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welcome to horner jr high s town hall meeting n.
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Welcome to Horner Jr. High’s Town Hall Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Horner Jr. High’s Town Hall Meeting

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Welcome to Horner Jr. High’s Town Hall Meeting
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Welcome to Horner Jr. High’s Town Hall Meeting

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  1. Welcome to Horner Jr. High’s Town Hall Meeting • No more than 10 students to a bench • Sit with your class • Place belongings on floor • Follow the teachers’ instructions

  2. Be a Good Audience • I have a lot to cover • When I talk, you don’t • If you distract me, I’ll move you • Students that disrupt may lose PE credit or receive further disciplinary action • Those who pay attention are less likely to spend time with me in my office during the year




  6. Rules: • Keep us safe (think crossing the street) • Keep things orderly (think Disneyland) • Help to make things fair and equitable • Enable the teacher to teach and students to learn.

  7. There are CONSEQUENCESfor not following life’s rules!

  8. A few examples: • Spreading gossip will make your friends distrust you and others dislike you.

  9. A few examples: • A parent may ground you for breaking a rule. • A speeding ticket can cost around $400 and you can lose your driver’s license. • You get fired for being late repeatedly. • Sports players are fined big bucks and get suspended without pay from playing. Suspended 50 games without pay!

  10. Where Rules Apply • To and from school • From the minute you leave the home till you arrive back at home • On foot, bike, bus, skate-board, car… • Any where at school (even at other schools) • When your behavior affects those who attend a school

  11. GENERAL SAFETY • Horner has a Hands Off Policy • Keep Hands, feet and objects to yourself (It is OK to hold hands!) • No running on Campus (except on blacktop or instructed to by staff) • No rough play, play fights, horseplay • Do not throw anything unless instructed by staff member • Stay off peoples’ backs (piggy back)

  12. Attendance • A parent or guardian must call the school in the morning if you will be absent that day. • Or, you must bring a note explaining your absence to the office before you go to class. • Late arrivals must get a pass from attendance clerk before going to class • Late: 5 X 5 -15 min = 1 hour detention • 1X16 - 40 min = 1 hour detention • More than 40 min = 2 hour detention and loss of school activity

  13. When you arrive at school: • Breakfast is available from the cafeteria, food must be eaten in the courtyard • Please go to the courtyard or library • Closed Campus – You may not leave campus after arriving without permission

  14. When you leave school: • Walk, do not run to busses • Form a line for AC busses and enter all busses without pushing or shoving • Disruptive behavior on any bus will result in disciplinary action. AC Transit is not affiliated with FUSD and works with the Sherriff. AC Transit has the right to refuse service. • Keep area in front of the office and Library clear • You must leave campus by 2:30 PM unless you are in a school sponsored activity

  15. Classroom • You must follow all school and teacher rules and instructions • Any inappropriate drawings, toys, or other items that disrupt learning will be confiscated and you will be subject to discipline. • Academic dishonesty includes (but is not limited to) copying any work, sharing answers, passing off someone’s work as your own = “F” + a 2 hour after school detention. • Stay out of other people’s belongings (backpacks, lockers, clothing…)

  16. Period Attendance • Classroom attendance is reviewed every 2 weeks. • Excessive tardiness will result in detention • 5-9 tardies = 1 hour detention • 10-14 tardies = 2 hours of detention • 15+ tardies = Two- 2 hour detentions and loss of school activity (social…) • Tardy 3 minutes or more after the bell will result in detention


  18. Students must present their school issued ID, as well as a parent signed social ticket to enter school dances. • Socials are from 5:30-7:30 p.m. • No social admission after 6:00 p.m. without a parent or guardian present • Cell phones may not be used during the dance. (cell phone policy) See adult for emergencies • Social Elimination: 5 hours of accumulated Detentions, 15 anytime tardies, 1 or more in-house or at home Suspension • Must attend school the day of dance • Student’s with Gold Card must still meet requirements ( your card is your social ticket and permission!)

  19. After school sporting events • Students must present their school issued ID • You must attend school the day of the game. • If students exit they are not permitted back • Good sportsmanship is expected of both players and spectators. • Students may now use cell phones or i-pods at the games as long as they do not disrupt • Students who are disruptive will be expelled from the gym.

  20. LUNCHTIME • Food is only allowed in the COURTYARD & PICNIC AREA. You may leave the courtyard or picnic area after you have finished your food. • Clean your area after eating and throw garbage in the trash cans. • Students need to stay single-file in lunch lines without cutting. • Buying food for others is not permitted. • Stay out of closed areas during lunch: 20 wing, 30 wing, main hallway, track, parking lots & Hirsch fence. • Area in front of M.U. room closed at bell. • Do not cross this area to get to lunch line.

  21. DRESS CODE • Clothing that exposes undergarments, see through or is too low cut is not allowed. • Spaghetti straps, halter tops, and shirts that expose the stomach or shoulders are prohibited. • No flip flops, slippers, pajamas or blankets. • Shirts with inappropriate words or pictures must not be worn(No references to drugs, alcohol, or violence) • Only Horner hats may only be worn at school during lunch. No head gear is allowed anywhere on campus (no bandanas, sweatbands, hats…) • No attire deemed “Gang Related” by Fremont Police Department allowed. This includes RED or Blue shoe laces, belts, & Big Tees.

  22. MOBILE PHONE POLICY • Phones are allowed on campus. (Bring @ Your Own Risk! The school is not responsible for lost or stolen phones!) • Phones are to remain in the OFF, not in silent position during the instructional day, and out of sight. (As well as all school events: Socials & Sporting Events.) • Not to be used until after-school which includes answering calls from your parents. • Taking photos or video during the school day is not permitted. • Phones heard or seen will be confiscated by school staff and sent to the office + Progressive discipline.

  23. Wait till after School!

  24. Non Instructional Items • In general, any item that interferes with instruction and learning, or is not needed for a class, is not allowed in class or at school. • This includes but is not limited to I-Pods/MP3 players, electronic games, toys, rubber-bands, cameras, headphones & make-up • Non instructional items like I-pods may be used before school until the first bell rings then must be turned off and put away. • Any item you bring to school may be stolen – Bring at your own risk!

  25. Weapons and Dangerous objects • Any item that can injure someone in any way is not allowed on any school campus, ever. • This includes, but is not limited to: Real or toy guns, knives, razors, box-cutters, matches, lighters, rubber-bands, slingshots, nun-chucks, chains, … • Students in possession of such items at any time will be suspended up to 5 days and may be expelled from Horner Jr. High.

  26. Drugs and Alcohol • Students who possess or consume ALCOHOL or DRUGS will be suspended up to 5 days. • Students who sell ALCOHOL or DRUGS will be recommended for expulsion. • A referral to counseling will be made • Police will be contacted.

  27. How do I get my phone and other stuff back? • Phones are returned to parents after a contract is signed by parent, student and administrator. • All other electronic or non-educational items that are turned into the office will be returned to parents only. • Repeat offences will result in items being held until June.

  28. DISCIPLINE/ CONSEQUENCES • Campus Beautification • After School Detention (1-2 hours per day) • In-house Suspension • Suspension • Opportunity School • Expulsion

  29. For example: • Fighting, hitting, or physically hurting another person will earn you a 3-5 day suspension. • Skipping class or school = 2 hour detention • Skip teacher detention = 1 hour detention • Skip detention = 2 hour detention • Skip 2 hour detention = Suspension (progressive: in-house - multiple suspensions) • Possession of knife/weapon = Suspension and expulsion • Any Hands-on will result in disciplinary action.

  30. TOP 10 LISTBut certainly not the only reasons for “getting in trouble” • Dangerous items/ toy weapons • Fighting • Skipping class, school or any disciplinary action • Bad mouthing people, jokes, rumors, bullying, harassing… • Using the internet or phone to hurt or threaten people • Threatening anyone – verbally or physically, directly or indirectly • Not keeping your hands to yourself • Taking anything that doesn’t belong to you • Arriving to class or school late • “Just playing” with anyone or anything.

  31. By the way… • It’s never OK to sell anything at school for personal profit. That would be like iPods, phones, candy, or whatever else you “find”. • Also, if you can’t figure out a way to lock up your skateboard or scooter, don’t ride it to school. Staff can not be responsible for storing items like this.

  32. Detention • Detentions are scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Don’t expect a reminder; it’s your responsibility to remember and get there on time and on the correct day! • Begins immediately at 2:30 in room 1. • 1 and 2 hour detentions are on Tuesday and Wednesday • Late arrivals will be turned away and will be assigned additional hours of After School Detention or suspension. • If you are absent on the day of your detention, the detention will automatically be moved to the next detention day. You must attend the detention when you return to school or you will receive additional hours of after school detention or suspension.

  33. Some Excuses that Don’t work HERE! • “We were just playing” • “No one told me” or “I didn’t know” • “I forgot” • “It was an accident” • “I don’t know” (AKA: temporary amnesia) • “I’m new here”

  34. READ YOUR STUDENT HANDBOOK! You are held accountable for everything in that book… KNOW IT!

  35. Have A Great Year! See me if you have any questions…

  36. Promotion and Dance If you have more than one “F” you can not attend Promotion If you have a long list of behavior infractions, or have been ejected from any dance you can not attend the Promotion dance You must attend school the day of promotion.

  37. Great America Reward Trip Note you may disqualified after you purchase a ticket, and there are NO REFUNDS • When: June 1, 2012 • What will disqualify a student: • Receiving more than one “F” on your 3rd quarter report card • 10 or more hours of detention during 2nd semester. • Accumulating 15 or more tardies 2nd semester. • Having three of more in-house suspensions • Have one or more at-home suspensions • Are truant any time during the second semester