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Strip Story

Strip Story

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Strip Story

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  1. Strip Story Rearrange the slides so that the story flows coherently

  2. Corinne, his mother, watched him sadly. She had just been telling Isaac a story about a boy named David who fought a giant. She had tried to explain that David had overcome the giant by his bravery. Isaac didn’t seem to understand. To him, even facing a giant was preferable to facing the sounds of the insects that overloaded his senses.

  3. Tentatively he peeked out the door, scanning the horizon. "So far so good," he thought. No bugs. He boarded his scooter timidly and took off. Immediately he was bombarded with a loud whirring and humming in his ear. Shrieking, he flung himself to the ground and awaited an attack by the insects.

  4. Isaac mounted his scooter a little more bravely. At least he had armour and a sword. He rode out, his heart pounding in his chest. Sure enough a bee started to buzz menacingly in the tree above him. He felt his skin turn clammy. Ok, according to his mom there was a scare giant. Though he couldn’t see it like in the story, it was there and it was shouting. He looked at his mom and she was telling him to say the words. He brandished his sword with one hand, his finger in his other ear and muttered. “You’re just a bug. I’m not afraid of you. Go away bug or I’ll cut you in two”. He felt a little better and the buzzing seemed to stop. A mosquito was the next to pounce. He brandished his sword a little more vigorously and actually made it go away. It returned diving at his ears, its sinister whine rattling his eardrums. He hit it with his sword again. The mosquito retreated, stunned. He fought that mosquito and every bug that came within reach till the sweat ran down his face. With a menacing scowl he mounted his scooter with a swagger that befit a warrior, daring any bugs or scare giants to frighten him again.

  5. Isaac was afraid of insects, all kinds of insects. He was faced with two choices. He could either stay inside the house all day every day or go outside and face the terrifying noises of the insects; mosquitoes humming and bees that buzzed at every flower. He thought over his options on the playground carefully. There were swings that carried you to the sky, and best of all, he could ride his scooter which was equipped with his space helmet. At least it was fast and he could hope to fly past the alien invaders and their cruel sounds and threats to overcome him.

  6. Then she had an idea. She had bought him a set of toy armour. She decided to make him the character in his own giant story. It was called Isaac and the Scare Giant, about a boy who was tormented by a giant who jumped out every time the boy was afraid and turned him into stone. The boy won however because he made the giant disappear by saying some magic words and by swinging his sword. When the story was finished Corinne taught the magic words to Isaac and sent him out to play.