tom peters seminar2002 we are in a brawl with no rules tbwa squareroot madrid 03 05 2002 n.
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Tom Peters’ Seminar2002: We Are In A Brawl With No Rules! TBWA.SquareRoot. Madrid.03/05/2002 PowerPoint Presentation
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Tom Peters’ Seminar2002: We Are In A Brawl With No Rules! TBWA.SquareRoot. Madrid.03/05/2002

Tom Peters’ Seminar2002: We Are In A Brawl With No Rules! TBWA.SquareRoot. Madrid.03/05/2002

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Tom Peters’ Seminar2002: We Are In A Brawl With No Rules! TBWA.SquareRoot. Madrid.03/05/2002

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  1. Tom Peters’ Seminar2002: We Are In A Brawl With No Rules!TBWA.SquareRoot.Madrid.03/05/2002

  2. All Slides Available at …tompeters.comNote: Lavender text in this file is a link.

  3. 1. Nobody Knows.

  4. “There will be more confusion in the business world in the next decadethan in any decade in history. And the current pace of change will only accelerate.”Steve Case

  5. 2. Blow It Up.

  6. Forbes100 from 1917 to 1987: 39 members of the Class of ’17 were alive in ’87; 18 in ’87 F100; 18 F100 “survivors” underperformed the market by 20%; just 2 (2%), GE & Kodak, outperformed the market 1917 to 1987.S&P 500 from 1957 to 1997: 74 members of the Class of ’57 were alive in ’97; 12 (2.4%) of 500 outperformed the market from 1957 to 1997.Source: Dick Foster & Sarah Kaplan, Creative Destruction: Why Companies That Are Built to Last Underperform the Market

  7. “Good management was the most powerful reason [leading firms] failed to stay atop their industries.Precisely because these firms listened to their customers, invested aggressively in technologies that would provide their customers more and better products of the sort they wanted, and because they carefully studied market trends and systematically allocated investment capital to innovations that promised the best returns, they lost their positions of leadership.”Clayton Christensen, The Innovator’s Dilemma

  8. Forget>“Learn”“The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get the old ones out.”Dee Hock

  9. W.I.W.???:20 of 26(7 of top 10)

  10. P&G:Declining domestic sales in 20 of 26 categories; 7 of top 10 categories.(The “billion-dollar” problem.)Source: Advertising Age 01.21.2002/BofA Securities

  11. Primary Obstacles to “Marketing-driven Change”1. Fear of “cannibalism.”2. “Excessive cult of the consumer”/ “customer driven”/ “slavery to demographics, market research and focus groups.”3.Creating “sustainable advantage.”Source: Jean-Marie Dru, Disruption

  12. “Organize” for … performance & customer satisfaction.“Disorganize” for … renewal & innovation.

  13. Jim & Tom. Joined at the hip. Not.

  14. “The Silicon Valley of today is built less atop the spires of earlier triumphs than upon the rubble of earlier debacles.”—Newsweek/ Paul Saffo (03.02)

  15. The Gales of Creative Destruction+29M = -44M + 73M+4M = +4M - 0M

  16. 3. We Can(Must?) Do It All!

  17. Base Case:The Sameness Trap

  18. “The ‘surplus society’ has a surplus of similar companies, employing similarpeople, with similar educational backgrounds, working in similar jobs, coming up with similarideas, producing similar things, with similarprices and similarquality.”Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale, Funky Business

  19. The Big Day!

  20. 09.11.2000: HP bids $18,000,000,000for PricewaterhouseCoopersconsulting business!

  21. “These days, building the best server isn’t enough. That’s the price of entry.”Ann Livermore, Hewlett-Packard

  22. Gerstner’s IBM: Systems Integrator of choice. Global Services: $35B.Pledge/’99: Business Partner Charter. 72 strategic partners, aim for 200. Drop many in-house programs/products. (BW/12.01).

  23. “We want to be the air traffic controllers of electrons.”Bob Nardelli, GE Power Systems

  24. “UPS wants to take over the sweet spot in the endless loop of goods, information and capital that all the packages [it moves] represent.” (E.g., UPS Logistics manages the logistics of 4.5M Ford vehicles, from 21 mfg. sites to 6,000 NA dealers)

  25. “No longer are we only an insurance provider. Today, we also offer our customers the products and services that help them achieve their dreams, whether it’s financial security, buying a car, paying for home repairs, or even taking a dream vacation.”—Martin Feinstein, CEO, Farmers Group

  26. “VISIONS OF A BRAND-NAME OFFICE EMPIRE. Sam Zell is not a man plagued by self doubt. Mr. Zell controls public companies that own nearly 700 office buildings in the United States. … Now Mr. Zell says he will transform the real estate market by turning those REITs into national brands. … Mr. Zell believes [clients] will start to view those offices as something more than a commodity chosen chiefly by price and location.” –New York Times (12.16.2001)

  27. Omnicom: 57% from “Other” (DAS/ “integrated marketing services”)

  28. TBWA … Your Partner for [Brand Excellence] [Innovation & Enterprise Transformation] [] [Etc.]

  29. 4. “It” is all about … THE TOTAL EXPERIENCE.

  30. “Experiencesare as distinct from services as services are from goods.”Joseph Pine & James Gilmore, The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage

  31. Experience: “Rebel Lifestyle!”“What we sell is the ability for a 43-year-old accountant to dress in black leather, ride through small towns and have people be afraid of him.”Harley exec, quoted in Results-Based Leadership

  32. “Club Med is more than just a ‘resort’; it’s a means of rediscovering oneself, of inventing an entirely new ‘me.’ ”Source: Jean-Marie Dru, Disruption

  33. Bob Lutz:“I see us as being in the art business. Art, entertainment and mobile sculpture, which, coincidentally, also happens to provide transportation.”Source: NYT 10.19.01

  34. The “Experience Ladder”Experiences ServicesGoods Raw Materials

  35. Message:“Experience” is the “Last 80%”P.S.: “Experience” applies to allwork!

  36. 5. And … the “Soul” of “Experiences” is … GUTSY DESIGN/ ADS.(Seriously Good Shit)

  37. All Equal Except …“At Sony we assume that all products of our competitors have basically the same technology, price, performance and features.Design is the only thing that differentiates one product from another in the marketplace.”Norio Ohga

  38. “We don’t have a good language to talk about this kind of thing. In most people’s vocabularies, design means veneer. … But to me, nothing could be further from the meaning of design. Design is the fundamentalsoul of a man-made creation.”Steve Jobs

  39. Object of Desire!“Every now and then, a designcomes along that radically changes the way we think about a particular object. Case in point: the iMac. Suddenly, a computer is no longer an anonymous box. It is a sculpture, an object of desire, something that you look at.”Katherine McCoy & Michael McCoy, Illinois Institute of Technology

  40. “Design is treated like a religion at BMW.”Fortune

  41. “The new Beetle fails at most categories. The only thing it doesn’t fail in is drop-dead charm.”Jerry Hirshberg, Nissan Design International

  42. “The good 10 percent of product design comes out of big-idea companies that don’t believe in talking to the customer. They're run by passionate maniacs who make everybody’s life miserable until they get what they want.”Bran Ferren, Applied Minds/Wired 1-2001

  43. “Today the problem is not how to produce more to sell more. The fundamental question is that of the product’s right to exist.And it is the designer’s right and duty to question the legitimacy of the product.”Philippe Starck

  44. Goal: Instill … “Strategic” “Design Mindfulness.”

  45. Message (?????): Men cannot design for women’s needs.

  46. “Today, 80 per cent of objects are unnecessarily macho. Yet it is plain: The intelligence of a truly modern society must be feminine. … Apart from a machine pistol, I can’t think of many objects which actually need to be extravagantly masculine.”Philippe Starck

  47. 6. Bottom line: The WOW Project.

  48. “Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.”Phil Daniels, Sydney exec

  49. “Let’s make a dent in the universe.”Steve Jobs

  50. The greatest dangerfor most of usis not that our aim istoo highand we miss it,but that it istoo lowand we reach it.Michelangelo