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Write Up for CZMU

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Write Up for CZMU. Coastal pressures and Responses in Barbados. What responses are Available to the areas suffering accelerated coastal erosion?. Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) tend to take one of the following paths

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write up for czmu

Write Up for CZMU

Coastal pressures and Responses in Barbados

what responses are available to the areas suffering accelerated coastal erosion
What responses are Available to the areas suffering accelerated coastal erosion?
  • Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) tend to take one of the following paths
  • Hold The line or advance the line– Using soft or hard Engineering. This is the method employed on the South and West Coasts of Barbados
  • Managed Retreat: Allow the cliff to retreat but buy up land. Create land use Zoning to stop development. Even build defenses but much further back. Why is this choice made?
  • Do Nothing: As it says.
  • What do you think are the factors which affect the choice that is made?
your audience
Your Audience
  • It is for the CZMU Newsletter.
  • The information has to be interesting, have images and maps and be easy to understand.
  • It does nowever need to be technical enough as it is mainly being read by people who know something about coastal management.

In recent years there has been increasing pressure on the Barbados Coastline. This has been from a number of sources …………………..

The problem has mainly been its effect on coral which has an important role in protecting the beaches. Expand upon this……

The response of the CZMU has been to try to organize a united coastal plan rather than let people create individual coastal protection measures …….


Section 1 - Meeting with Antonio Rowe

We went to visit Antonio Rowe at CZMU who explained what they had done on the South of the Island.

A positive start - do some research on this one from some of the sites on the wiki to say what the area was like, and that after some objections to the project the Boardwalk was constructed. It has had many positive review, however there is still a lot of work to be done in other areas of the island

Section 2 - Here you will describe some of the methods found along the boardwalk and add annotated photos. You will also add results from your bipolar analysis here.

You need images, maps etc to describe what had been done at the Boardwalk and explain it in terms of its effect on tourism and also why it had to take into account coastal processes. E.g. why were the groynes shorter in the final building than in the plan?.


Section 3 - Holetown - Why did we go here and what were your initial feelings just after having seen the Boardwalk.Describe the condition of the beach and how hotel owners have tried emergency methods along here.

Why have groynes been built here. Draw diagrams to show why they are there.

Annotate photos and show your bipolar analysis here. What are your conclusions relating to the problems here.

What has been done in this area already by the CZMU - The protection at either end of the bay.

maps and diagrams
Maps and Diagrams.

These are essential to show your understanding of the processes and responses on the Barbados coastline.


Section 5 - some conclusions - What are the problems Barbados faces on its coastal area. Why has erosion increased so much in recent years. Is it sea level rise or have there been other factors. What is the future for the coral of the area?


This write up will be assessed using the MYP Criteria of Concepts, Skills and Presentation.

Concepts: relates to showing an understanding of the processes of change – ie. Longshore drift and the understanding that coastal management can have consequences on other areas. There should also be shown an understanding of the different causes of erosion relating to natural and human processes on our coastline.

Skills: Use of maps, images. Bipolar analysis presented graphically. This se ctionalso covers the ability to research the topic and put this information into your writeup.

Presentation: This relates to how the whole write up is. Do you hit the target audience. Is it clear. Is grammar and spelling good. Do you show all the sources you use.