storm water issues in illinois n.
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Storm Water Issues In Illinois PowerPoint Presentation
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Storm Water Issues In Illinois

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Storm Water Issues In Illinois

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Storm Water Issues In Illinois

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  1. Storm Water Issues In Illinois The Illinois Environmental Protection Act is silent with regard to storm water. Illinois EPA’s authority to deal with storm water derives from delegated authority to enforce the Federal Clean Water Act. Illinois General Permits for storm water are based on the Federal General Permits for storm water control.

  2. Illinois General Permits Construction Sites Activities Sites greater than 1 acre Requires stabilization prior to termination New construction site permit is on public notice at this time Industrial Sites Activities Industrial sites identified by Standard Industrial Code Only terminated if facility is properly closed Permit expires on April 30, 2014

  3. Illinois General Permits Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) Systems are located in urban areas as defined by the 2010 Census Permit covers activities of local government Includes municipalities, townships, colleges and drainage districts Permit expires on March 31, 2014

  4. Illinois General Permits The MS4 Permit requires development of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan including 6 minimum control measures. Public Education Public Participation Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Construction Site runoff Control Post-Construction Storm Water Management Pollution Prevention/Good housekeeping for Municipal Operations

  5. Post-Development Storm Water Standards These are recommendations developed over the last year by a diverse group of stakeholders. Concerned with construction and maintenance of storm water controls after completion of construction. Based on controlling a 95th percentile storm. (1 inch over a 24 hour period). The primary concern is to limit the discharge of nitrogen and phosphorous to surface waters

  6. Post-Development Storm Water Standards The recommendations are not based on control of flooding. The recommendations do emphasize the use of green infrastructure which will have an effect on flooding due to smaller storms. The recommendations will allow management of storm water at the county level for county ordinances at least as stringent as state standards.