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OASBO Professional Certification Program. Presented Adam Stewart Chair, OASBO Professional Certification Committee OASBO Summer Conference, July 2009. A Little History.

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Oasbo professional certification program

OASBO Professional Certification Program

Presented Adam Stewart

Chair, OASBO Professional Certification Committee

OASBO Summer Conference, July 2009

A little history
A Little History

  • A committee including Angie Peterman, Nancy Groshong, Tom Kliegel, Jennifer Hiess, Chuck Rhoades, Claire Hertz, Al Shannon and Adam Stewart began development of a multi-level certification program in 2000

    • Certified School Business Administrator

    • Certified School Business Manager

    • Certified School Business Specialist

  • Beta tested initial program Spring 2003

  • Opened to full membership Fall 2003

A little history1
A Little History

  • Initially, eligibility was based upon education, experience, position duties & responsibilities, supervisors evaluation and letter of recommendation

  • This initial Program sunset in June 2005

    • Awarded 43 certificates during 2003-05

  • In July, 2005 a new certification process was implemented.

Why change the program
Why Change the Program?

  • Wanted to strengthen the program

  • Continue to develop continuing education opportunities for members

  • Recognize the profession and accomplishments of our members

  • Provide higher levels of assurance to our stakeholders regarding qualifications of business officials

Current requirements
Current Requirements

  • Must now have actual clock hours of instruction in various areas depending upon certification designation desired

  • Still require recommendation and evaluation of supervisor

  • Hours and course work based upon level of certification

Current requirements1
Current Requirements

  • All certification levels require:

    • 3 Hours of Ethics Training

    • 3 Hours of Leadership Training

    • 3 Hours of Principles of Education Training

  • In addition, individuals must have specific training in their areas of “specialty”

    • Hours will vary by specialty and certification level

Certification requirements
Certification Requirements


Initial application

OASBO membership Min. one year immediately preceding app.

Required standards 123*

Education background Minimum of a High school diploma required

School business experience Varies - see specific requirements

Supervisory experience No Yes Yes

Required training hours

Educational enterprise:

Ethics 3 3 3

Leadership 3 3 3

Principles of education 3 3 3


Cash management 3 3

Budget 4 4

Selected standard specific training 15 24 36

Electives 658

Total training hours 30 45 60

Certificate renewal
Certificate & Renewal

  • Certificates are good for five years

  • Renewal of certificates is possible with required continuing education hours

  • Specialists can add more areas of “specialty” to their certificates on an on-going basis but renewal period will be five years from initial date of award

Recertification requirements
Recertification Requirements

Required training hours CSBS CSBM CSBA

Educational enterprise:

Ethics 3 3 3

Leadership 3 3 3

Principles of education 3 3 3

Accounting: Cash management 3 3

Budget 4 4

Personnel: Labor relations/employment law 6

Facilities 3

Food service 3

Risk management: Insurance 3

Payroll 3

Communications management 3

Purchasing 3

Transportation 3

Technology 3

Selected standard specific training 15 30 n/a

Electives 36 44** 74**

Total training hours 60 90 120

** No more than 10 hours in any one standard.

Oasbo professional certification program

Continuing Education Credit Resource Approved

Training Providers

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Meeting educational requirements
Meeting Educational Requirements

  • The previous slide was taken directly from the OASBO Professional Development Program Manual. This manual and other information about this program are available at www.oasbo.com/profcert/index.html.

  • In addition to the resources identified above, OASBO is also working to identify on-line classes currently being offered by other State ASBO affiliates that meet our Oregon standards.

Current status

  • As of this date we have issued 49 Certificates:

    • 17 Certified School Business Administrators

    • 17 Certified School Business Managers

    • 15 Certified School Business Specialists

  • In addition, we have had 20 renewal certificates issued.

What is coming next
What is coming next?

  • Continue to coordinate professional development opportunities for members through the Professional Development Committee

  • Develop on-line courses

  • Partner with other ASBO Affiliates

What is coming next1
What is coming next?

  • Developing a New Business Managers Institute that will be required in the future

  • Exploring a training program in conjunction with International ASBO affiliates

  • Identify other training options and organizations that provide training

What is coming next2
What is coming next?

  • We need your help!

    • Determine methods of providing continuing education

    • Identify subjects that need development of courses or specific training

To apply
To Apply

  • Visit the OASBO web site at


    • Select Downloads

      • Print the Application Packet

      • Complete the requirements & submit