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Welcome. Prepared by. Nurul Islam Assistant Teacher (Computer) Eidgah Adarsha Shiksha Niketon . Sadar , Cox;s Bazar Master Trainer, Bangladesh Computer Council ENGLISH 1 ST PAPER. Class IX. 45 Minutes. Learning Outcomes :.

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    1. Welcome Prepared by Nurul Islam Assistant Teacher (Computer) EidgahAdarshaShikshaNiketon. Sadar, Cox;sBazar Master Trainer, Bangladesh Computer Council

    2. ENGLISH 1ST PAPER Class IX 45 Minutes

    3. Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson students will able to— -- read an article on junk food and answer questions. -- match food ingredients with the pictures. -- fill up gaps on junk food usingthe clues given. -- write a paragraph describing the bad features of junk food.

    4. What can you see in the pictures ?

    5. Unit 6, Lesson 4 Page 63

    6. Vocabulary A spicy taste The chicken curry tasted pungent with a lot of chilly in it. Pungent - Sparkling If you open a bottle of fizzy drink you see a lot of bubbles coming out. Fizzy -

    7. Vocabulary a kind of lemon drink. Lemonade- He used to take a bottle of lemonade after lunch. elements of nutrition Nutrient - Beef burger doesn’t have many nutrient in it.

    8. Go through the passage written on Junk Food and try to answer the following questions What does junk food contain? What does it lack? What does homemade food contain?

    9. Junk food is... a kind of food that we eat for their tastebutnot for the food value OOh ! Yammy...!

    10. Soft drink and fizzy drinks are junk food.

    11. Junkfood usually contains animal fat and sugar.

    12. The sugar in junk food harms teeth and skin

    13. Junk food lacks vitamins and minerals

    14. Homemade food is--- the food made at home. Homemade food contains a healthy balance of nutrients.

    15. Pair Work Put the name of food in the appropriate box

    16. Fill in the blanks with the following words added tasty high animal damage Junk food is --------but it is harmful for health. Various kinds of chemicals are -------- in these foods. It contains a lot of -------- fat or sugar. Sweets and fizzy drinks are ------- in sugar. A large amount of sugar can ----------- our teeth and skin.

    17. Now think! Which food will you decide to eat...?

    18. Home work Write a paragraph in about 70-80 words on Junk Food pointing out why one should not eat junk food. Hints: JUNK FOOD * Harms …………. * Damages……… * Lacks…………….