiian name is Peahi . Located on the island of Maui in Hawaii Big wave surf spot located on the north side of the island It is a deep water reef break Waves can reach speeds of 30 mph and heights of 60 feet at times. Conditions.

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By Eric Kelly

Jaws beach
Jaws Beach

  • Hawaiian name is Peahi.

  • Located on the island of Maui in Hawaii

  • Big wave surf spot located on the north side of the island

  • It is a deep water reef break

  • Waves can reach speeds of 30 mph and heights of 60 feet at times


  • Waves largest in winter and fall due to immense storms around Alaska

  • Large wave comes from deep reef off shore that reach heights of 3,000 feet

  • Trade Winds blow NE to ENE, more so in winter

  • Summer Land Temp- High 85 Low 71

  • Winter Land Temp- High 78 Low 62

  • Summer Ocean Temp- 80 degree average

  • Winter Ocean Temp- 74 degree average

  • Rain fall average 70 inches, droughts common


  • Severe storms form in winter to create giant waves

  • Summer is calm and creates long gently rolling sets

  • Swell direction is usually North Northeast

  • Considered one of the most beautiful place on earth because of constant warm weather with clear skies.


  • Best big wave surfing is during winter.

  • Waves reach heights of over 60 feet

  • Tow in surfing is best for these waves

  • Most surfers use a short board with a rounded tip

  • Some of the best big wave surfers come to Jaws to experience the giant waves

  • Documentaries such as Stacey Peralta's Riding Giants and Dana Brown's Step Into Liquid were shot here


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U66qW7kBVnM

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWO_Jxxjtok

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C35nfeDOFic

Animal life
Animal Life

  • Some land animals include deer, sheep, pigs (boar), donkeys, and goats.

  • Sea animals include jellyfish, squid, dolphins and sharks

  • Hawaiian waters are home to some of the deadliest sharks in the world

  • They include whale sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks, and the most famous Great White shark


  • Only state with two official languages, English and Hawaiian

  • Hawaiian is a dialect of the Polynesian tongue

  • Alphabet has only 12 letters

  • It is mainly dead now and is mostly used in the cultural songs and street signs

  • Shaka sign is iconic surfing hand shake which means anything from hello, thank you, and good bye


  • Surfers stick together out on waves and have been known to be violent towards people who show disrespect

  • Usually extremely crowded because of great weather and consistency of solid waves.

  • Local tradition includes luaus and hula dancing

  • Ceremonies and shows are put on that included women dancing in grass skirts to drum music and various fire tricks

  • Most of the revenue comes from the tourist attraction to the resorts

Travel costs
Travel Costs

  • Trip planned for November 20-27

  • Airline costs- $1650

  • Hotel Costs- $870

  • Car Rental- $250

  • Total Cost- $2770

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Source Page

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