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US History Exposition

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US History Exposition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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US History Exposition. 2013. Museum. As a class, we will be creating a museum for students, teachers, administrations, and parents can walk through during the school day What is a museum or exposition?

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  • As a class, we will be creating a museum for students, teachers, administrations, and parents can walk through during the school day
  • What is a museum or exposition?
    • Each group will have a booth or station dedicated to gathering and displaying objects and information of lasting interest or value
  • In groups of three – four, you will be creating your own booth/station that explores a time period that we’ve learned about in US History this year
  • You will gather information, objects, and primary and secondary sources about your era
  • You will create an interactive booth that you will present to teachers, students, administration, and community members on May 23rd (B day) and May 24th (A day)
museum floor plan
Museum Floor Plan



Nixon/Carter 70s


Cold War 80s

Domestic 80s


Civil Rights 60s

Counter-Culture 60s

Post War 50s

Vietnam 70s

World War II Europe

The Roaring 20s

Great Depression 30s

World War II Pacific

World War I “the 10s”


  • This is a project/test grade and you will be graded on the following criteria:
    • Participation
    • Research
    • Display
    • Viewer Contest
day 1 2
Day 1 & 2
  • Today, our objective is to choose our group, our theme, and start investigating your time period.
    • Your names will be drawn to determine which group will choose their time period first.
    • Be sure to write down your era
  • Once you have chosen your era, you’ll start right away to investigate and research
    • By the end of Day 1, you must complete the research handout.
reliable websites
Reliable Websites
  • It is essential when presenting your decade that you are gathering the correct information from reliable sources and preparing yourself thoroughly enough so that you become the expert ready to share your excitement about what you know, and here’s how! These websites are available under End of Year on my webpage.
get going
Get Going!
  • Now that theme has been selected, your team needs to create a catchy slogan or title that represents your era. Like at any expo, the idea is to draw as many spectators to your booth, and share your experiences with them.
  • On your display board you need to provide images (minimum of 5 ) for each section your researching, using a variety of primary and secondary sources. You must share the information about your decade, not just play games, and eat food. Remember they are voting for you!
  • Fill in the entire board with details that will help you in presenting your decade and font size needs to be large enough for both you and the spectators to see.
day 2
Day 2
  • Goals: To finish all of your research for your poster board and some for your timeline
    • Today, we’re going to F258 to work in the computer lab.
    • While you’re in there you’ll finish all research and print anything you may need
    • The 2nd half of class will be spent in the classroom organizing information and we’ll watch WWII in HD
  • HOMEWORK: your poster board is due next class. Not having it will impact your participation grade
day 3
Day 3
  • Our objective for the day is to create a timeline that will be displayed at your booth
    • Each timeline must include at least 25 important dates or events that happened during your era
    • Each timeline must also include at least 20 photographs of the different events during your era
  • This should be organized, grammatically correct, and be your original work
  • HOMEWORK: for next class you must print in a poster board for display at your booth
day 4 5
Day 4 & 5
  • Our objective for today is to complete your display board that will become the center piece of your booth.
    • Use your background research, timeline, textbooks, and other outside resources to create your poster
    • You’ll be graded on creativity, organization, grammar, and historical accuracy.
  • By the end of the day you must turn in your completed poster
poster requirements
Poster Requirements
  • Your Poster/Research must include the following:
    • A section on popular culture (i.e. music, sports, television, advertisements, games, leisure activities, fashion, etc.)
    • A section on influential people (be sure to include pictures)
    • A section on “breaking news” or important events
    • A section on politics (the president, the government policies, etc.)
    • Visual Aids including maps and images
    • Overall description of the time period
  • Be creative, interactive, and engaging
day 6
Day 6
  • Our goal today is to create:
  • Something to give to visitors
  • A description to send to Mrs. Gumpf
  • An invitation
  • Your handout can be something small and simple:
    • Crossword Puzzle
    • Recipe
    • Common “slang”
    • Interesting Facts
      • Make is something memorable so they will vote for you at the end
  • A member in the group must create a short description to electronically send (via phone, computer, paper) to:
  • Mrs.
  • Mrs. Blake
  • The “short description” will include:
  • Catchy title of your booth: What decade it is?
  • An overall description of what they will experience at your booth (focused on your decade)
  • What your game is (Play…)
  • What your food is (Prizes earned…)
  • Lesson they will learn (Teach / Learn …you how to do the walking dog with the yo- yo!)
  • Group member names

Rambunctious Roaring 20’s

Our booth is no baloney! Come see how the big cheeses of our decade did little to fix the economic disaster waiting to happen, and allowing giggle water to flow when it was “prohibited.” Come get a wiggle by doing the Boston and West Coast swing, and learn how to order from a dinner menu 20s style. Prizes are awarded for the best hoofer and our team (Jessica Nason, Chris Flood, …) will be the real mccoys!

invitation example
Invitation Example
  • Dear…..

It is my pleasure to invite you to the US History Exposition at Allen High School. The event will celebrate our nation’s history since 1877 to present through an exciting and interactive museum presented by myself and other students. The event is on ________ (day) May ____ (date), 2013 during _____ (?) class period ________ (actual time you will be on display) __ am/pm. Here are the directions to the event (insert map). The booth my team will represent will be called the__________________ and it’s the ____ decade.

day 7
Day 7
  • Our goal today is to plan out how your booth will be set up and also to plan out the rest of your display
  • Your booth must also include:
    • A food from your time period
    • You must dress up for your time period
    • Your brochures on display
    • Something you “teach” visitors (i.e. a game, a lesson, a dance, a slogan, etc.)


Interactive Game







day 8
Day 8
  • Our goal for today is to present your material to the class so they can give constructive feedback
day 9
Day 9
  • Exposition day!!!!!
  • If someone you invited comes, be sure they turn in the invitation you made them for extra credit
  • Participants will also vote on which booth they believe was the most interactive and also informative
  • Have Fun!
final checklist
Final Checklist
  • Display Board= (Who’s bringing it on Tuesday? 3$)
  • Timeline =Done in class today
  • Game=Supplies who’s doing this?
  • Lesson to teach=Supplies
  • Food/Candy Buy/make?=Summary of when it was created- Recipe
  • Costume =What do we look like?
  • Brochure (4-6 sentence submitted to me electronically)- What will we experience when we come to visit your booth. Sell yourself!!
  • Invitation to parents and family
  • Cords/Props/Portables