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Fire Department Task Force

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Fire Department Task Force. PRELIMINARY REPORT TO THE PUBLIC MAY 24, 2006. AGENDA. Acceptance of May 17 minutes Summary of the GFD Task Force Activities – Todd Final Reports from sub-committees Non – viable Options Full Time Department – Dave Edmundson

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fire department task force

Fire Department Task Force


MAY 24, 2006

  • Acceptance of May 17 minutes
  • Summary of the GFD Task Force Activities – Todd
  • Final Reports from sub-committees
    • Non – viable Options
      • Full Time Department – Dave Edmundson
      • Joint Police & Fire departments – No report
      • Joint Fire Department – Ron Gieleghem
    • Viable Options
      • Enhanced Department – Ron Gieleghem
      • Volunteer Department – Cynthia Beischel
      • Contract only – Mike Burnham
      • Contract & Volunteer – Bob Gruber
  • Additional discussion and persons wishing to address the Task Force
  • Adjournment
purpose of the meeting
Purpose of the Meeting
  • Inform the public about the process and activities of the Fire Department Task Force
  • Outline the options considered by the Task Force
  • Secure feedback on the options from the public
committee objectives
Committee Objectives
  • Provide recommendations to the Village Council for their consideration for optimizing village fire protection
task force membership
Jack Murray

Betty Kooris

Ken Sims

Bob Gruber

Ron Gieleghem

Dave Edmundson

Mike Burnham

Alec Brockmeier

Cynthia Beischel

Ann Rueve

Matt Fruchey – Police Chief

Mike Honerlaw – Village Solicitor

Tom Todd – Mayor & Chairman

Task Force Membership
task force education
Task Force Education
  • The Task Force visited local fire departments and were given presentations and tours by their Chiefs
    • Woodlawn – Chief Mynatt
    • Evendale – John Vail
    • Sharonville – Dale Duermit
    • Springdale – Dan Shroyer
    • Wyoming – Bob Rielage
    • Greenhills – Tony Spaeth
  • In addition, William Goldfeder, Deputy Chief of the Loveland – Symmes Township Department gave a presentation to the Task Force
task force organization
Task Force Organization
  • The Task Force was organized into sub-committees to review and provide recommendations to the Task Force.
    • Full-time – Dave Edmundson
    • Cross-trained Police/Fire – Bob Gruber/Alec Brockmeier/Ken Sims
    • Joint Fire District – Ron Gieleghem/Betty Kooris
    • Enhanced GFD – Ron Gieleghem
    • Volunteer – Cynthia Beischel/Ann Rueve
    • Contract – Mike Burnham/Jack Murray
    • Contract/Volunteer – Bob Gruber/Alec Brockmeier/Ken Sims
full time department
Full-Time Department
  • The sub-committee concluded that based on cost and facilities this option was untenable
  • The reasons are several - including
    • Operating costs would be at least $450,000 per year and require a 3 mil tax levy
    • Capital costs including the rehabilitation of the historic Town Hall while never pinned down would be daunting
    • A full-time department would be a departure from a long standing tradition of volunteer fire fighting
full time department1
Full-Time Department
  • A couple of observations
    • First – A good fire department requires good leadership. This is true no matter what kind of department it is, but it is particularly important for a volunteer department
    • Secondly – Volunteer don’t work for money. What they work for is service and respect.
  • There seems to be wrong on both sides of the issue of respect – neither the leadership nor the support were up to grade
  • All involved have paid a price for their actions
  • We must provide guidelines and standards for future volunteers
  • We must provide strong leadership for any department
joint fire district
Joint Fire District
  • The sub-committee does not recommend this option
  • The reason include
    • The option is not politically achievable in the near term
    • Current southwestern Ohio JFD were formed when 2 or move adjoining communities each can not provide basic protection on their own. Glendale is surrounded by communities that have full time fire departments
    • The costs would be very expensive. Estimated cost to Glendale residents would require at least $650,000 or an additional 5 mil tax levy
enhanced department
Enhanced Department
  • This recommendation includes re-instating old GFD and enhancing its coverage.
  • The option was presented to the Task Force by the former Fire Fighters
  • First – we need to understand the baseline scope
baseline scope
Baseline Scope
  • Manpower
    • Chief (1) – Part time (paid)
    • Part Time Fire fighters (6) – Part time (paid)
      • 2 on station 7:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday – Friday
    • Volunteers (includes part time fire fighters when not on duty) (10-15) – Paid only when on a run or training
  • Equipment
    • 2 Fire Trucks
      • One is foam equipped – no other engine in the neighboring communities has this capability
    • 1 Rescue Truck
      • Hauls extra equipment
      • Has air tank refill capability
baseline scope1
Baseline Scope
  • Mutual Aid Agreements
    • Automatic Mutual Aid
      • All structure related calls
      • Woodlawn
    • Mutual Aid
      • On request
      • County Wide
  • Cost 2005
    • Appropriations - $155,000
      • $40,000 - General Operations
      • $115,000 – Personnel
    • Capital Improvements
      • $35,000 – average per year
    • Total costs - $190,000
enhanced department1
Enhanced Department
  • Continue part time paid and volunteer paid on call
  • Based on recommendations of neighboring Chiefs minimum planned manning of would be 3 fire fighters
  • Should consider 12 hour shifts to provide increased coverage
  • All part time fire fighters should be EMT certified – but not required for volunteers
  • Equipment would remain the same
  • Mutual aid agreements would be negotiated by the new Fire Chief – don’t expect change from past
enhanced department2
Enhanced Department
  • Operating expenses should remain the same - $40,000
  • Capital improvements - $35,000
  • Personnel costs
    • 3 people, 8 hour shift - $157,000
    • 3 people, 12 hour shift - $202,000
    • Includes 10% pay increase to attract additional personnel (consistent with Woodlawn pay scale)
  • EMT enhancement
    • $5,000 to start growing to $3,000-5,000 per year
volunteer department
Volunteer Department
  • Reactivate the GFD as quickly as possible during the 6 months remaining on our contract with Woodlawn
  • Under the mentoring of Chief Rielage, a captain is to be chosen to provide initial GFD leadership. Over time the person most qualified to be the GFD Chief will emerge because of their experience and commitment to the volunteer philosophy. Chiefs Rielage and Spaeth should participate in the candidate selection process.
  • Develop and implement an aggressive recruiting program. Expect a total of 20-25 volunteers to comprise the GFD with our re-activated loyal fire fighters as the core.
volunteer department1
Volunteer Department
  • Maintain a volunteer crew of 4 persons per shift available on or near the fire station during peak demand hours between 7 am – 9 pm
  • There should be sufficient volunteers available between 9 pm – 7 am.
  • During the first year GFD will add EMS first responder responsibilities and a medical director
  • Continue EMS contract with Springdale which as provided excellent assistance since 1991
  • Accrue $25,000 per year staring in 2007 for future equipment and apparatus expenditures
volunteer department2
Volunteer Department
  • $125,000 was allotted in the 2006 budget. Subtracting $40,000 for the Woodlawn contract and $40,000 for operating expenditures leaves $45,000 personnel and training costs during the second half of 2006
  • An ongoing full year budget impact study has not been completed yet.
  • Benefits of continuing our tradition
    • Fastest response time
    • Optimal safety and security
    • Lowest cost - $100,000 saved over actual 2005 costs
    • Retains local control
    • Restores community pride and unity
    • Maintains historical autonomy and integrity
contracted services
Contracted Services
  • This is a viable option to be considered
  • The Village can contract for fire services equal to or better than prior fire services at a significantly reduced cost.
    • Cost approximately $40,000 per year
    • Response time by both Woodlawn or Springdale in 2–4 minutes
  • Positives
    • Lower cost
    • Full-time coverage
    • First response coverage - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week
    • Improved response time when train is blocking tracks
  • Negatives
    • Potential slight reduction in response time for certain areas
    • Loss of Village fire department identity
    • Perceived loss of control of fire department services
contracted services1
Contracted Services
  • Types of fire services
    • Fire suppression
    • Fire prevention and public education
    • Fire cause determination and investigations
    • Enforcement of regulations
    • Assistance in reviewing building plans
    • Building inspections
    • Processing hazardous materials
    • Search and rescue
    • Extraction
    • Medical Assistance responses
    • Administrative functions and services
    • Training and Education services
    • Apparatus and equipment maintenance and repair services
contract volunteer department
Contract/Volunteer Department
  • Continue alliance with Woodlawn for fire protection and other services now being performed.
    • Woodlawn would place a certified fireman at the Glendale fire house
  • Woodlawn provide EMT service now being provided by Springdale.
    • Woodlawn would keep an EMT vehicle with 2 paramedics located at the Glendale fire station – 7 days a week from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm.
    • At other times the EMT vehicle would be dispatched from the Woodlawn fire house
  • The Woodlawn Fire Chief would serve as Glendale Fire Chief
contract volunteer department1
Contract/Volunteer Department
  • Form a volunteer Fire Department in Glendale with former and future fire department personnel
  • These positions would not be compensated (Greenhills)
  • It would left to the discretion of the Fire Chief to select and retain any and all volunteer personnel
  • The cost of training would be Glendale’s. One option would be to send interested volunteers to Wyoming as they have offered free training and certification for potential Glendale volunteers
  • The cost for all uniforms and equipment would be the responsibility of Glendale.
contract volunteer department2
Contract/Volunteer Department
  • The contract with Woodlawn would be for 5 years at a cost of $40,000 per year with a 3% increase annually on the anniversary of the original contract. This contract would be renewable for an additional 5 years.
  • Recommend accruing $25,000 per year for potential future equipment
  • Benefits
    • Upon implementation, known fixed cost
    • $60,000 savings from actual 2005 costs
    • No new taxes
    • An opportunity to move forward
    • Proven experience leadership
    • Paramedics and EMT vehicle in village