Paying invoices payroll reminders
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Paying Invoices & Payroll Reminders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Paying Invoices & Payroll Reminders. Presented by Lisa Todd Director of Financial Accounting. Paying an Invoice Does the invoice have a Purchase Order (PO) number or a Contract number? Is the PO closed with receiving? Does the following Invoice items match the PO: Item description

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Paying invoices payroll reminders

Paying Invoices & Payroll Reminders

Presented by

Lisa Todd

Director of Financial Accounting

Accounts payable paying an invoice

  • Paying an Invoice

    • Does the invoice have a Purchase Order (PO) number or a Contract number?

    • Is the PO closed with receiving?

    • Does the following Invoice items match the PO:

      • Item description

      • Quantity

      • Pricing

  • YES

    • Processing of the invoice continues

  • NO

    • Processing is delayed

  • Internal Departments Weekly Deadline:


    12:00 noon

    Accounts Payable Paying an Invoice

    Are there funds to pay an invoice
    Are there funds to pay an invoice?

    • YES – Processing of the invoice continues

      • The invoice processing is completed

      • Check is issued

      • Checks are mailed out weekly to the vendors

      • Internal Travel and Continued Education should have special instructions noted on the document

        • Notifications to pick up internal checks are either via email or a phone call from Joyce Zendejas or Cassandra Pardon

        • AP needs the following information on Internal Travel and Continued Education requests:

          • Name

          • Mail Stop Number

          • Phone Number

          • Cashier location for pick-up

    Problem invoices
    Problem Invoices

    • Pricing - (Invoice is greater than the PO amount)

      • AP enters what is listed on the invoice

      • Lawson creates a buyers message to purchasing department

      • Department and purchasing notified via email

      • Reason code (BM) is entered into Lawson

    • Left off item -(Item is invoiced but not on the PO)

      • Item could be a substitute

      • Change to the PO

      • Department and purchasing notified via email

      • Reason code (LOI) is entered into Lawson

    • Over-Shipment - (PO line item is paid and closed)

      • Vendor is billed for an additional shipment against the same PO number

      • Department called using the same PO number

      • Department and purchasing notified via email

      • Reason code (DUP) (OVER) (AMEND) is entered into Lawson

        • Department MUST either:

          • Increase the PO

          • Open a NEW PO

          • Return goods – Return copy of invoice to AP with updated information

          • Provide written authorization to purchasing to amend PO for payment

          • Original invoice is then matched to system, processed to be paid

    End of the month period end report
    End of the MonthPeriod End Report

    • Access to Ascend Software needed to view REPORT SAFE

    • GL290 Report AP Manual Accruals consist of:

      • Checks disbursements

      • Service type PO’s

      • Contract Invoices

  • AP275 is a report of the invoice distribution history and invoice released to GL in the closed month

  • PO135 (RNI) Report PO with no invoice released for payment

    (\\sharedir\lawsonreports\Department Reconciliation-POMonthlyReview \2011)

  • Open Payable Report Open invoices for your department.

    (\\sharedir\lawsonreports\Department Reconciliation-POMonthlyReview\2011\OpenPayablesReports)

  • Open PO (Purchase Order) Report

    (\\sharedir\lawsonreports\Department Reconciliation-POMonthlyReview\2011)

  • PO 251 Buyers message report worked weekly between AP & purchasing.

  • Receiving-Monthly expenses are posted to the budget in the month the PO is closed with receiving. Lawson rolls amounts into the PO135 at the close of the monthly period.

    Variance report questions:

    Complete variance request form and submit to Joyce Zendejas via e-mail or fax to 358-9315 for distribution to Accountants. The assigned Accountant will contact you once received and reviewed.

  • UHS

    Frequently asked questions
    Frequently asked Questions

    • Where are the invoices mailed?

      • University Health System

        Attn: Accounts Payable MS# 85-1

        355-2 Spencer Lane

        San Antonio, Texas 78201

    • What if a vendor is not in Lawson?

      • New Vendors must go through Purchasing at

        • W9 required vendor sanction check

    • What if a vendor requires payment in advance BEFORE goods are delivered or services are performed?

      • This is a PREPAY

        • Submit a 446 to Purchasing and attach supporting documentation such as:

          • Quote

          • Performa invoice

            (Both must include a remit to address, calculation of fees, and freight costs)

    • What if a vendor has provided the services as an emergency or after hours?

      • This is an AFTER THE FACT

        • Confirm a valid PO does not exist before a new 446 si submitted to Purchasing with memo authorization per purchasing policy

        • Attach original invoice

    • When do I submit a check disbursement?

      • Use the “Request for Check Disbursement” Form when paying for items that are authorized per the NON-PO Related Purchases List and attach invoice

        • Director can sign off up to $10,000 over $10,000 the Area VP will be required to sign form

      • If services provided are under Contract, please write the Contract # on the check request. Note: Contract must be valid for your RC# and the invoices you are submitting are covered for the period you're approving.

        Example: Lab services, invoicing is based on USAGE how many tests were performed. Required: AP needs to obtain Approval that services have been performed, pricing is correct. Area Director can approve if contract has gone to the Board.

    Accounts Payable

    Accounts Payable Team

    • Lisa Todd

      Director, Financial Accounting

      phone: 210.358.9300

      email: [email protected]

    • Linda Cato

      Manager, Financial Accounting

      phone: 210.358.9303

      email: [email protected]

      - Petra Guerrero

      Supervisor, Accounts Payable

      phone: 210.358.9330

    • email:

    • [email protected]

      -Joe Munoz

      Clerk, Accounts Payable

      phone: 210.358.9309

      - Cynthia Borrego

      Clerk, Accounts Payable

      phone: 210.358.9310

      - Renee Hall

      Clerk, Accounts Payable

      phone: 210.358.9308

    Accounts Payable Team

    - Liz Mojica

    Clerk, Accounts Payable

    phone: 210.358.9305

    • Cynthia Montez

      Clerk, Accounts Payable

      phone: 210.358.9307

      - LisaDavis

      Clerk, Accounts Payable

      phone: 210.358.9313

      -Yolanda Lopez

      Clerk,Accounts Payable

      phone: 210.358.9314

      - Manuel Favila

      Clerk, Accounts Payable

      phone: 210.358.9306

    • Detailed vendor assignment listing available on the intranet.

    Team and Contact Information

    For questions for the accounts payable team please call, fax or email.

    Fax: 210-358-9315

    Email: [email protected]

    Using the payroll worksheet
    Using the Payroll Worksheet

    Payroll worksheet – Form BCHD # 7-107A

    • The payroll worksheet is used to:

      • Transfer hours between departments

      • Sell back PTO hours

      • Standard Documentation for Employees to submit to TimeKeepers

    • Payroll worksheets submitted without an authorized signature will NOT be entered and will be returned for signature. Even if on payroll Monday.

    Using the payroll worksheet continued
    Using the Payroll Worksheet Continued…

    • Transfers

      • Due Every Friday by 2 pm for Monday – Thursday time

      • Due Every Monday by 2 pm for Friday - Sunday time

      • The Director who accepts the charges must sign the payroll worksheet

      • Payroll will not enter the punches, the timekeeper must enter the punches into the system

      • Transfers received after 2 pm and before 5 pm on Monday’s will be processed via journal entry

        • These transfers must have approval from the Director of Financial Accounting

    Manual check request memo
    Manual Check Request Memo

    • Manual Check request memos need to be submitted to payroll NO later than 10 am Monday – Friday for same day pick up after 4 pm at the UH cashier (unless indicated otherwise on memo)

    • Memos received after the 10 am deadline will be ready next day after 4 pm

    • NO manual check will be issued for:

      • Less than 8 hours of pay

      • Gross pay of less than $50

    • All manual check requests must be signed by department VP

    Pay adjustment request
    Pay Adjustment Request

    Form BCHD #7-107-F

    Pay adjustment requests
    Pay Adjustment Requests

    • Deadline for Pay Adjustment Requests is 2 pm on the Wednesday before Payroll Monday.

    • Pay Adjustment Requests must contain the following to be processed:

      • In/Out time (either use AM/PM or military time)

      • Employee ID number

      • Phone extension

      • Date

      • Correct signatures by both employee and director

        • If not completed correctly, it will not be processed and returned to be corrected

    • Pay Adjustment Requests received that are more than 2 months old will require the signature of the COO or CFO.

    Payroll reminders
    Payroll Reminders

    Payroll Lockout Times

    Other Reminders

    Group Time Day

    Things that delay processing

    Employee 10:00 am PR Monday

    Timekeeper 4:30 pm PR Monday

    Approver 8:00 am PR Tuesday

    • Do not send duplicate copies via fax or email.

    • Make sure all documents have proper signatures

      • Employee

      • Director

      • VP if needed

    • Communication with staff is key to meeting deadlines

    Payroll team and contact information

    Payroll Team Members

    Lisa Todd

    Director, Financial Accounting

    phone: 210.358.9300

    email: [email protected]

    Linda Cato

    Manager, Financial Accounting

    phone: 210.358.9303

    email: [email protected]

    - Sylvia Sananikone

    Supervisor, Payroll

    phone: 210.358.9317

    email: [email protected]

    - Rosie Mejia

    Specialist, Payroll

    phone: 210.358.9317

    email: [email protected]

    - Renee Berban

    Specialist, Payroll

    phone: 210.358.9317

    email: [email protected]

    - Susan Twardowski

    Analyst, Time and Labor

    phone: 210.358.9317

    email: [email protected]

    For questions for the payroll team please call or email.

    Phone: 210.358.9317

    Email: [email protected]

    Payroll Team and Contact Information