college of chemistry advisory board meeting october 24 2011
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College of Chemistry Advisory Board Meeting October 24,2011

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College of Chemistry Advisory Board Meeting October 24,2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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College of Chemistry Advisory Board Meeting October 24,2011. College of Chemistry University of California, Berkeley. The State of the College Dean Richard A. Mathies. Berkeley’s expenditures have grown to ~$2 billion. UC Berkeley Revenues for Core Activities.

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college of chemistry advisory board meeting october 24 2011
College of Chemistry Advisory Board Meeting October 24,2011

College of ChemistryUniversity of California, Berkeley

The State of the College

Dean Richard A. Mathies

Berkeley’s expenditures have grown to ~$2 billion

UC Berkeley Revenues for Core Activities

Revenue sources have changed drastically

0 200 400 600

0 200 400 600

0 200 400 600

State Support in FY 2011-2012 is only 11% of Berkeley expenditures

Revenue Sources for Student Education

Since 1990, the state's contribution to educating each UC student decreased by 51% in inflation-adjusted dollars. The share students pay has more than tripled since 1990.

Per Student Average Expenditures for UC Education

State Funding for UC Berkeley is dropping

UC Berkeley’s share of state funding continues to decline…

Summary of budget cuts and our strategy
  • Budget Cuts:
  • Initial $500 M cut for FY 2011-12 equates to a $75 M cut to UCB
  • Unfunded cost increases are $40 M in additional expenses (pensions, utilities…)
  • $150 M UC cut in “budget deal” results in $25 M cut to UCB
  • Mid-year 2011 triggered cuts of $100M will result in $15 M to UCB
  • Revised annual funding gap is ~$150 M at UC Berkeley
  • Strategy:
  • Campus plan is to fill the gap by spending carry-over funds to bridge to a time when OE gives more efficient operation.
  • Carry-over tax to College is $600,000 this year but my fully unrestricted funds only amount to ~$3.0 M with annual expenditures of ~$1.5 M.
  • Therefore these temporary cuts are being covered by a combination of previous and current operational balances to maintain prudent reserves.
Student demand is increasing in Chemistry

UG Chem

UG ChemE


UG Chem Bio Majors

UG Chem Majors


Faculty and Staff Head Count

College of Chemistry Faculty

GSIs and Lecturers

Non-Academic Staff

State Funds

Sponsored Activities

Recharge Patent Royalty

Gifts & Endowments

Funding Sources for College Activities

Faculty Demographics

Caucasian Women

Caucasian Men

Asian Women

Asian Men

AA, NA & H Women

AA, NA & H Men

College Highlights in 2010-2011
  • Chemical Sciences Laboratories for the 21st Century
    • Second Chem 4 lab renovated for Fall instruction
    • Proposal for complete renovation to Dow Foundation
  • 2. Four New Faculty Hires Completed
  • Felix R. Fisher (C)
  • John F. Hartwig (C)
  • Anne M. Baranger (C)
  • Wenjun Zhang (CBE)
  • 3. On-line Chem W1A Instruction
    • Chem W1A delivered in Summer 2011
    • UCOE (University of California Online Education) Project funded to continue project
  • 4. Chemistry Departmental External Review
  • Chair Dan Neumark hosts external review committee
Interdisciplinary Highlights 2010-2011
  • Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry
    • Inaugural Philomathia Foundation Conference held March 24, 2011
  • 2. DTSC funding received to develop green lab curriculum
  • Joint effort by College of Chemistry and School of
  • Public Health
  • 3. Synthetic Biology Institute Launch
    • Inaugural SBI forum held on April 25, 2011
    • First Industrial Partner joins: Agilent Technologies
  • 4. Executive Education and Leadership Program
    • Inaugural June workshop (May 16-18, 2011): "Sustainable Leadership in Chemical-Intensive Supply Chains”
    • Pilot program sponsored by Dow
International Outreach Activities 2010-2011
  • 1. In June, visited Hebei University (Beijing), Suzhou Industrial Park and USTC outside Shanghai, and Sichuan University in Chengdu.
  • Newly developed UCB-Hebei agreement will support up to 10 graduate fellowships for Chinese students.
  • SIP-USTC visit for signing collaborative agreement between CoC and USTC to foster research and instruction in nanotechnology.
  • 2. In September visited USTC for dedication ceremony.
  • USTC - Berkeley Joint Nano Science and Technology Institute officially dedicated at USTC with a ceremony including top NIS, USTC, and SIP officials.
  • 3.5th Biannual World Science Forum, Budapest, Nov. 17-19, 2011
  • Main theme: "The Changing Landscape of Science”
  • Dean Mathies will present a talk entitled “The Greening of Chemistry”.
College of Chemistry - Suzhou Agreement
  • Agreement emphasis: Training and instruction in nanotechnology
    • 9+ grad student fellowships for qualified Chinese Ph.D. students
    • $250,000 for fellowship support per year, for five years
    • Berkeley faculty to help set up and deliver instructional programs at USTC in nanotechnology-related fields
    • Agreement facilitated by UCB chemistry Professor Peidong Yang, a graduate of USTC
UC Berkeley – Suzhou Collaboration

A Collaboration Advancing Nanoscience and Nanotechnology



Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics


UC Berkeley

College of Chemistry




Operational Excellence in the College

2010: Organizational Simplification – Reorganize andreduce supervisory positions to reduce layers and increase spans of control. Supervisors reduced from 25 to 17, spans increased from 4.5 to 6.1, 3 positions eliminated via retirements, salary cost savings $316K.

  • 2011: College of Chemistry reorganized computer Desktop Support:
    • New Model combines two new technologies: Remote Desktop Technology and Patch-Management System (Big Fix)
    • Fixed monthly fee per FTE (regardless of number of computers)
    • Provides a basic suite of software, telephone support and software-updating
    • 2 IT technicians will be able to service 800 faculty/staff in 6+ buildings
    • Yau-Man Chan will be migrating this model to the overall campus starting Fall 2011

2011: Centralized postdoc appointments – College-led centralization of appointments to reduce inefficient activities at departmental and group levels.

2011: Bear Buy – Campus-led collaboration with UCSF to establish on-line purchasing system that offers shoppers the opportunity to purchase discounted goods and services from on-line vendors.