spgrid status in ferrara and beyond n.
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SPGrid Status in Ferrara and beyond PowerPoint Presentation
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SPGrid Status in Ferrara and beyond

SPGrid Status in Ferrara and beyond

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SPGrid Status in Ferrara and beyond

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  1. SPGrid Status in Ferrara and beyond Concezio Bozzi INFN Ferrara La Biodola, May 20th 2003 On behalf of: Daniele Andreotti – Enrica Antonioli – Eleonora Luppi – Paolo Veronesi People also involved in SPGrid: Tim Barrass, Wahid Bhimji, Peter Elmer, Dirk Hufnagel, Marc Kelly, Douglas Smith

  2. Hardware status in Ferrara • EDG 1.4.11 is installed on RH6.2 and RH7.3 nodes • PBS queue specific for RedHat 7.3 nodes is defined • BaBar VO is authorized to access the INFN RBs in Bologna ( • Resources in Ferrara are visible from the IC RB as well (thanks to David Colling!) • RH7.3 resources are accessible by using in your JDL: Requirements=isMember(other.RunTimeEnvironment,"FERRARA") && other.QueueName == "wn73"; • An SP5 federation is installed and available: • Contains conditions + Dec2001 background collection Concezio Bozzi - INFN Ferrara

  3. Integration into EDG • Pack software in relocable rmps • Give a tag to software, will be published as RunTimeEnvironment and used in JDL files. • Send RPMs and tag to the EDG Integration Team, that will test the rpms on a micro-testbed. If everything OK, they will include them in a new EDG software release. • Each sitemanager will be notified of the new release, and will upgrade his testbed farm. • Accessory parts to install software via LCFGng are also needed, and are ready since some time (we showed them in Karlsruhe) Concezio Bozzi - INFN Ferrara

  4. Building an rpm for Moose • An RPM to run Moose has been built and installed “by hand” on RH7.3 worker nodes: [root@grid7]# ls /opt/babar/ 12.4.0-Roo tcl8.0 • Contents: [root@grid7]# ls /opt/babar/12.4.0-Roo/ bin etc library shlib src bin: MooseApp (77MB) etc: (setup envvar like BFROOT, OO_FD_BOOT, LD_LIBRARY_PATH) library: a link to init.tcl (tcl error otherwise…) shlib: shared libraries (37MB) src: tcl files and flat files (16MB) Total RPM: 136MB Babar release: 1.4GB Concezio Bozzi - INFN Ferrara

  5. Determining required parts • Naively, MooseApp + tcl file obtained with dump mechanism • For a number of reasons, we could not obtain the latter • Shared libraries are also needed • Anything else? • Use strace/ldd • The answer is: • 475 tcl files • 165 flat files • 42 shared libraries Concezio Bozzi - INFN Ferrara

  6. Running Moose • Moose was successfully run on RH7.3 worker nodes by using both the INFN-CNAF and IC Resource Brokers • JDL script: [bozzi@grid1 ~/testSPGrid]$ more Moose.jdl Executable = "Moose.csh"; StdOutput = "Moose.out"; StdError = "Moose.err"; InputSandbox = {"Moose.csh", "MooseProductionOptions.tcl", "B0B0bar_generic.dec"}; OutputSandbox = {"Moose.out", "Moose.err"}; Requirements = IsMember(other.RunTimeEnvironment,"FERRARA") && other.QueueName == "wn73"; • Assuming Options, .dec and .csh files are built by someone else Concezio Bozzi - INFN Ferrara

  7. Submission via Genius • Genius under evaluation by BaBar • Genius portal installed in Ferrara (including MyProxyserver) • Moose jobs submitted to Ferrara with Genius via IC RB: Concezio Bozzi - INFN Ferrara

  8. Next steps • Include RPM in EDG release (2.0 by end of the month?) • Upgrade from 12.4.0-Roo to 13.4.0-roo-X • This allows us to use virtually any CPU with EDG software installed. • Bottleneck: access conditions • Solution: at least a conditions DB per country/region/Babar site • Extend metodology to sites already running Babar software (Wahid Bhimji, Tim Barrass), or to sites using Globus+VDT (Dirk Hufnagel) • Start working on bookkeeping and production tools (Douglas Smith, Marc Kelly, Daniele Andreotti), integration with Grid portals like Genius (Daniele, Concezio) Concezio Bozzi - INFN Ferrara

  9. Backup

  10. Test rpm (1/3) [root@print ~]# rpm -qpi Moose-0.1-1.i386.rpm Name        : Moose               Relocations: /opt/babar Version     : 0.1                 Vendor: INFN - Ferrara Release     : 1             Build Date: Wed 05 Mar 2003 4:25:32 PM CET Install date: (not installed)      Build Host: Group       : SPGrid/BaBar      Source RPM: Moose-0.1-1.src.rpm Size        : 2560             License: GNU General Public License (GPL) Packager    : INFN - FerraraURL         : http://www.fe.infn.itSummary     : Moose Description : A simple Test RPM for BaBarSPGrid Default Installation creates: /opt/babar/bin/MooseAppFake Installation with --prefix <dirname> creates: <dirname>/bin/MooseAppFake Concezio Bozzi - INFN Ferrara

  11. Test rpm (2/3) • Made some changes to the EDG standard config files on the LCFGng server: • Added the WP8/BaBar/ repository • Created the BaBar-rpm.h containing the rpm-list for BaBar • software. ls /opt/local/linux/6.2/RPMS/WP8/BaBar/ Makefile Moose-0.1-1.i386.rpm more /opt/local/linux/6.2/rpmcfg/BaBar-rpm.h /* BaBar SOFTWARE RPM LIST */ Moose-0.1-1 Concezio Bozzi - INFN Ferrara

  12. Test rpm (3/3) Added the following lines to WN-rpm and CE-rpm of LCFGng server config files, in order to install this rpm on the Computing Element and Worker Node: /* BaBar software */ #include "BaBar-rpm.h" Added to redhat62-cfg.h a BaBar line to set the related repository for automatic updating. RPMDIR/WP8/BaBar:\ On the Worker Nodes and Computing Element: rpm -qa |grep Moose Moose-0.3-1 ls /opt/babar/bin/ MooseAppFake Concezio Bozzi - INFN Ferrara