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Marketing Plan – halal sausage/Food PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing Plan – halal sausage/Food

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Marketing Plan – halal sausage/Food - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Al- Halal Food . Individual Assignment For MBA Program – Marketing Managemnet Prepared by Saiful Anuar Mat Taib 27 February 2010. Marketing Plan – halal sausage/Food. Executive Summary. The Product

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Marketing Plan – halal sausage/Food

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Al-Halal Food

Individual Assignment

For MBA Program – Marketing Managemnet

Prepared by

Saiful Anuar Mat Taib

27 February 2010

Marketing Plan – halalsausage/Food

executive summary
Executive Summary

The Product

  • There has been increasing demand for halal food in most part the world both in the muslim dominated countries as well as non-muslim countries like Europe, The USA and Asia. Considering the type of food that span interest through out countries and culture, Halal Sausage is specifically selected to cater for this concept, where the market potentials are very wide as most people in the world accept sausage as familiar food. Allow bigger market, halal sausage will definitely make its mark especially in the muslim consumers.

Source of Raw material

  • Poultry, chicken, duck, goose, turkey, bird can be easily sourced from within Malaysia and also neighboring country, Indonesia and Thailand. Beef and goat are also sourced within Malaysia or easily available from Australia, New Zealand, India and Thailand. So there is no problem of sourcing raw material for the product. The price and quality is the balance we have to strike in producing quality final product. Product grading will be done based on price and quality having in mind customers needs and wants

Marketing Strategy

  • The market for the halal sausage is a follows:-

Phase 1 – 80 % local market and 20 % export market

Phase 2 – 60 % local whilst 40 % export

Phase 3 – 30 % local and 70 % export market

These gradual changes in market allocation based on our vision of gaining world establishment of our brand “AL-HALAL SAUSAGE” made in Malaysia. The phases indicate the introductory stage and the final achievement stage 3 target after 6 years

Financial Implication

  • The initial capital for the setting up the production line is about RM1.17 which will be allocated for :- 

Equipment/ Machinery, Setting up & Rental, Working Capital (refer to cashflow)

Financed by :- Individuals Investors RM200,000.00

Personal Capital RM120,000.00

Bank/Lease RM850,000.00

Total RM1,170,000.00

Return on Investment

  • Based on our projection, the business can expect breakeven for cash capital investment of RM1,120,000 in year 6.
the challenge
The Challenge
  • Food production has very big potential in the global market, as every where in the world there is shortage of food supply especially in the countries where resources related to food production are limited
  • Such countries are Middle East, North Africa, some European countries and some countries in Asia
  • Halal food especially gain high demand from these countries, our target is about 500m muslim and non muslim people from these part of the world
the challenge1
The Challenge

Al-Halal Sausage (Made in Malaysia) is our proposed brand name that will be well known in the world halal food market.

  • Our target sales is about RM2.0m per annum in the first year operation and increase double to RM4.0m after 4 years.
  • We plan to expand our halal frozen food products like burger, nuggets, meat loaf, cake, satay, processed whole chicken, turkey etc carry the brand Al-Halal food (made in Malaysia)
potential customers
Potential Customers

Al-Halal Food (Made in Malaysia)

  • There are not many established halal food producers in term of branding.
  • Well known brand name internationally are related to specific product category like milk related products Nestle and Fernleaf
  • Al-Halal Food shall be the brand name, visioned to be at par with those established food products.
  • As far as competition is concern, there is so much opportunity in halal food market that can be tapped, competition is healthy.
  • Collaboration with food distributors in all regions/countries will be done upon productions reach certain level that can cater for large orders.
  • We also consider Joint venture with other food producers in target countries to established synergy for the brand/product and meet demand from those countries
  • Cooperation in the field of R&D and quality enhancement would be carried out in the localized manner to understand their expectations, needs & wants.
break even
Break Even

The business is expected to break even in year 6

Sales for first 2 years is expected about RM2.0m pa

and increase to RM4.0m in year 4

  • Al-Halal Food ‘s vision to be the International Brand shall be reality with proper planning and implementation and full commitments and passions.
  • The right ingredient for success has been identified, starting with halal sausage is the niche by itself in the European and Middle East market as well as local market.
  • The potential for success with initial capital of RM1.2m and break even conservatively in 6 years if not earlier
  • First year expected sales of RM2.0m increase double fold every two years will see the future look very promising for Al-HalalFood