Canada, U.S. and European Collaboration
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Canada, U.S. and European Collaboration to Strengthen Competitiveness in the Global Supply Chain. Aerospace Innovation Forum 2011 December 2011. Jim Quick, President & CEO. Today. Canada-USA- Europe working together Successful partnerships Future Major Platforms (FMP) Initiative

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Presentation Transcript
Jim quick president ceo

Canada, U.S. and European Collaboration

to Strengthen Competitiveness in the Global Supply Chain

Aerospace Innovation Forum 2011

December 2011

Jim Quick, President & CEO


  • Canada-USA- Europe working together

  • Successful partnerships

    • Future Major Platforms (FMP) Initiative

    • Canadian Networking Aeronautics Project for Europe (CANNAPE)

  • What about the future

    • What Canada is doing

  • What to do

Canada usa europe where are we today
Canada – USA – Europe – Where are we Today?

  • Free Trade

  • Border Thinning

  • Market Development

  • FMP


Traffic growth is based on RPK. Manufacturing growth is based on forecasted 2020 revenue. Source: Deloitte analysis

Jim quick president ceo

Canada–USA: Future Major Platforms

  • Strengthening competitiveness by participating in future commercial aerospace programs

    • Aligning existing industry portfolio support to facilitate technology development

    • Prioritizing technologies to participate in current and future platforms

    • Assisting companies – opportunities on commercial platforms


Jim quick president ceo

Canada–USA: Future Major Platforms

  • 8 Technology Areas

  • Product Development

  • Manufacturing

  • Environment

  • More Intelligent Systems

  • Advanced Materials

  • Avionics

  • Electric Systems

  • Human Performance

  • 3 Strategic Areas

  • Structures

  • Systems

  • Propulsion


Jim quick president ceo

Future Technology Roadmap Priorities

  • Product Development

  • Future configuration development

  • Multi-disciplinary design optimization

  • Integrated design and manufacturing

  • Quality systems and processes

  • Lean engineering

  • Virtual prototyping, testing & integration

  • Advanced product development strategy

  • Logistics system integration

  • Life analysis

  • Prognostics and health management

  • Manufacturing

  • Lean

  • Agile

  • Special processes

  • Automated fibre placement

  • Machining

  • Joining

  • Advanced assembly processes

  • Robotics

  • Inspection and Repair

  • More Intelligent Systems

  • Sensors

  • Network centric

  • Morphing systems

  • Adaptive systems

  • Autonomous systems

  • Air transport system optimization

  • Environment

  • Noxious emissions reductions

  • Noise emissions reduction

  • Fuel burn

  • Materials of Concern

  • Alternative fuels



Jim quick president ceo

Roadmap Priorities

  • More Electric Systems

  • Elec. power generation & distribution

  • Actuation

  • Power management

  • Environmental control systems

  • Engine technologies

  • Avionics

  • In flight entertainment

  • In flight business

  • Systems integration

  • Open platforms

  • Landing aids

  • Augmented/synthetic vision systems

  • Display systems

  • Adaptive over life cycle

  • Fly by wire/light

  • Diagnostics

  • Advanced Materials

  • Low cost manufacturing

  • High temperature composites

  • Thermosets

  • Liquid composite moulding

  • High temperature alloys

  • Metallics

  • Advanced metallic alloys

  • Hybrids

  • Ceramic Matrix Composites

  • Metal Matrix Composites

  • Multi-functional

  • Human Perf. Augmentation

  • Synthetic training environments

  • Advanced diagnostics

  • Human machine interface

  • Remote operators

  • Integrated Electronic Tech Manuals

  • Environmental databases



Fmp continuing the work
FMP: Continuing the Work

  • Developing supply chain opportunities for the Canadian Industry to connect to the OEMs

    • Boeing Supply Chain Event in Seattle – March 2012

    • Airbus Global Supply Chain Event in Canada - 2012

  • Setting up direct connections between Canadian Tier 1s and OEMs

  • Engaging on a national technology demonstrator project

Jim quick president ceo

Canada-Europe: CANNAPE

Canadian Networking Aeronautics Project for Europe


Enhance cooperation on air transport R&D cooperation

Networks and partnerships between EU and Canada in technical areas

To promote Canadian participation in FP7 activities

To develop a technology roadmap that will have clear objectives with identified partners

Outcomes the other side
Outcomes – the Other Side

Increase networking and partnering  in the aeronautics R&D between Europe and Canada

Involvement of key Canadian organizations in joint activities

Joint identification of needs and priorities for collaboration

Increase in participation in FP7 by the Canadian aeronautics research communities

Significant collaboration
Significant Collaboration

  • 130 participants from Canada and throughout Europe at each of the first two Workshops:

    • Paris, June 24, 2011 during Salon Le Bourget

    • Ottawa, Oct 31-Nov 1, 2011 in conjunction with First Canadian Aerospace Summit


  • Proposal development for “call” 5 and 6

  • CANNAPE Canadian road show

  • Third Workshop planned for Canada in mid-2012

What about new emerging markets
What About New/Emerging Markets


Traffic: 4.8%

Manufacturing: 3.6%

Difference: +1.2%

Middle East

Traffic: 7.1%

Manufacturing: 2.5%

Difference: +4.6%


Traffic: 6.8%

Manufacturing: 5.5%

Difference +1.3%

South America

Traffic: 6.9%

Manufacturing: 5.7%

Difference: +1.2%


Traffic: 6.8%

Manufacturing: 2.8%

Difference: +4%

Traffic growth is based on RPK. Manufacturing growth is based on forecasted 2020 revenue. Source: Deloitte analysis

Canada usa eu readiness
Canada-USA-EU Readiness

“There are two major trends with respect to emerging markets. The first is the high levels of passenger growth and the second is the maturing of state sponsored aircraft OEMs, especially in the regional and narrow-body product categories.”

Civil aerospace sector trends deloitte 2010
Civil Aerospace Sector Trends (Deloitte 2010)

  • Positive long-term growth as economies emerge from the recent financial crisis;

  • Recovering airline profitability moving forward;

  • Active fleet renewal and expansion;

  • New aircraft models;

  • Increased usage of green technologies;

  • Increases in MRO activity as companies shift to new geographies;

Jim quick president ceo

Emerging markets becoming competitors and sources of passenger growth;

Long-term pilot and workforce shortages;

Regulatory shifts as economies emerge from the financial crisis; and

Increased private sector demand for satellite and launch services.

Military aerospace sector trends deloitte 2010
Military Aerospace Sector passenger growth;Trends(Deloitte 2010)

Governments’ focus deficit reduction;

Rebalancing of military forces;

Growth in Indian and Chinese markets;

Aging military equipment;

Increasing merger and acquisition (“M&A”) activity;

Increasing usage of virtual training and simulation; and

Winding down of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jim quick president ceo

Industry Working to Determine Our Future passenger growth;

  • Utilizing Future Major Platform (FMP) Initiative to identify and collaborate with OEMs

  • Canadian Supply Chain is being strengthened through AIAC Supply Chain Development Committee

  • Created and implemented a new Small Business Strategy

  • Canadian Government Program and Policy Review


Working with government to determine our future
Working with Government to Determine Our Future passenger growth;

Aerospace Program and Policy Review

2011 Federal Budget Commitment

“Conduct through a consultative process involving the AIAC and their member firms – a comprehensive review of all policies and programs related to aerospace / space industry to develop a federal policy framework to maximize the competitiveness of this export oriented sector and the resulting benefits to all Canadians.”

Jim quick president ceo

  • Program and Policy Review passenger growth;


    • Improve Canada’s global position

    • Build new federal policy framework

    • Maximize sector competitiveness

    • Increase economic benefits for Canada and Canadians

Jim quick president ceo

  • Program and Policy Areas passenger growth;

    Potential working groups could include but not be limited to the following:

    • Space

    • Small Business

    • Aerospace-related public procurement

    • Peoples and skills

    • Technology development, demonstration and commercialization

    • Market access and market development

Jim quick president ceo

Where are the Canada-USA-Europe Opportunities passenger growth;

  • Individually

    • Meet the challenges

    • Optimize competitiveness

    • International business development strategy

    • Policy, program competitiveness

    • National aerospace frameworks

  • Collectively

    • Harmonization

    • Alignment

    • Prioritization

    • Mechanism


Jim quick president ceo

Summary passenger growth;

  • Good work on-going

  • New challenges and opportunities

  • How to best take advantage

  • How do we work together


Aiac contacts

Aerospace Industries passenger growth;

Association of Canada

255 Albert St., Suite 703

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

K1P 6A9

Tel: (613) 232-4297

Fax: (613) 232-1142

Jim Quick, President & CEO

1-613-232-4297 -

Les Aalders, Executive Vice President

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Maryse Harvey, VP, Public Affairs

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Vlada Shilina, Director, Supplier andInternational Market Development

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