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  1. I S L A M

  2. Warm Up 1) What do you think this picture is showing? 2) Write in your notebook 2 beliefs you have in your religion and 2 rules you must follow to be part of it ?

  3. WHAT ARE THE FIVE PILLAR OF ISLAM? Shahadah: Faith Salat: Prayer Zakat: Charity Sawm: Fasting Hajj: Pilgrimage

  4. Introduction to the Five Pillars of Islam The five pillars of Islam are the framework of a Muslim’s life. They are the: testimony of faith, prayer, charity ( supporting the needy), fasting during the month of Ramadan, and the pilgrimage in Mecca once in a lifetime to those who are physically and financially able. These pillars indicate the steps a Muslim has to follow to be part of the Islam religion. Each pillar is very important and has to be followed.

  5. First Pillar: SHAHADAH: Faith • The word shahadah in Arabic means testimony. • Shahadah means that nothing deserves worship except Allah, and that Muhammad Allah’s prophet. • The Shadaha is recited in the: • Call to prayer • Daily ritual prayers • The moments before death.

  6. Second Pillar: Salat: Prayer • The Muslims worship five times a day: • Between first light and sunrise, after the sun has passed the middle of the sky,between mid- afternoon and sunset,between sunset and the last light of the day, and between the darkness and midnight. • Prayers last at least five minutes. • Muslims must pray in a clean environment reciting the Quran with the following positions: standing, bowing, prostrating and sitting. • During prayer Muslims prepare for their day of judgement. • Prayer helps Muslims strengthen their faith and dependance to Allah.

  7. Praying

  8. Third Pillar: ZAKAT: Charity • All Muslims have to give Charity to all of those who need it. • Zakat is not recommended, it is required. • Zakat purifies one’s heart. • Acquire wealth w/ the intention of spending it to their own needs and the needs of others. • All that they have belong to god and they acquire wealth as a trust from god. • Money given as Zakat should only be used for specific things.

  9. Charity Helping others will become productive members of a society

  10. Fourth Pillar: SAWM: Fasting Fasting in Islam occurs in one month each year called the Ramadan. During this month you may not: ---------------------> Fasting is obligatory for every adult Muslim. Fasting is a way to get closer to Allah. Allah revealed the Quran in Ramadan. The reward for good deeds, acts of charity and acts of worship are multiplied in this month.

  11. Fifth Pillar: HAJJ: Pilgramage • Hajj is a trip to Mecca Muslims do once in their lifetime. • Stand in front of the Kaaba to worship Allah. • Hajj is obligatory to all Muslims who are capable financially and physically. • Two million people from all over the world visit Mecca each year • Hajj occurs in the twelfth month of the Islamic year. • Mecca: Holiest place on Earth for Muslims. Non-Muslims cannot enter. • Pilgrims wear simple clothes which leaves them equal before Allah

  12. Pilgramage Makkah

  13. WHY IS ISLAM CONSIDERED A WAY OF LIFE? The first two pillars influence Muslims everyday. Muslims ALWAYS believe in Allah(God) and Muhammad and pray five times a day. The other three pillars are not present everyday, but are just as important. Charity and Fasting happen in the month of Ramadan, and Pilgrimage to Mecca happens at least once in a lifetime if physically and financially able.

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