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community house middle school


Note cards are for parent questions that arise during the presentation. We will attempt to answer as many as we can during this evening. If your question is not answered, please put your email on the note card and drop your card in the basket at the end of the evening.


You’re A Middle School Student Starting Today 

Mom and Dad….Stop Worrying….

At CHMS, we are a TEAM. Everyone is working together to create a successful experience for your child and you.

did you know
Did You Know…

Community House ranks third among ALL Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (second among middle schools) in growth composite.

Community House ranks fifth among all middle schools in the state of North Carolina for growth composite.

100% of the CHMS teachers met or exceeded growth expectations on all state assessments.

Community House has more students identified for the Duke TIP program than any other school in the state.

Community House has award-winning Fine Arts, Chess, OM, Math Counts and Science-Olympiad programs.

student demographics
Student Demographics
  • 1658 Students
  • Approx. 16% ED
  • 62.5 % White
  • 13.4 % African American
  • 10.6 % Hispanic
  • 14.4% Asian

Growing daily…..

a current day at chms 9 15am 4 15pm before and after school will have programs at chms
A Current Day at CHMS9:15am – 4:15pm **Before and After-School will have programs at CHMS
  • Arrival - Do not drop off prior to 8:45am
  • Lockers
  • First Block – Academics - tardy if not seated in class at 9:15am
  • Second Block – Academics
  • Lunch
  • Third Block – Core
  • Fourth Block - Electives
  • Enrichment**

**We are currently exploring scheduling options with our SLT and it is possible that there will be adjustments

block schedule
  • Students take 4 core classes per year: Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies.
  • Students take 4 semesters of electives per year. They rotate on an A-Day/B-Day basis. All students take PE/Health for a semester.
chms is so big will my child get support
CHMS Is So Big…Will My Child Get Support?
  • Team/Community Approach
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Grade Level Administrators
  • Ambassadors
  • Welcome Week
  • Tutoring
chms is so big will my child have fun
Athletic Events **

Academic Competitions

Middle School Madness (YMCA)


Team Spirit Week

Grade Level Celebrations

Club Opportunities

CHMS Is So Big…Will My Child Have Fun?
some current clubs at chms
Some Current Clubs at CHMS
  • Art Club-Ms. Bell
  • Battle of the Books – Mrs. Landis, Mrs. Wormick

Beta Club – Alison Drake

Blanket Blessings- Mrs. Carey

  • Cavalier Crusaders- Christy Babao
  • Chess Club – Parent – Deborah Reicht –
  • First Priority- Mrs. Dollinger
  • Magic the Gathering-Mrs. Dollinger
  • Math Counts – Lance Kanter
  • National Academic League – Bruce Schulman
  • National Junior Honor Society – Christy Babao (students are extended invitations after 2nd quarter of 7th grade, please see wiki link on CHMS website for more information)
  • Odyssey of the Mind – Parents
  • Programming Club – Keith Bennett
  • Running Club – Abbey Fernengel
  • Rugby Club – Jeff Smith
  • Sack Attack- Mr. Mathew
  • Science Olympiad – Dana Frank

Lego Robotics Club – Mrs. Watkins

  • WCHM- Robin Williams
  • Writing Club-Ms. Howard
chms is so big will my child be safe
CHMS Is So Big...Will My Child Be Safe?
  • CSA and SRO monitor/circulate the halls and villas
  • Grade Level Hallways
  • All staff and students are required to wear ID badges
  • Visible Administrators
  • Full time Nurse and 3 Trained First Responders
  • All Visitors Must Sign In and Receive a Photo Badge
  • Parents Must Show ID when Picking Up a Child
  • No tolerance for bullying…including cyber-bullying
let s talk about cyber behavior
Let’s Talk About Cyber-Behavior
  • One of our biggest behavior challenges results from Social Media. Mom and dad, are you familiar with:
    • Twitter
    • Instagram and Snapchat
    • KIK
    • Vine

**We will host Teens and Technology sessions in the fall. Your attendance is highly recommended

will the children be held to high behavior standards
Will the Children Be Held to High Behavior Standards?
  • School-Wide Discipline Plan – Team Sheets
  • Rights and Responsibilities Handbook enforced consistently
  • Dress Code
  • Cell Phone/Electronics Policy** (BYOT)
  • Tardy Policy
  • No Exceptions
chms is so big how will i know what is going on
CHMS Is So Big…How Will I Know What Is Going On?
  • Every Friday, we publish a newsletter highlighting the events in our school – The Community House Courier
  • It will be emailed to you. Sign up for our listserv now…Link on the Website (School Resources…CHMS Courier Sign Up). You can begin getting these sent to you NOW 
  • All teachers are required to have a webpage where class information is updated weekly.

Questions from Rising 6th graders answered by our current 8th grade Ambassadors…

let s get to the good stuff and debunk some myths
Let’s Get to the Good Stuff…and “Debunk” some Myths
  • How do I get in Honors? I heard it is only EOG score? That means my child is tracked beginning in 6th grade!
  • But my child is TD…he/she should be in a separate class.
  • My 5th grade teacher did not recommend Honors and we need to meet about this.
  • I heard my child must be in Honors so he’s not behind in high school math.
  • I don’t want my child in class with “those kinds of kids.”
  • I heard you don’t want to get Ms. So and So…
  • I heard you don’t always get the electives you want.
How Do I Select Academic Courses?All courses follow the Common Core State Standards (
  • Levels of Math -All students will follow the Common Core Standards as this curriculum is the foundation for all higher level courses.
    • Honors Math 6 – This course will follow the CCSS for 6th and 7th grade standards. Strong mathematical literacy and fluency is a pre-requisite as the pacing will be more rapid than the standard course, allowing acceleration into 7th grade content.
    • Math 6 – This course will follow the CCSS, use a variety of resources and texts to support the curriculum, and supplement as needed based on individual progress within the classroom.
    • The new standards require a large amount of critical thinking, mathematical reasoning and written explanation of conceptual understanding.
    • If your child struggles with reading comprehension and written expression, you may want to consider Math 6 as the pacing will provide ample time for your child to build on these skills.
    • Schedule changes can rarely be accommodated once the school year begins.
    • See handout for further information on Math trajectory.
how do i select academic courses
How Do I Select Academic Courses?
  • Language Arts
  • All of our language arts classes use the full Pre-AP SpringBoard curriculum to supplement the CCSS. Within this program, individual student needs are targeted through changes in content, process and/or product. For example, reading material is differentiated based upon each student’s scale score (EOG) and lexile level. Additionally, all students are immersed in a comprehensive vocabulary program grounded in the study of Greek and Latin roots as they apply to an overall understanding of language. This program is also differentiated according to student need and readiness. All language arts classes are taught at an honors level with the understanding that a portion of our students may need additional support throughout the school year.
  • The courses with the “Honors” title use the top tier of lexile levels when assigning novels and other texts. While there is some variance within these tiers, students in an Honors LA course will be assigned more complex and challenging texts that typically fall in the 1000+ lexile range. Please be aware that this can sometimes bring increased maturity in themes**
how do i choose honors or standard
How Do I Choose Honors or Standard?
  • Use the handout of course descriptions.
  • Consider your child’s standardized test scores, classroom performance, and work ethic.
  • Talk with your child’s current teacher…what does he/she see on a daily basis in the classroom?
  • Parent will have final decision as we are using open access philosophy…use the data…set your child on the right path.
  • Signature on the registration card is acknowledgement of the course you desire and your understanding that there will be no schedule changes.
  • **We will permit changes in June should your EOG data indicate the need for a different level. Please email Ms. Brooks if this is the case.
how do i select academic courses1
How Do I Select Academic Courses?
  • All Students take Science and Social Studies which are NOT leveled. Teachers differentiate within the classroom to meet individual needs for acceleration/remediation. These two courses generally provide the biggest “discomfort” for 6th grade students during the first grading period.
  • All Students take Health/PE for one semester. Students must wear CHMS gym uniform for PE which is purchased through the Athletic Booster Club in August.
how do i select electives
How Do I Select Electives?
  • You may select 3 semesters of electives (PE is the 4th).
  • You may either choose 3 semester courses OR one year and one semester course.
    • If your child wants Band or Orchestra, he/she will select that plus ONE other course
    • If your child DOES NOT want Band/Orchestra, he/she will choose three semester courses.
    • Must complete an Instrument Permission Form
    • No guarantees of instrument
    • All music students will meet with the band or orchestra teacher before school begins for instrument assignment purposes
how do i select electives1
How Do I Select Electives?
  • Art Wheels
    • One Wheel is 9 weeks of Dance and 9 weeks of Chorus (performing arts)
    • Other Wheel is 9 weeks of Drama and 9 weeks of Art (visual arts)
        • In 7th and 8th grades, these courses are all separate. The wheel gives them a chance to explore a little of everything to see what they enjoy
        • A child may take BOTH arts wheels; this would equal two choices
how do i select electives2
How Do I Select Electives?
  • Foreign Language Wheel
    • This course is exploratory and is 9 weeks of Spanish and 9 weeks of French.
    • It is NOT a pre-requisite for the 7/8 grade course nor does it guarantee a seat in 7/8 grade language.
    • Foreign Language is NOT a middle school necessity. **There are implications for taking MS foreign language.
how do i select electives3
How Do I Select Electives?
  • Computer Apps I will focus on Word Processing and Digital Literacy
  • Exploring Careers STEM will look at careers within the science, technology, engineering and math fields. Each of these Computer courses may only be taken ONCE in MS.
  • Journalism will explore creative writing, news writing and will assist in publishing a school newspaper
  • Be certain to select alternate choices as elective placement is not guaranteed.
  • **All classes subject to change based on staffing - 2014/2015 Budget constraints.
  • Registration cards due March 5. Select carefully as we do not do schedule changes. We also do not take teacher requests.
questions about the process
Questions About the Process??
  • For questions specific to your child, please use the note cards and include your name and contact information and someone will be in touch with you soon.
  • We will post this presentation on our web site.
a few last notes
A Few Last Notes…

T dap Immunization

There will be another Open House in the summer where you will get to meet your teachers, learn more specifics, buy PE uniforms and required readings…school spirit wear 

Be looking for summer assignments…they are required!

Booster club/PTO

Informal Touring

welcome to community house middle school



We Are Glad You Are Part Of Our Team!