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Mitel Powerpoint Template PowerPoint Presentation
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Mitel Powerpoint Template

Mitel Powerpoint Template

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Mitel Powerpoint Template

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  1. MitelPowerpoint Template Subtitle Presenter Title Month 2015

  2. MitelSimple Title Slide Subtitle Presenter Title Month 2015

  3. Agenda • Agenda slide bullet 1 (Arial, 17pt, avoid sub bullets on the AGENDA slide) • Agenda slide bullet 2 • Agenda slide bullet 3

  4. Slide Layout • Having too much text on a screen can defeat the purpose of using PowerPoint. • The slides begin to look like a jumble of text, making slides difficult to read and unrecognizable from each other. People will try read everything or copy everything down, or they will quickly lose interest. • List only the key points. If you have more info you wish to include, you can quickly create handoutsusing PowerPoint.

  5. Organizing Your Presentation • Create slides that focus on the points you want people to remember.  This sounds silly, but in reality it isn't done very often.  Use each slide to drive home ONE point - the bullet points should reinforce this one point. • Remember that people can't read and listen at the same time. Plan your slides and talk accordingly. • Define all acronyms (DAA). • People usually speak at a rate of about 2-3 minutes per slide. If you have 30 slides to give in 15 minutes, you aren’t going make it. • Don’t use all caps. • Don’t include a “Thank You” page.

  6. SectionHeader

  7. Color • As files get shared, sometimes the default colors change. To be sure you’re staying true to the brand guidelines, ensure these colors are used in your template. If unsure, please refer to the Mitel Brand Guidelines PDF. Rules: • Punches of color can be used in typography and/or photography, but never in excess (use color as an accent). • Do not use screens or gradients. R21G50 B95 R65G173 B73 R255G115 B0 R255G255B255 R190 G217 B237 R53G203B218 R110 G32 B160 R0 G161 B224 R128G130 B133

  8. Sample Slide with Text and Visuals • Tip: Slides with a lot of text, place text along the left of the slide with visuals on the right • Product description goes here • Product features • Feature one • Feature two • Feature three • Feature four • Product integration • Product support

  9. Graphs • TIP: If chart is very detailed, keep it front and center. If additional text is required, please advance to a new slide. To have both on one slide makes text and visual difficult to read. Best to separate it out over two slides. • When creating bar charts, do not use 3D effects or shading. Use solid fill colors.

  10. Graphs • Pie charts, no 3D effect or shading. Use solid fill colors

  11. Graphs and Text • Spotlight the graph to the left with descriptive text in this space • With more bullet points, shift this text box up/down so that it looks center to the graph

  12. “Quote slide, Arial 54pt, mixed case.” Reference

  13. #Mitel