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revision. 1. go on strike 罢工; come to an end/ put an end to. 2. I can hardly remember any occasions when I got caught in a traffic jam in our town. 3. eat like a horse 胃口好 ; owe one’s success to 归功于. 4. Never in my life had I felt so happy and excited.

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Presentation Transcript

1. go on strike罢工; come to an end/ put an end to

2.I can hardly remember any occasions when I got caught in a traffic jam in our town.

3. eat like a horse胃口好; owe one’s success to归功于

4.Never in my life had I felt so happy and excited.

5. The expo site should be accessible from anywhere in the city of Shanghai within 90 minutes by bus. harmful to; do harm to

7. in the presence of sb 当某人的面;

8. show sympathy to; at a high cost

9. aggressive 侵略性的,grievance 不满,demanding


10. replace A with B “alternatives”

11.It’s no use doing sth; make oneself done

12. The driver seeing a tree lying across the road ahead, the bus was stopped.

13.Who do you think the boss would rather have write the report for him?

the boss would rather have sb do sth

14. Being criticized by the teacher // made him very sad.

15. He is said to have mastered English at the age of 10.

Sb be said to have done sth


1. 罢工___________________;

2.I can _________________ occasions _________.

3. 胃口好_________________;

4. 把成功归功于____________;

5. The expo site _____from ___within ____ by bus.

6. The driver ____________, the bus was stopped.

7. Who do you think ________________________?

8. _________ by the teacher // made him very sad.

9. He is said __________________ at the age of 10.


keep in contact with

[反] lose touch with sb\ be out of touch

2.different electronic devices; audio devices

3. drawback of (doing) sth / to (doing) sth…的不足

4.stick to one’s principles 恪守原则

5. [n] construction ; construction site, be under ~

6.without delay= immediately

delay doing sth=put off doing sth

7. ①make TV accessible to people

②Medicine should not be placed where it’s accessible to children.

③get/ have access to


8. see sth distributed throughout the country

[n] distribution population distribution人口分布

9.wind one’s way 蜿蜒向前

wind one’s arms around her waist 搂腰

wind (up) the clock 上发条

wind up the window 摇上窗户

10. electrical components

11.go digital

12. keep sth in storage [v] store

13.fore- “before”

foresee, forehead, forecast, forefinger


14.apply for a patent

15. make adaptations

[v] adapt

adapt the play for TV; adapt oneself to doing sth sceptical about/ that -clause


17. ample (adequate)

18.Her casual clothes were not suitable for the wedding ceremony.

19. medical insurance

20.It’s obvious that …


21. an all-round success/athlete

22.It only weighs five grams.

23. be suitable for/ be suitable to do sth

be suitably dressed

24. charge the battery

25. religious [n] religion

26. vote for/against sb 投票赞成/反对某人

vote on 投票表决

e.g. They vote on whether they’ll accept it.

27. reject an appeal 驳回上诉 [n] rejection


28. be opposed to doing sth

oppose doing sth

29. invalid [oppo]

30.whatever the circumstances 无论条件是

in/under normal circumstances 在正常条件下

under no circumstances 绝不

31. dial the wrong number

32. it’s typical of sb to sth 往往做某事 (tend to do)

33. Make sacrifices 做出牺牲 sacrifice sth for sb

e.g. My parents were forever reminding me of the

sacrifices they made to give me an education.


34. in stable/good/bad condition

35. rid sb of sth [v]

get rid of [adj]

e.g. Rid of bad habits, the boy switched from being

dependent on parents to making sacrifices for others.