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K I n m e n. 26 廖彣珊 28 劉語凡 30 鄭碧慧. Introduction.

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K i n m e n

K I n m e n

26 廖彣珊

28 劉語凡

30 鄭碧慧


  • Good afternoon, everybody. 呷飽未? My name is Ju-ju-ju-juicy. I am your tour guide during this 5 –day-journey. You can call me Juicy. I work in the 爽爽 travel agency. I’m so glad to be with you. Ok, have you ever been to Kinmen? Kinmen is really a beautiful island. I think all of you will have good time there. We are now in the 清泉崗 airport. It’s 2:30 now, and our flight is at 3:00. We still have 30 minutes, so just take a rest and make sure your luggage are all besides you. By the way, don’t forget to bring a sun lotion with you due to the hot weather in Kinmen. Last, the most important thing you have to bring is a beautiful mood! Have a nice day!

Super vocabulary
Super Vocabulary

  • fringe (n.) 邊緣;外緣

  • reef (n.) 暗礁;沙洲

  • scatter (v.) 消散;散佈

  • terrain (n.) 地域;地形

  • jurisdictional (a.) 管轄範圍的

  • footmark (n.) 足跡

  • irresistible (a.) 無法抵抗的

  • exquisite (a.) 非常美麗的

  • asset (n.) 資產;有價值的東西

  • relic (n.) 遺物;遺跡

  • imbue (v.) (使)感染

  • criteria (n.) 基準

  • liquor (n.) 酒

  • totem (n.) 圖騰

  • cease (v./n.) 停止


  • Kinmen is narrow in the middle and wider on the eastern and western sides. The island is fringed with islets and reefs all around, scattering on the sea to look like stars surrounding the moon. Affected by the terrain, Kinmen has no big rivers and long streams. Kinmen is consisted of 12 jurisdictional islands including Kinmen, Lieyu, Tadan, Erdan, etc.

Lush green a hiking journey to taiwu mountain
Lush Green – A Hiking Journey to Taiwu Mountain.

  • Taiwu Mountain is the highest mountain in Kinmen, which is both magnificient and awe-spiring. It has received its name “Taiwu” with the appearance of the helmet of knight in the ancient time when you see it close. Since countless sages and the virtuous left footmarks and traces here, Taiwu Mountain plays a significant part in the history of Kinmen. Walking on the smooth trail, you can enjoy the lush green forest and fresh air throughout the hiking trip. You simply can not to miss its irresistible charm, no wonder people make comment: “People of Kinmen grew up hiking Taiwu Mountain”. Pay a visit to Taiwu Mountain and read about the ancient and modern times in the midst of woods. Such exquisite scenery is certainly a worthwhile trip to hike to the high top.

Special architectures
Special Architectures

  • Kinmen embodies rich cultural assets, Fujian-style exotic architectural buildings, and scenic spots all over the island. In addition, Kinmen scored a couple of decisive victories, such as Guningtou Battle. The rich war relics and military factories, with long-term closed mysterious veil and its unique bird resources imbued with excellent natural ecology, all contribute to the ideal criteria for tourism. These houses display the sleek and simple outline of roof ridges, gabled walls, swallowtails, saddleback roofs. All these lines linked together to become a priceless cultural assets.

Production of kinmen kaoliang liquor
Production of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor

  • Kinmen Liquor Factory was first established in 1953. Five decades have passed and the series of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor has won the hearts of wine-lovers. The revenue of selling Kinmen Kaoliang has long been the primary economic source of the local government, which gained large profit for county development.

A journey to spirit lion statue
A Journey to Spirit Lion Statue

  • The “Spirit Lion Statue” (Fongshihye) is usually located on the wind gap to safeguard each village. It is regarded as the guardian angel of village in Kinmen and one of the most important cultural totems on Kinmen Island. It can be classified into three categories: first type is located at the entrance of the village; second type stands erect on the top of the roof and the third type is inserted into the wall. All with the purpose of cease the wind, fight against the demon spirit, and ward off the curse of evils at the same time pray for more blessings. The origin of “Spirit Lion Statue” is closely associated with the early lifestyle and living environment of Kinmen.

Water fun tour to the beaches
Water Fun—Tour to the Beaches

  • This island is surrounded by the sea, rocky shore, and sand beaches on four sides. Like blood, water brings life to the people here. You can find clams, liquor spiral shells, fiddler crabs, and stone oysters in the intertidal zone. Besides, you can also sit and watch the sunrise and sunset there, or simply do nothing. Just sit and smile on the beaches, take a walk with your beloved, have fun with water, or build sand castles with friends, these beaches open their arms wide to welcome all visitors.


何妨吟嘯 且徐行。

竹杖芒鞋輕勝馬, 誰怕?


料峭春風吹酒醒, 微冷。


回首向來蕭瑟處, 歸去。