bald eagles and other things n.
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Bald eagles and other things

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Bald eagles and other things - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bald eagles and other things. Another amazing powerpoint extrordanaire by ben trumbull. Brown bears live throughout canada and the us. Brown bears called grizzles are protected unless they attack you.

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bald eagles and other things

Bald eagles and other things

Another amazing powerpointextrordanaire by bentrumbull

Brown bears live throughout canada and the us. Brown bears called grizzles are protected unless they attack you
Gray wolves wres hunted so much that they almost became extinct.but now the government protects them.

The gray wolves hunt in packs and are very sophistacated killers . they live in most of north America, Asia and europe


Koalas have rough pads and sharp claws to help them climb trees.their rough paws also serve as grooming people koalas have fingerprints.

Size:70-90 cmWeight: 4 - 9kg Southern koalas are 30% larger than the Northern koalas koalassceintificname:phascolarctoscinerus

shrews poison does not affect humans
Shrews poison does not affect humans!
  • Shrews have poison in their teeth wich works like botox for plastic surgery.

Their diet consists of earth worms to mice.shrews paralyze their victims with their poison.


Voles live along the river

And eat fish and frogs and a variety of insects.voles live everywhere in the world this chinese vole lives in china.

cutey kitty
Cutey kitty

The oridanary

House cat was and is a natural hunter these cats might look cute and cuddly but they are evil inside…..

Cutey kitty

Cutey kitty

34-40cm long this stoat leaves no mess after killing its prey.knawed bird carcasses and smashed bird eggs are rat tracks.
rats live in places all over the world
Rats live in places all over the world

Rats will eat everything from roots to meat to garbage. Rats are often misunderstood as pests but when you think about it they keep lizards and birds from overpopulating your garden.


Weasels have been the family pet 500 years before cats and dogs.

Phylum chordata

Class mammalia

Order carnivora

Family mustelidae

Subfamily mustelinae

This star nosed mole uses it star like nose to suck up earth worms(fast food)it is about the size of the family cat.

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