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  1. MILANKOVITCH cycles And it’s effect to climate change

  2. What are the Milankovitch Cycles • They are a series of theoretical cycles presented by Yugoslav Astronomer MilutinMilankovitchthat represent different periods of the Earths Orbit and axis rotation

  3. Is Climate Change really the results of Global Warming? Most people believe that the reason behind climate change is due too the greenhouse effect however people tend to forget there used to be an ice age so perhaps it’s just one of the earths cycles.

  4. Orbital Eccentrity • The Earth Orbit is an ellipse • Eccentricity is the measure of the orbit turning from a circular to a elliptical shape • The higher the eccentrity the more elliptical the orbit • The Earths changing Eccentrity depends on is interaction with Jupiter and Saturn's gravitational field • 100,000 year cycle presently 0.017 eccentrity • The larger the eccentrity, the greater the difference in solar radiation reaches the sun therefore climate change

  5. Obliquity • This is the tilt of The Earths Axis • The tilt is currently 23.5 degrees • In December and January the earth Is tilted away from the sun, which results in the north having less exposure to the suns energy therefore the cold weather • The same happens in June but it tilts towards the sun resulting in hot weather in the north • This is why near the Equator there are only two seasons as it is not really affected by the movement • Obliquity changes in 40,000 years varying from 22.1 to 24.5 degrees • More obliquity the more difference in Temperatures

  6. Precession or wobbling axis This is the way the axis wobbles similar to how a spinning ball does the process takes 26,000 years It now points to star Polaris in 13,000 it will point to Vega and then back This is because the Earth is affected by the Sun and the Moons gravity

  7. Conclusion • Personally this has to do more with climate change than any other factor due to the fact • Precession and Eccentrity cause Summer in present times to be hotter as they happen closer to the sun (so it receives more energy) than 13,000 years ago • In Winter the North receives less energy as it is further away This theories are explained by why poles have ice as they have less exposure to sun energy and explain how the ending and starting of cycles have cause climatic Phenomenon's like the Ice Age

  8. Statistical Evidence • All the Climate change caused by the cycles is due to the changing energy exposed the to Earth • As shown this is proved the data estimated in Antarctica Ice cores (using Isotopes) shows how the cycles that change the energy exposure to the Earth affect the light and temperature giving up and down figures representing the start and end of cycles

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