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How to Study

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How to Study - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Study. We Use Cornell Notes in Here!. Step 1: Make Your Cornell Notes. Draw a horizontal line 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of the page . Draw a vertical line 1/3 of the width of the page from the left-hand side.

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how to study

How to Study

We Use Cornell Notes in Here!

step 1 make your cornell notes
Step 1: Make Your Cornell Notes
  • Draw a horizontal line 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of the page.
  • Draw a vertical line 1/3 of the width of the page from the left-hand side.
  • Write the stuff from my PowerPointsin the section of the paper where it says NOTES.
  • AFTER THAT, write the key points or summaries, in your own words, where it says KEY POINTS AND THEMES.
  • AFTER THAT, questions you have, or think would be good to help you study, write in the bottom section of the page.
step 2 take the notes
Step 2: Take the Notes
  • Take all the notes. All the time. Your forearm will become like steel. Admire it.
    • Your handwritten notes will be graded. 
    • This actually helps you! 
    • I create my tests straight from information in the notes unless otherwise specified. I will clearly state when something verbal (spoken) or from the textbook will be on a test.
    • In the event of a bad grade you have some evidence to come to me with. You can say “Hey Mr. Rust, your notes say ________________ but your test says [not] _______________.”
      • If you don’t have your handwritten notes I will not be able to accept your complaint.
      • I will not accept notes from another student. Write your name at the top.
step 3 summarize and question the notes
Step 3: Summarize and Question the Notes
  • Now that you have my notes, put the stuff you think is important as key points.
    • This is an important skill to develop in order to study things in:
    • College
    • Trade school
    • The military
    • Any job where they give you an employee handbook or training manual
      • This is virtually ALL OF THEM
  • Summarize the stuff where it says summary. Turn my nerd-speak into your cool-speak…if you can!
step 4 create study sheets
Step 4: Create Study Sheets
  • The test is coming up in a few days!
    • Fortunately, you put it in your calendar after seeing it on my Week-at-a-Glance calendar on the front board…right?
      • Of course you did!
  • Get some fresh sheets of Cornell paper.
  • Write the notes you don’t know.
    • If you already know it and feel comfortable with it, you don’t need to keep going over it. This will save you time.
  • Study these notes. Nerd up. Read them aloud. Sing them to yourself. The more active you are the better you will learn!
  • Keep rewriting and summarizing your notes. Each time they will get smaller as you remember more concepts and no longer have to write them.
  • If you write something six times, you know it.
  • Repeat steps 1-3 frequently.
step 5 the final step
Step 5: The Final Step
  • Keep condensing your notes until you have a 3”x5” index card with the final bits of information you need to know.
  • Who knows? Perhaps one day Mr. Rust will let you use this 3x5 card on your test? Hope springs eternal!
  • Study this 3x5 card before the test begins. This should be the only study sheet you need after school begins for the day.





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