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Sean Seshadri - Speculative Portfolio's

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Sean Seshadri - Speculative Portfolio's - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dr. Sean began his career as a medical physician until a chance conversation with the nephew of a fellow physician led to his discovery of the kind of profits that can be made trading in the stock mark.

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sean seshadri s
Sean Seshadri’s

Speculative portfolio's

speculative portfolio
Speculative Portfolio
  • One should implement these strategies when you have already built a cushion in your account
  • Never risk any principal amount as you want to build up a reserve in which to be speculative
speculative portfolio3
Speculative Portfolio
  • For example, if one starts with a 10K account and builds it to 15k, then one can take a small percentage and risk happily that if they were to lose a 100 dollars it is o.k because they have built already a cushion and they can relax and be calm.
speculative portfolio4
Speculative Portfolio
  • We see to many traders trying to move too soon. Trading can be learned over time but it takes hard work and patience above all else.
speculative portfolio5
Speculative Portfolio
  • Not everybody is suited to this profession based on their mindset. However, with that said in the forex market one an practice using just 10 cents as a risk amount. Risk can be controlled to a large part which how many shares or contracts one is trading.