thesis statement examples
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Thesis Statement Examples

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Thesis Statement Examples - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thesis Statement Examples. You created these! How exciting!!!!. Instructions. Are they Effective or Not Effective? Explain why. With partner, try to rewrite it so it is effective. Example 1.

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thesis statement examples

Thesis Statement Examples

You created these! How exciting!!!!


Are they Effective or Not Effective?

Explain why.

With partner, try to rewrite it so it is effective.

example 1
Example 1

The life of Susana San Juan described in Rulfo’sPedro Paramo, exemplifies the struggle between human nature and society, the conscious and the unconscious, the id and the ego.

example 2
Example 2

Rulfo utilizes the city of Comala and Juan’s tribulation on his journey to depict moral corruption and criticism of people’s emphasis on religion through his use of the church members, and questionable moral values.

example 3
Example 3

Rulfo uses Father Renteria and his refusal to comply to the role of a good Catholic Priest to represent his disdain for the members of the Catholic Church.

example 4
Example 4

In Pedro Paramo, Juan Rulfo illustrates the corruption of the Catholic Church with the power of money.

example 5
Example 5

Rulfo utilizes rain falling down to address how we as humans are trapped and forced to deal with the “ghosts” of our past in Pedro Paramo.

example 6
Example 6

The use of water within the novel is seen as a source of life, but more importantly emphasizes the coming change to the striving town of Comala and the characters within it.

example 7
Example 7

Juan Rulfo’sPedro Paramo shows society always depending on a leader (religion) for the lack of knowing and order through a religious leader Father Renteria.

example 8
Example 8

Rulfo shows the parallels between the arrival and departure of Comala and the concept of Heaven and Hell to convey the underlying religious themes incorporated in Pedro Paramo.