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Espa ñ a

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  1. España Un Año de Festivales

  2. By: Ali Kavianian

  3. January 19th: Tombarrada de San Sebastian/ The San Sebastion Drum Festival • Location: Basque Country, Plaza de la Constitution and winds through all the barrios of the old city for the next 24 hours. • What happens: A march to deafening sounds of drums, as groups of drummers parade through the city on the night of the first day of the new year.

  4. Tamborrada continued.. • History:1720 a baker was filling water barrels from a fountain near the Iglesia de San Vicente. While filling the barrels he began to sing, and a group of young girls passing by started banging on the barrels as accompaniment. A crowd started to gather and this impromptu jam session evolved into the display offered today.

  5. Feb/March: Carnaval Tenerife • Location:Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the areas near the port where people dance to the sound of the best Salsa groups. • What Happens:During the twenty seven days of the carnivals, many important festivities are held such as the election of the Queen, competitions of street bands, processions events that blend "Caribean" and "European" into one colorful venture.Why:Last festival before Lent chance to consume and drink mass quantities of food.

  6. Spring: Romeria del Rocio Festival • Location: El Rocio • What happens: One-million people cover Donana- the national park/pilgrimage in Spain. Devotees of Virgen del Rocio – “Our Lady of the Dew” take part in a celebration involving religion and color. Picnic of tapas and wine. Riding horseback and carriages for 7-miles Camino de Huelva

  7. April 22-24:Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos • Location:Alicante, Valencia • What Happens: Soldier groups gather to carry out war (Berbers, Marrakesh, Mudéjares, Abencerrajes, Benimerines, Basque)…

  8. Moros Continued… Price and accuracy is no objective in this festival

  9. July 6th-14th San Fermine • Location:Pamplona • What Happens:mixture of the official and the popular, the religious and the profane, for local people and outsiders, the old and the new, order and chaos.

  10. San Fermin continued… • Religious Experience. -Harmony with the cult of bulls (symbolic animal) -and cult of Bacchus (god of wine) • Pamplona Referred to as the capital of happiness

  11. - Making the run on a drunken spree is totally out of order.- Be aware of what's going on around you. - Fan out when you run into the ring. -Don't attempt to touch the bulls.- Don't stand still during the run. - Don't try to catch the bulls' attention.- Should you trip up on the Run - Stay down.- Don't run behind the bulls.- Don't disturb the drovers and herders.- Don't carry anything on you when you run Official Guidelines for Running with the Bulls

  12. June 29th: Fiesta de Haro • Location:Riscos de Bilibio • What Happens: Though celebrations are summer long, people gather on this day to celebrate San Pedro and carry out their famous wine battles.

  13. August 3rd Romeria Vikinga • Location:Pontevedra, Galicia • What Happens:Simulation of Viking invasion of Torres de Oeste (Christian defended land) After “battle” everyone drinks red wine, from Ulla River, eats seafood for free, and dances.

  14. September: Fiesta de la Merce Location: Barcelona What happens: Catalan culture and mythology takes over the streets. Fire-breathing dragons, costumed devils, human pyramids, dance groups, orchestras, djs, and big bands cover the city.

  15. Fiesta de la Merce Continued • Carrefoc- a midnight train of dragons, eagles, and devils with a backdrop of fireworks. • Costumed Castellers try to build the tallest human tower possible. • Street theater, circus acts, dance troupes, and performing artists. • Residents swim across the harbor to take part in the kite display.

  16. Last Wednesday of Aug:La Tomatina • Location: Bunol • What Happens: 30,000 people, over 240,000 pounds of tomatoes one large food fight…!

  17. The End Thank You and Happy Voyages