team members daniel parra alex hall natalie foster n.
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Team: Space Explorers Robot: Waly PowerPoint Presentation
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Team: Space Explorers Robot: Waly

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Team: Space Explorers Robot: Waly - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Team: Space Explorers Robot: Waly

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  1. Team Members: Daniel Parra, Alex Hall, Natalie Foster Team: Space ExplorersRobot: Waly

  2. Presentation Summary- Member biographies- The story of Waly- Conclusion

  3. Natalie Foster • Second semester freshman • Computer Software Engineering • Ex-math major • I gained a better understanding of how modern electronics function (and how they don’t…) • This course introduced me to what can be done with a little code and a lot of patience • Plans for UF: unknown, since the CISE department is falling apart • Career plans include having a job I will enjoy going to every day • A word of advice: Don’t let the weed-out classes discourage you from challenging yourself in the future

  4. Daniel Parra • 2nd semester freshman • Before this semester I was undecided between EE and CEN • Decided to go with CEN because I liked programming but also like hardware • After this course I learned what it’s like to deal with Murphy • My goals at UF are to obtain my B.S. and M.S. • Career plans: work for a big-name company • Possibly start my own business in the future

  5. Alex Hall • 2nd semester freshman • Originally thinking aerospace engineer, but since the space program is cut back I decided on electrical • I learned what the inside of an iPod looks like and how complicated electronics can be • This course has helped me for the future by giving me experience in basic programming • I plan to continue to get my electrical engineering degree and then go to law school and become a patent attorney

  6. Waly’s Story • Humans engineered Waly in order to find life and shelter on Mars, in case of an apocalyptic event on Earth. • Being in foreign territory, he was slightly frightened and exhibited spontaneous behavior that we can’t explain. • Once life and shelter are found, Waly is supposed to send back an audible signal to the mothership.

  7. Conclusion • In case of problems, be it Murphy or otherwise, one should still opt to persevere and enjoy the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with electronics. • Your TA is your best friend