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Welcome to the National University AMGEN Candidate Online Information Meeting. Please do the following:. 1. Be sure your speakers are on 2. Say hello in the chat window below 3. Tell us where you are from and what you teach. We will start shortly. National University.

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Welcome to the national university amgen candidate online information meeting

Welcome to the National University

AMGEN Candidate Online Information Meeting

Please do the following:

1. Be sure your speakers are on

2. Say hello in the chat window below

3. Tell us where you are from and what you teach.

We will start shortly

National university
National University

National Board Certification & Take One! Overview, AMGEN Support Options, and Degree Programs

Presented by

School of Education~

NBCT Professional Teaching and Leadership Development Center

Today s agenda
Today’s Agenda

  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: assessment, tools and processes, including Take One!

  • NU master's degree programs and graduate credit courses that integrate the National Board Certification tools and process

  • Candidate support offered through the National University Professional TeachingDevelopment Center for VENTURA county candidates

  • NU WAVE resources and access

Participating in today s session
Participating in Today’s Session

Type your questions in the chat window below

Preview the documents in the file share window below

About national university
About National University

  • Second largest, private, nonprofit university in California

  • Sixteenth largest private, not-for-profit university in the US

  • WASC regional accreditation; NCATE 2013

  • Multiple sites; headquarters in La Jolla, San Diego

  • 99 undergraduate and graduate degrees

  • Issues more teaching credentials in CA than any university, seven years running

  • NBCT Leadership Center (national outreach and support)

  • In Ventra—Oxnard Campus for NBCT Center Support

About the nu ptdc
About the NU-PTDC

  • Promote knowledge and use of National Standards for teachers and principals through outreach, recruitment and support of NB candidates

  • Access to scholarship and grants (AMGEN in Ventura)

  • Initiate and align with educational reforms and programs focused on effective teaching and teachers that increase student achievement

  • Develop partnerships and online collaboration (schools, IHEs, associations, organizations)

  • Increase NBCTs nationwide, NB STEM Master Teachers

We offer options
We Offer Options

1. Preparation for National Board Certification or Take

One! EMBEDDED in a master’s degree program

2. Graduate certificate for 5 NBC courses

3. Continuing education credits (CEUs) for up to 5 NBC courses

4. Online and on site support and guidance for National

Board Certification or Take One! (no fee/no credits)

5. VENTURA: Weekly support at the Oxnard NU Campus

Why amgen
WHY AMGEN $$$$???

  • AMGEN is a leading biotechnology company committed to science teaching excellence.

  • The Amgen Foundation is supporting Science teachers in AMGEN communities to pursue EXCELLENCE through NBCT candidacy (full candidacy and Take ONE in Ventura).

  • Science, Elementary and Special Ed Teachers are eligible.

Details up front
Details Up Front…

  • Instead of $2565 for full candidacy, VENTURA teachers pay $315 (Amgen and CA awards the rest) to NBPTS.

  • Instead of $395 for TAKE ONE! VENTURA teachers pay $100 to NBPTS

  • You must contact NUPTDC to be granted the AMGEN award, via request:

    Rae Adams, 858-642-8352; radams@nu.edu

What is national board certification
What Is National Board Certification?

  • A voluntary process established by NBPTS

  • Achieved through a rigorous, performance-based assessment aimed to measure what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do while demonstrating how their performances improve student achievement

  • An advanced credential that complements a state license

  • Three years of teaching experience required for candidacy

  • Open to all- public, private, charters


Nationally almost 100 000 nbcts


Nationally, Almost 100,000 NBCTs

California clear credential opportunity
California Clear Credential Opportunity

(SB) 941 was signed by Governor Brown toward the end of last year and is in effect as of January of this year:

Holders of Single Subject Credentials, or equivalent previously issued general education teaching credentials may add another content subject area to their credential based on National Board Certification (NBC) in the new subject area

Holders of Single Subject Credentials, or equivalent previously issued general education teaching credentials, may earn a Multiple Subject Credential based on NBC in Early Childhood (ages 3-8)/Generalist or Middle Childhood (ages 7-12)/Generalist

Holders of Multiple Subject Credentials, or equivalent previously issued general education teaching credentials, may earn a Single Subject Credential based on NBC in a single subject content area

State superintendent news
State Superintendent News

GREATNESS BY DESIGNReport: Supporting Outstanding Teaching to Sustain a Golden State (SEPT 8, 2012)

  • Provide STATE Incentive $$$ for NBCTs; compensation; leadership roles;

  • NBC recommendations, pgs. 26-27, 54, 69,75

    (access the report on our WAVE website with your password— www.nuptdc.org)

The research
The Research

  • Majority of studies indicate that National Board Certification makes a significantly positive impact on teacher performance and student learning, engagement and achievement

  • Teachers who pursue certification show significant improvement in their teaching practice, whether they achieve certification or not

  • All else being equal, teachers who had achieved National Board Certification helped their students achieve larger testing gains than did colleagues without the certification


Your performance is measured against nbpts tools and processes
YOUR performance is measured against NBPTS “tools” and processes.

  • NBPTS Core Propositions

  • NBCT certificate standards in (disciplinary fields)

  • Architecture of Accomplished Teaching

  • Portfolio Entries

    • Evidence of Impact on Students

    • Documentation

  • Assessment Center Exercises


Five core propositions
Five Core Propositions processes.

  • Teachers are committed to students and their learning.

  • Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students.

  • Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.

  • Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience.

  • Teachers are members of learning communities.


National board certificates
National Board Certificates processes.

  • Based on NATIONAL Standards

  • 16 subject areas (content areas)

  • Developmental ranges/ages

  • 25 Certificates


National board certificate areas
National Board Certificate Areas processes.


  • Early and Middle Childhood

  • Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood

    Career and Technical Education

  • Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood

    English as a New Language

  • Early and Middle Childhood 

  • Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood

    English Language Arts

  • Early Adolescence

  • Adolescence and Young Adulthood


National board certificate areas1
National Board Certificate Areas processes.

Exceptional Needs Specialist

  • Early Childhood through Young Adulthood


  • Early Childhood

  • Middle Childhood


  • Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood

    Library Media

  • Early Childhood through Young Adulthood

    Literacy: Reading – Language Arts

  • Early and Middle Childhood


National board certificate areas2
National Board Certificate Areas processes.


  • Early Adolescence

  • Adolescence and Young Adulthood


  • Early and Middle Childhood

  • Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood

    Physical Education

  • Early and Middle Childhood

  • Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood


National board certificate areas3
National Board Certificate Areas processes.

School Counseling

  • Early Childhood through Young Adulthood


  • Early Adolescence

  • Adolescence and Young Adulthood

    Social Studies – History

  • Early Adolescence

  • Adolescence and Young Adulthood

    World Languages Other than English

  • Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood


Developmental levels
Developmental Levels processes.

  • Early Childhood  (Ages 3-8)

  • Middle Childhood  (Ages 7-12)

  • Early & Middle Childhood  (Ages 3-12)

  • Early Childhood through Young Adulthood  (Ages 3-18+)

  • Early Adolescence  (Ages 11-15)

  • Adolescence and Young Adulthood  (Ages 14-18+)

  • Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood (Ages 11-18+)


The portfolio
The Portfolio processes.

  • 4 “entries” (exercises)

  • Direct evidence of teaching performance is documented

  • Direct evidence of your work beyond the classroom is documented

  • Each entry is 12-15 pages, double spaced in length

  • Due March 31st each year


Portfolio requirements
Portfolio Requirements processes.

Entry 1: Sequence of lessons that reflect topic of study; emphasis on how you ASSESS student learning (follow 2 students)


Portfolio requirements1
Portfolio Requirements processes.

Entry 2: Video ENGAGEMENT in learning

(YOU with whole group)

Entry 3: Video ENGAGEMENT in learning (student to student—small group)


Portfolio requirements2
Portfolio Requirements processes.

Entry 4: PROFESSIONAL contributions—with families/communities, as a learner, and as a leader/collaborator


Assessment center
Assessment Center processes.

  • Six exercises-subject matter

  • 30 minutes to respond to each exercise

  • Administered at computer centers

  • Prepare for assessment center after the portfolio is completed

  • Complete by June each year


Scoring processes.

  • Ten weighted scores

    • 4 portfolio entries

    • 6 assessment center prompts

    • Rubrics

    • Scored by peers

    • 275 points needed to reach certification

  • You may “bank” scores for two years and retake entries for a fee

  • BANK Take One score for two years and use later.


Take one slice of nb process
TAKE ONE! “ processes.Slice” of NB Process

Designed and authored by Rae Adams, 2010

Welcome to the national university amgen candidate online information meeting

TAKE ONE! processes.Requirements

  • Complete one of the preselected video-based entries for your certificate area

  • No three-year experience requirement!

  • Very manageable to complete ONE exercise over a 3-

  • 7 month timeline

  • Submit your Take One! entry by April 15

  • This Entry can serve for credit in the NBC 682 course

  • for the master’s degree

  • * NUPTDC Take One Together (TOT)- groups of 10, explicit alignment with Common Core and NB Entry

Timeline? processes.

  • YOUR journey, YOUR pace, but….

  • Sept – Download materials/organize/read

  • Oct -- Preview All entries; Focus on Entry 4 and LEAN into Entry 2 and 3 ( pre planning)

  • Nov/Dec -- Complete Entry 2 and 3?

  • Jan/Feb--Complete Entry 1?

  • March– REVISE, submit by March 31.

Welcome to the national university amgen candidate online information meeting

First Things, First!: Go to NBPTS.org to explore the processes.ASSESSMENT at a GLANCE,  certificate fields that  we discussed ( science, special needs and generalists) in order to determine the best fit for you and the students you are currently serving ( or have access to serve).


Use the drop down menu to select a certificate to view. This short version will describe the standards, prompts etc., and serves to help you to make a good decision about the one you select for the year long process.  If you need help, call me

  Review the eligibility criteria  http://www.nbpts.org/become_a_candidate/eligibility_policies.

Download the Guidebook for 2012-13 ( PDF) and the Verification Forms Packet (PDF) to your desktop

Review the payment options http://www.nbpts.org/become_a_candidate/fees_financial_support/methods_of_payment.

  Review the MY Profile page https://nbptssys.nbpts.org/nbric/ in anticipation of applying.

NEXT? Start downloading these to your desktop for downloading later:

Portfolio Instructions, 1 and 2; Standards; Scoring Guide, Evidence Guidelines

Access the wave amgen cohort
Access the WAVE (AMGEN Cohort) processes.

  • Science Candidate Group

  • EC Generalist Group

  • MC Generalist Group

    Examples of resources already downloaded for you: standards, instructions, evidence guidelines, research articles, related resources, videos, samples, templates, etc.

Welcome to the national university amgen candidate online information meeting

AMGEN for Ventura Candidates processes.

  • $1250 from CA; $1000 from AMGEN

  • $315 out of pocket for the applicant ($100 for Take One)

  • Request AMGEN scholarship from National University NBCT Center to trigger the registration process on the NBPTS site, “Apply Now” steps.


Good news
Good News! processes.

Support and parallel experiences are offered to you through National University’s

Professional Teaching and Leadership Development Center (NUPTDC)

Nu oxnard campus new
NU Oxnard Campus (new) processes.

  • Room 506 (Ocean View)!

  • 9:30-1:30 (light snacks) monthly Saturday

  • Request weekday session (4-7)

  • Access to printer, technology, each other

  • Schedule to post on the WAVE

  • October 20, next meeting

  • Lynz Mullaney is NU NBCT Ventura Liaison. 

Support options free and differentiated for you
Support Options- FREE and Differentiated for YOU processes.

  • Online and face-to-face NB candidate orientation and support by NBCT coaches

  • Webinars, podcasts & other certificate specific resources

  • Virtual support environment; monthly onsite meetings.

  • One to One appointments

Here s how we marry nu nb
Here’s How We MARRY NU-NB processes.

  • Face-to-face and online candidate support

  • Graduate credit opportunities

Master s degree options
Master’s Degree Options processes.

  • Master of Arts in Teaching with NBC Teacher Leadership Specialization (all states)

  • Master of Science in Instructional Leadership-NBC Leadership (CA)

  • All NBC courses contribute content for the portfolio which serves as thesis

  • NB TAKE ONE! course equivalent, NBC682.

About the courses
About the Courses processes.

  • Ten courses, one month each

  • 4.5 quarter units each (=3 semester units)

  • Online delivery—24/7 access

  • Financial aid available (FAFSA)

  • First course = $550 (NB1201X)

  • Nine courses @ $1674 per course (current tuition)

  • With 15 students, a 15% reduction is applied on current tuition (Nevada =20% with 12 students)

Nbc courses 5
NBC Courses ( 5 ) processes.

  • NBC 1201x Measuring and Informing Quality

    Instruction, Teaching and Leadership (overview)

  • NBC 681 Teaching, Learning, & Membership in

    Learning Communities Entry 4

  • NBC 682 Evidence of Student Learning, A: Entry 2 or 3

  • NBC 683 Evidence of Student Learning, B: Entry 1

  • NBC 639 Accomplished Teacher-Leadership

    Portfolio Capstone Project (thesis)

Master of arts in teaching core courses mat
Master of Arts in Teaching CORE Courses (MAT) processes.

  • EDT 612 Curriculum and Design Using Technology

  • MAT 641 Cultural Democracy/Social Pluralism

  • MAT 642 Program Design and Curriculum Theory

  • MAT 643 Models of Teaching Applications and


  • MAT 644 Foundations and Principlesof Curriculum

Master of science in instructional leadership core courses msil
Master of Science in Instructional Leadership CORE Courses (MSIL)

  • EDA 614 Educational Leadership Today

  • EDA 618 School Law and Ethics

  • EDA 624 Supervision of Instruction

  • EDA 625 Technology and Data Analysis

  • EDA 626 Human Resources and Diversity

After earning the ms degree you may want to earn the tier i ca administrative license
After earning the (MSIL)MS Degree, you may want to earn the Tier I CA administrative license

Three additional required courses =

  • EDA 619

  • EDA 620

  • EDA 628

About our nb master s cohorts
About our NB MASTER’s Cohorts (MSIL)

  • Groups of 12 or more in one program

  • Online delivery with optional site meetings

  • NBCT adjunct faculty

  • Schedules are pre-determined to align with pacing and submission timelines for NB portfolio work

  • Access to additional online support

  • Job embedded action research

What are the advantages
What Are the Advantages? (MSIL)

  • Convenient--fit your coursework around your schedule thanks to online format

  • Meaningful and relevant--coursework is all about YOUR teaching and YOUR classroom

  • Sophisticated and engaging coursework--interactive, multimedia presentation of content

  • Accelerated--finish your degree in approximately one year

About the degree timelines
About the Degree Timelines (MSIL)

  • Complete and submit the NU graduate application-$60 fee

  • An NU admissions advisor will enroll you

  • Prepare your financial aid application and access transcripts

  • After enrollment is completed and all courses are scheduled, send your FAFSA forward

  • Start classes(with no payment) while your aid is being processed

  • Prepare to access your first course in OCTOBER!

Clear communication summary
CLEAR Communication Summary (MSIL)

  • National University employs National Board Certified Teachers to teach courses that require knowledge of the NB standards, evidence based inquiry process, and assessment of teaching and learning performances

  • The ten, one month courses in the degree program are carefully scheduled to parallel National Board timelines and requirements which benefits students who choose to be active NB candidates as they produce the portfolio during program of study

  • National University is separate from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, but clearly associated with the standards, tools, resources and assessments

  • National University does NOT certify students as NBCTs

  • National University will assist and support active NB candidates who want to submit a portfolio or TAKE ONE to the NBPTS for scoring

Are you are ready
Are you are ready? (MSIL)

  • Go towww.nuptdc.org

  • Go to the Graduate Programs tab

  • Select “Join a Cohort”

  • Follow the four steps for enrollment outlined on this page

  • October application deadline is September 26!

    Email Rae Adams, ASAP to link to get enrollment steps

Ventura and los angeles county
Ventura and Los Angeles County (MSIL)

  • AMGEN scholarships are available, first come, first served for TEACHERS OF SCIENCE.

  • ACCESS on this site—Link to AMGEN cohort

  • You do NOT have to be a Master’s degree student to earn this scholarship!

  • Contact Rae Adams, NUPTDC Director for additional details: radams@nu.edu

Work smart increase your effectiveness

It is our passion to serve you on your accomplished teaching, learning and leadership journey!