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ConVirt. Build out your virtualized data center in the most flexible and cost effective way. By Sun Changhao. Introduction Comparisons Web Admin UI Architecture M echanism Highlights Performance Authorization Support. Overview. Three versions: Convirt Open Source

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  1. ConVirt Build out your virtualized data center in the most flexible and cost effective way By Sun Changhao

  2. Introduction • Comparisons • Web Admin UI • Architecture • Mechanism • Highlights • Performance • Authorization • Support Overview

  3. Three versions: • Convirt Open Source • ConvirtEnterprise • ConvirtEnterprise Cloud • Based on python and ajax • Support KVM and XEN • Non-agent management • SSH • Http/Https/XML-RPC ArsalanFarooq CEO & Founder Introduction JaydeepMarfatia EVP Engineering Founder

  4. Comparisons

  5. Web Admin UI

  6. ConVirt Open Source is built on a brand new, 3-tier, repository based architecture, delivering the scalability, security, and integration ability necessary to satisfy even the most demanding organizations. • Highly interactive Web interface • Data Repository • Scalable and reliable agent-less architecture • Multi-user administration Architecture

  7. ConVirtManagement Server(CMS) • Managed Server • Shared Storage • Shared Storage 01 • Managed Server 01 • CMS • Managed Server 03 Architecture • Managed Server 02

  8. CMS • ConVirt Service • MySQL service • Managed Server • Manage VM configurations • Manage VM disks • Storage • Mail Server • LDAP Server • Third Party Tools Mechanism

  9. Agentless control • CMS logs in on managed server by SSH • CMS invokes VM control commands • CMS collects Virtual Machine/Server/Sever Pool/DataCenter data and stores in MySQL on CMS • Remote console • CMS logs in on managed server by SSH • CMS invokes socat and establish connection • Client can view managed VM via remote console such as VNCetc. • Migration(detail in later slides) Mechanism

  10. Experiment environment • Monitoring • Configuration management • Template-based provisioning • Migration • Live migration • Normal migration • Administration • Management • Advanced automation and scalability features • High availability • Elastic storage and resources Highlights

  11. Experiment environment

  12. Monitoring

  13. Monitoring VM

  14. Monitoring VM

  15. Monitoring Server

  16. Monitoring Server

  17. Monitoring Server Pool

  18. Monitoring Server Pool

  19. Monitoring Datacenter

  20. VM Remote Console

  21. Configuration

  22. Configuration

  23. High configurability • Restricted elasticity* • View console support • Template-based provision Provision

  24. Provision

  25. Provision

  26. Provision

  27. Provision

  28. Normal migration • Live migration • Share VM disk via shared storage(NFS/iSCSI/AOE/..) • Connection between source and target servers • Transfer VM configuration and device information • Transfer VM memory • Suspend VM on source server • Restore VM on target server Migration

  29. Administration

  30. Management

  31. Advanced features are available in ConVirt Enterprise and ConVirt Enterprise Cloud • Such as: • Enhanced scalability • Alert and notification • High availability • Backup and recovery • VLAN integration • Storage automation • Dynamic workload management • Virtualized-to-Cloud conversion • Integration with Amazon EC2 • Virtual datacenter • … Advanced Features

  32. Company PC can provide 5+ VMs • CMS failover does not affect VMs • Network bottleneck • Better utilization of hardware • More green, and more economical Performance

  33. Performance

  34. ConVirt Open Source is a GNU GPL(General Public License) product, and can be downloaded and used free of charge • ConVirt Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud is authorized by installing licence on CMS servers. • A license guarantee one server with proper upgrade update and permanent use. • The price for ConVirt Enterprise is 1090$/(license). Authorization

  35. Community Support: free resources including online help, user documentation, installation manual, developer guide, HOWTOs and FAQs etc. on the free community forum. • Incident-based Support: a flexible, "pay-as-you-go" support option with a guaranteed initial response within 24 hours.. • The Gold Support Package: • Up to 30 incidents per year during the one-year period • Guaranteed initial response time of 24 hours • 12*5 phone support • 24*7 online support • Indemnification • Quick-Configtoolset • Maintenance, which includes all product patches and upgrades Support

  36. Q&A

  37. Thanks for your attention The End

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