theme the scarlet ibis n.
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Theme “The Scarlet Ibis” PowerPoint Presentation
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Theme “The Scarlet Ibis”

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Theme “The Scarlet Ibis” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Theme “The Scarlet Ibis”.

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Theme “The Scarlet Ibis”

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theme the scarlet ibis
Theme “The Scarlet Ibis”

In the story “The Scarlet Ibis,” the theme is, pride can be a good or a bad thing. In the story the narrator says, “even though failure was inevitable, we kept pushing to succeed.” This is where their pride keeps them pushing forward even though they know they might fail. Then the big brother says “every time doodle would try to take a break I would walk a little faster.” This is where pride begins to hurt Doodle, because the narrator (his older brother) is pushing him to the limit. In the story’s final sentences the narrator says, “even though Doodle cried for me to stop, I kept going.” A this point the narrator’s pride to get Doodle to run and let him catch up, eventually leads to Doodle’s demise. All of this evidence proves the theme that pride can be both a good and bad thing.


In the story “The Scarlet Ibis” the theme is, pride can be a good thing and a bad thing. In the beginning the narrator states, “it seemed so hopeless from the beginning that it’s a miracle I didn’t give up.” This shows how pride can be a good thing because the older brother didn’t give up on Doodle, thanks to him not giving up Doodle was able to walk. The narrator also states, “I should’ve admitted defeat but my pride wouldn’t let me.” This also shows pride is a good thing because once again, he won’t give up on Doodle; making Doodle stronger. Lastly, the narrator states “I ran as fast as I could, leaving him behind with a wall of rains dividing us.” This, on the other hand shows how pride is a bad thing. Doodle’s older brother has too much pride to realize Doodle isn’t strong enough to keep up, leaving him behind to die. As you can see the them of; pride can bee a good thing and a bad thing develops over the story.

end of unit one project

End Of Unit One Project

Short Story Resume Project

bloom s levels of learning
Bloom’s Levels of Learning
  • Remembering – remember information
  • Understanding – explain information
  • Applying- use information in a new way
  • Analyzing – break down information into parts and determine how they affect the whole
  • Evaluation – make judgments about information and defend ideas
  • Creating – create products using information
objective purpose
  • Think about the protagonists from the unit. Think about what they are good at, what they were interested in, and what they learned throughout the story.
  • What types of jobs would they be good at?
  • Select ONE protagonist and build him or her a resume for a specific job. You will need to think on multiple bloom’s levels to complete this project
criteria for success
Criteria for Success
  • Recall information form the story that relates to characterization (in your head/notes)
  • Generate a list of 10 (or more) quotations with page numbers that support your thinking (typed)
  • Write a sentence under each quote that justifies the connection between the quote and the resume
  • Develop a resume with 6 sections (italicize any words directly stated or interpreted from the text
6 sections
6 sections
  • 1. Contact Information
  • 2. Objective (summary with claim, warrant, impact)
  • 3. Skills (5 minimum)
  • 4. Experience (5 minimum)
  • 5. Interests (5 minimum)
  • 6. References (1 minimum)
but what is a resume ms g
But what IS a resume Ms. G?
  • A resume is a document presented by a person to represent their backgrounds, skills, and interests.
  • Resumes are mostly used to get a job.
let s look at the example
Let’s Look at the example!
  • This is a resume for Lola Feathers
    • Notice how Feathers (her last name) is in italics because I INFERRED/Interpreted it from the text.
oh and one more thing
Oh….and one more thing!
  • You get to work with a partner!
  • Be WISE in your decision…both of your grades depend on each other’s work ethic, creativity and knowledge of the texts.
  • You may choose to work alone if you wish (but, sometimes two brains are better than one!)
  • This is the last project before the end of the first quarter (next Friday!)
  • We will be in the computer lab Today, Friday and next Monday.
  • This project is due at the beginning of class on TUESDAY the 15th