co mmunity r esearch i n ca ncer corica n.
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CO mmunity R esearch I n CA ncer: “CORICA” PowerPoint Presentation
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CO mmunity R esearch I n CA ncer: “CORICA”

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CO mmunity R esearch I n CA ncer: “CORICA” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CO mmunity R esearch I n CA ncer: “CORICA”. CPCRN – Los Angeles. Roshan Bastani, Antronette Yancey, Beth Glenn, Ritesh Mistry, Annette Maxwell, William McCarthy, Barbara Berman, Weng Kee Wong, Jennifer Tsui, Roena Vega University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). UCLA CPCRN.

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CO mmunity R esearch I n CA ncer: “CORICA”

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Presentation Transcript
co mmunity r esearch i n ca ncer corica

COmmunity Research In CAncer: “CORICA”

CPCRN – Los Angeles

Roshan Bastani, Antronette Yancey, Beth Glenn, Ritesh Mistry,

Annette Maxwell, William McCarthy, Barbara Berman,

Weng Kee Wong, Jennifer Tsui, Roena Vega

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

ucla cpcrn



Cancer Vaccines

Nutrition &



Tobacco Control

Training &





ucla cpcrn1













Publish Community


Host Annual

Cancer Symposia


Evidence- &



center of excellence for the elimination of disparities reach us 2007 2012 cdc
Center of Excellence for the Elimination of Disparities(REACH US, 2007-2012, CDC)


Yancey, Bastani,

McCarthy, Maxwell,

Glenn, Mistry,

Guinyard, Mojica

  • LA County Dept. of Public Health
  • Simon, Gonzalez,
  • Harding, Gunzenhauser, Fielding
  • Dissemination:
    • Evidence and practice-based strategies
    • Initial focus on obesity prevention
    • Future years: tobacco, cancer screening
    • Promote organizational level change within: Worksites, churches, schools, clinics
  • Community Organizations
  • LA Urban League
  • Worksite Wellness LA
  • CA Black Women’s Health Project
  • Asian Pacific Health Care Venture
  • Latino Health Access
  • Esperanza Housing Corp.

Community Partner

LA County Dept. of Health Services

Simon, Gonzales

Academic Partner

UCLA School of Public Health

Yancey, Bastani, McCarthy, Glenn, Mistry

Community Investigator Team

Representatives from health & human services organizations


Full Intervention Research Phase



Planning and Pilot Phase



Dissemination Phase

WORKING ProjectWorking Out Regularly Keeps Individuals Nurtured and GoingNCMHD/NIH R24

Promote Organizational Level Change

recent success story
Recent Success Story
  • North East Valley Health Corporation (Debra Rosen et al.) receives HRSA Grant:
    • Patient Navigator Outreach and Chronic Disease Prevention Program
      • Breast, Cervix, CRC screening and F/U
    • 2 year project, $1 Million
    • UCLA CPCRN role: navigator training and project evaluation
cancer screening
Cancer Screening
  • Latino Prostate Cancer screening: informed decision-making
  • Hepatitis B screening among Korean Church Attendees (UW)
  • Follow-up of Breast Abnormalities in Low-Income Korean American Women
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening among Filipino Americans
  • Breast Cancer Educational Programs in Deaf Women
  • Decision Making About Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Risk among minority women
  • School-based Anti-Tobacco Programs for Deaf/HH Youth
  • Secondary Analysis of California Tobacco Use Prevention Education Data
  • California Tobacco Use Prevention Education
  • Pathways of How Socioeconomic Context Affects Teen Smoking
cpcrn cross center project hpv vaccine
CPCRN Cross-Center ProjectHPV Vaccine


1) CPCRN Cross-Center HPV Vaccine Latino Survey

Mothers of girls, 11-17 years

24 Core Items (knowledge, barriers, receipt, etc.)

Spanish and English

325 Surveys completed (LA: 202, Houston: 44, Seattle:80)

2) LA-CPCRN – Office of Women’s Health (OWH) HPV

Project (200% of poverty, uninsured)

Survey: N=500 Telephone Interviews

Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Armenian and English

Brief Pilot IDM Intervention: Telephone education, link to services

cpcrn cross center project hpv vaccine1
CPCRN Cross-Center ProjectHPV Vaccine

1: Cross Center HPV Survey

  • Expand to other CPCRN Centers and groups (African-American, Asian, rural, low income, etc.)
  • Expand to other settings (community clinics, schools, 211)
    • UT Houston currently implementing survey in local 211 (N=~200)
  • Adapt existing core items
  • Mode of administration:

telephone, face-to-face, self-admin

cpcrn cross center project hpv vaccine2

Recruitment: LA OWH Hotline

Baseline (eligibility)


Brief IDM Intervention &

Referral to Low-Cost Services


Usual Care Control

3-Month Follow-Up

Receipt of 1st Dose of Vaccine

CPCRN Cross-Center ProjectHPV Vaccine

2: Pilot Informed Decision-Making (IDM) Intervention

  • Adaptation of LA-CPCRN IDM intervention currently implemented in 6 languages (Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Armenian, English)
cpcrn cross center project hpv vaccine3
CPCRN Cross-Center ProjectHPV Vaccine

Adapt LA-CPCRN OWH Project intervention

  • Compile inventory of existing interventions
  • Develop brief IDM intervention (5-8 mins)
    • Address major concerns (e.g. side effects, daughter being too young, don’t know where to get vaccine, etc.)
    • Referral & appointments for free/low cost HPV vaccination
  • Potential intervention settings: 211, clinics, churches, schools, etc.
design of cross center pilot study idm intervention

Recruitment at multiple CPCRN Network Sites


n=30-50/site (N=200-350 total)

Brief IDM Intervention & Referral to Services*

n=15-25/site, N=100-175

Usual Care Control

n=15-25/site, N=100-175

3-Month Follow-Up

Receipt of 1st Dose of Vaccine

75% response rate (N=150-225)

Design of Cross-Center Pilot StudyIDM Intervention

*Variations in delivery mode, language, setting

design of cross center pilot study idm intervention1
Design of Cross-Center Pilot StudyIDM Intervention
  • Pilot will provide data on feasibility, effect size, for full implementation trial
  • Cross-Center grant proposal to conduct trial
cross center products
Cross-Center Products
  • Inventory of available interventions and materials, surveys in multiple languages
  • Cross-center publications
    • HPV Vaccine Survey
    • Pilot interventions (feasibility, effectiveness)
  • Full research project/s to test intervention efficacy
  • Research-tested intervention ready for dissemination (dissemination trial?)

Year 1

Year 4

Year 2

Year 3

Year 5

Sub-Project 1

Cross-Center Survey

Sub-Project 2

Inventory of Existing Interventions

Develop Pilot Intervention

Test Pilot Intervention

Publish Manuscripts

Write & Submit Research Grant Proposal

Begin to conduct full research project

published data from cbo initiated projects
Published Data from CBO-Initiated Projects
  • Pausa Para Tu Salud: Integration of exercise breaks into workplace organizational routine may reduce wight and waistlines:
    • Lara A, Yancey AK, Tapi-Conyer R, Flores y, Kuri Morales P, Mistry R, Subirats E, McCarthy WJ. Preventing Chronic Disease, 2008 Jan; 5(1):A12.
    • Mexican Ministry of Health
  • Cancer Screening of Korean-Americans in Los Angeles County: Adding Pieces to the Puzzle
    • Maxwell AE and Song H. Korean-American Studies Bulletin 13:59-70, 2003
    • Korean Health, Education, Information & Research Center
  • Adapting a 1% or Less Milk Campaign for a Hispanic/Latino Population: The Adelante Con Leche Semi-descremada 1% Experience
    • Hinkell AJ, Mistry R, McCarthy WJ, Yancey, AK. American Journal of Health Promotion, 2008 Nov-Dec; 23(2):108-111.
    • CANFit
  • Tobacco Use among South Asians: Results of a Community-University Collaboration
    • Glenn B, Surani Z, Chawla N, Bastani R. Ethnicity & Health 14(2): 131-145
    • South Asian Network
community projects program
Community Projects Program
  • LA County Department of Public Health Office of Women’s Health
    • Use Telephone Hotline to collect data about HPV vaccine and pilot test education intervention.
  • Cabrillo Village Housing Cooperative
    • Conduct health needs assessment in farm worker housing communities.
  • Clinicas del Camino Real
    • Enhance outreach to promote cancer screenings in Spanish-speaking low-income families.
  • Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation
    • Assess the impact and functioning of a no-smoking policy at affordable housing complexes.
  • H/LATEN: Hispanic/Latino American Tobacco Education Network and NCI/CIS
    • Dissemination and Evaluation of the 5-A’s of Tobacco Cessation.
  • Partnered for Progress: Los Angeles County Cancer Detection Partnership
    • Assess cancer prevention activities within health and social service organization worksites.
  • Tri-County Cancer Detection Project
    • Expand cancer prevention and control outreach to Mixteco population.
  • Clinica Romero
    • Design a needs assessment tool and conduct data collection in surrounding neighborhoods.
  • South Asian Network
    • Adapt and disseminate materials for colorectal cancer screening in South Asians.
  • Los Angeles Community Garden Council
    • Design survey to assess how community gardens impact fruits & vegetables

access and consumption.

la cpcrn specific aims
LA-CPCRN Specific Aims
  • Strengthen network relations with diverse organization that address cancer disparities.
  • Develop capacity building activities to increase use of evidence-basedapproaches to reduce cancer risk; evaluate programs where gaps in evidence base exist.
  • Conduct community-based participatory research in cancer screenings, vaccine preventable cancers, nutrition and physical activity, and tobacco use, emphasizing implementation and dissemination.
  • Lead a cross-center project to develop interventions that accelerate population adoption of HPV vaccine.
  • Serve as active member of the national CPCRN collaboration on multi-site research projects, scientific publications, training and capacity-building activities