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Marvin VanWanderham – A Licensed Mortgage Professional PowerPoint Presentation
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Marvin VanWanderham – A Licensed Mortgage Professional

Marvin VanWanderham – A Licensed Mortgage Professional

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Marvin VanWanderham – A Licensed Mortgage Professional

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  1. Marvin VanWanderham – A Licensed Professional in the Mortgage Sector

  2. Marvin VanWanderham is a trusted mortgage professional and is dedicated to providing excellent mortgage services to his clients in a timely manner. He has been a leader in the mortgage industry for over twelve years. He strikes to understand the diverse needs of clients such as first time home buyers, move-up buyers and investors. First time buyers are treated differently than other debtors and many of the institutions offer a range of specialist first time buyer mortgages. Marvin ensures that his clients are able to get the best of the market conditions.

  3. Presently, Marvin VanWanderham works with the Fidelity Funding Mortgage Corporation, Florida. The company aims at providing home loans to the clients at the lowest interest rates and closing costs possible. It also helps borrowers to overcome obstacles in the path of securing a loan. He makes sure that his clients involve trust and a certain level of comfort with him. He exhibits expertise in the field, has integrity and is there to help and educate clients. He ensures that all your mortgage questions are answered upfront before initialization of the mortgage process. His company provides a number of loan programs to meet the needs of clients in the best manner possible. Some of their programs include FHA, FNMA, VA, HECM AND FHLMC mortgages.

  4. Whether you are buying, selling, refinancing or building a new home, a loan specialist eases the whole process and helps you understand the market conditions and mortgage programs. Marvin VanWanderham has won great accolades from the clients for his pertinent understanding of the industry. With his services, you can be assured that you're dealing with a top professional who provides the most accurate financial advice. He is a counselor and guides through the largest financial transactions that most people make in their life. He is a highly trained and qualified mortgage specialist, providing unbiased financial advice to the clients. He helps you find the best mortgage and complete the process without any hassles.

  5. Thank You Marvin Vanwanderham