child abuse n.
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Child Abuse

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Child Abuse - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Child Abuse
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  1. Child Abuse OBJECTIVES: 1. Define the types of child abuse and neglect. 2. Describe signs of abuse and neglect.

  2. GROUP WORK: Divide class into groups of 3-4 students.Fold a sheet of paper into fourths like below.Brainstorm and fill in your group’s ideas for each square. Share & discuss.

  3. Fill in Student Note Sheet from following Power Point

  4. Definition: Child abuse is harm to, or neglect of, a child by another person, whether adult or child.

  5. MO Dept. of Social Services, Annual Report 2012

  6. Physical Abuse • Definition: Non-accidental injury of a child that leaves marks, scars, bruises, or broken bones. SIGNS: • Child has unexplained bruises, burns, broken bones, missing hair, etc. • Child is wary of physical contact with adults, afraid to go home, withdrawn.

  7. Emotional Abuse • Definition: Parenting behavior, such as rejecting, berating, ignoring, etc. that causes serious impairment of the child. It can severely damage a child’s mental health or social development, leaving lifelong psychological scars. SIGNS: • Child has habit disorders (biting, rocking), conduct disorders (withdrawn, cruelty), sleep disorders, or behavior extremes (aggressive or passive) • Speech disorders, lags in physical development, failure to thrive.

  8. Neglect • Definition: Failure of parents to provide needed, age appropriate care (food, clothing, shelter, supervision) SIGNS: • Constant hunger, (begging/stealing food) poor hygiene, abandonment, inappropriate clothing from weather conditions. frequent sleepiness, lack of appropriate supervision.

  9. Sexual Abuse • Definition: ANY inappropriate sexual exposure or touch by an adult to a child or an older child to a younger child. SIGNS: • Difficulty in walking or sitting, bruises/bleeding in genital/rectal area, venereal disease. • Child has age inappropriate sexual knowledge, abrupt change in personality, withdrawn, regressive behavior (bed wetting), seductive behavior.

  10. So…..what counts as abuse?Discuss as class if each scenario is abuse and neglect • A girl is slapped for screaming at her mother; the slap stings, but leaves no lasting mark or pain. • A boy is punished in a way that requires stitches. • A boy’s arm is broken after wrestling with his father for sport. • A mother is careless and spills scalding coffee on her daughter, who is seriously burned. • A father burns his daughter’s palms with a lighted cigarette when he finds her smoking. • A father takes away his son’s driver’s license for getting a parking ticket.

  11. Discussion • Is there a difference between child abuse and discipline? • Where do we draw the line? • What do you consider child abuse?