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The Quest of Tronia

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The Quest of Tronia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Quest of Tronia. By Miss Soulsby’s English Group. Chapter 1 “Watch where you’re going!” barked Wesley as he stumbled on the pathway. “Sorry!” apologised a beautiful young girl. “I’ve seen you before.” said the girl. “You’re the chosen one from the prophecy!”

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the quest of tronia

The Quest of Tronia

By Miss Soulsby’s English Group


Chapter 1

“Watch where you’re going!” barked Wesley as he stumbled on the pathway.

“Sorry!” apologised a beautiful young girl.

“I’ve seen you before.” said the girl. “You’re the chosen one from the prophecy!”

“Whatever!” replied Wesley continuing on his journey.

“No! Stop, please. My name is Jasmine, I must tell you about the book of prophecies!”

Wesley froze and turned to face the beautiful gypsy. He had a strange feeling in his stomach. He had heard stories about The Book of Prophecies, but never believed they were real.

“Hurry! Come with me…we don’t have much time!” urged Jasmine.

Wesley followed Jasmine into the gloomy, dark wooden hut that was her home.


Jasmine lit a flickering candle and placed The Book of Prophecies onto an old, wooden table that sat in front of Wesley.

“The time has come,” whispered Jasmine, “this is your destiny.”

Goosebumps rose on Wesley’s arms. The hairs on his neck stood up. His spine shivered. Cautiously, Wesley opened the book sending a cloud of dust into the room. Wesley stared into nothingness as blank pages glared back at him.

“I’ve come here for nothing!” spat Wesley, banging his fist on the table as he stood up to leave.

“Be patient,” Said Jasmine calmly. “Look, the words are appearing!”

Wesley sighed and turned to look over his shoulder. He could see faint words becoming darker and darker, filling the page as he watched. Wesley stepped cautiously to where the book lay. As he stared into the pages a dark and stormy picture appeared of the Land of Tronia. Through dark clouds Wesley could see death and destruction caused by the menacing warriors of the Wizard Thorn.


Wesley’s stomach clenched and his heart sank. A tear of anger rolled down his face.

“When will this happen?” questioned Wesley.

“It will begin immediately unless you find the magical orb.” explained Jasmine.

She told Wesley that the evil Wizard Thorn was planning to destroy Tronia using the power from the magical orb.

“Where is the orb? How do I find it?” asked Wesley.

“Turn the page Wesley, your quest will begin.”

With his heart pounding quickly and his fingers trembling, Wesley turned the page.

Suddenly a golden compass appeared before his eyes.

“Turn the needle to choose North, South, East or West” commanded Jasmine.

“Choose wisely!” she said “And when you find the orb return it to me.”

Did Wesley choose






Chapter 2


Cautiously Wesley turned the needle to North. Suddenly a bright yellow light appeared sucking him into The Book of Prophesies. Instantly Wesley collapsed on something hard and green. He heard a booming voice bellow “Get off of me you stupid boy”

“Sorry, Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you” said Wesley.

He slowly crept backwards and stumbled over the mossy roots of death! Wesley opened his aching eyes and peering down at him he saw bright eyes glaring at him. It was a mean towering tree blocking his pathway.


Wesley asked the tree which way to find the orb. The evil tree replied “Turn to your right and you will die, turn to your left you will find.”

“What will I find? What will I find?” asked Wesley. The tree ignored him and his face disappeared into nowhere. Wesley said “I will turn left…obviously.”

Wesley ran and dodged all the trees and fell into a whirlpool which one did he fall into?

Purple, Green, Red or Blue






Chapter 2


Wesley turned the pointer to east and suddenly fell down a pit and landed in a dark and dreary room. He felt a creaky floor board beneath his foot. It turned out to be a trap door. He squeezed through it and landed in a gleaming maze.

The door slammed behind him and his eyes blinked to adjust the light.

He slowly crept around the maze and found himself at a tall tower. Terrified, he cautiously opened the wooden door and began to walk up the thick marble stairs. His path was suddenly blocked by two, huge, black clothed warriors. They gripped onto deadly weapons which could slice through anything which got in their way.


Wesley bravely kicked, punched and did many other things. They were out cold. Grabbing the keys from the hook he charged out of the door. The door had turned into four whirlpools. Which did Wesley choose?






Chapter 2


As Wesley turned the needle to South, the page sucked him in. Wesley fell with a thump into a deep, dark cave of gloominess. He slowly made his way to the wall. Cautiously he picked up a flickering candle.

Wesley tiptoed round the edges of the room, holding the candle in front of him. The light of the candle illuminated the never ending tapestries that he saw. Wesley gasped with horror at the sight of dragons killing warriors on the tapestries. He walked forward some more. “CRACK!” He looked down…There were skeletons scattered across the creaky wooden floor!


Wesley heard something breathing in the corner of the cave. As he turned to investigate a blast of burning hot fire shot past his face. As he peered over his shoulder a shiny, golden sword appeared on the floor. As Wesley drew the sword from the floor the cave expanded.

A ring of fire circled him, and an unwanted guest appeared.

The unwanted guest had wings and red and yellow scales.

It was a dragon and it looked frustrated!

The dragon swept its claws across Wesley’s face. Wesley stabbed the dragon and it fell with a thump-never to move again…

Wesley was relived with his victory. In front of him four whirlpools revealed themselves; Purple, Green, Red, Blue. But which one did he choose…?






Chapter 2


Wesley turned the needle slowly to the W for West. Suddenly an astonishing light beam struck him in his eyes and the next thing he knew, he was in a dark graveyard surrounded by gravestones.

Cautiously, Wesley crept around trying not to look at any gravestones. All of a sudden a bony hand grabbed his ankle and he stumbled to the ground. His heart pounding with fear, he clambered to his feet. Wesley slowly turned around to find a sword at his feet and a skeleton at the ready.

“Welcome to Death Hill…” whispered the skeleton coldly. “Prepare to meet your maker.” With that it sharply pulled out its weapon. Wesley dived to the ground and snatched his own sword.


A fierce battle commenced. A sound of metal on metal filled the atmosphere. Sparks flew everywhere. Tensely holding the sword in two hands, Wesley slashed the skeleton in half sending bones in every direction. The bones melted as the earth gave way, revealing four whirlpools; Purple, green, red and blue. Confusion overtook Wesley as he heard Jasmine’s voice telling him to jump into a whirlpool.

Did he choose