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Classroom practice

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Classroom practice. of the new teacher education master in Hungary. PLA – Vilnius , 4-8 October 2009. Policies on teacher education.

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classroom practice

Classroom practice

of the new teacher education master in Hungary

PLA – Vilnius, 4-8 October 2009

policies on teacher education
Policies on teacher education
  • 289/2005 government decree: regulated the structure of teacher education (one masters degree, two subjects, stronger pedagogical orientation, one semester long practice at the end)
  • 16/2006 ministerial decree: content and outcome requirements of the teacher training masters degree (entrance requirements, credits, knowledge content, competencies, foreign language, practice, qualifications)

PLA – Vilnius, 4-8 October 2009

policy context
Previous system:

60 h classroom teaching

subject orientation


New MA:

60 h+1 semester practice

pedagogical orientation








300 cr

240 cr

Policy context

PLA – Vilnius, 4-8 October 2009

practice in the new ma
Practice in the new MA

3 levels of the practicum:

  • #1: 30 h of observation in a „practicing school”
  • #2: 60 h of classroom practice (15 lessons teaching per subject) in a „practicing school”
  • #3: one semester long complex practice in a „partner school”, (introduced by the new MA)

PLA – Vilnius, 4-8 October 2009

the semester long practice
The semester long practice

Has 3 orientations:

  • Activities of subject teaching(preparation, teaching, reflections, discussions)
  • other activities of a teacher, outside subject teaching (head of class, drug prevention, school events, etc.)
  • functioning of a school and the its’ support system(laws, pedagogical programs, parents, professional agencies/institutions, etc.)

Supported by a reflective seminar at the university.

PLA – Vilnius, 4-8 October 2009

role players the partners
Practice #1 and #2:

student teacher

university, tutor

supervising teacher

practicing school community

Semester long practice:

student teacher

university and tutor


partner school community

Role players - the Partners

practicing school: school of the university (elite)

partner school: any primary or secondary educational institution with contract and mentor

PLA – Vilnius, 4-8 October 2009

  • accredits the programme, is responsible for the quality, the content, the organization (partner school, mentor) and the student,
  • provides the theoretical bases of the practice (self reflection, competencies, development plan),
  • supports by a reflective seminar, and personal consultation
  • assesses the practice with the help of the mentor.

PLA – Vilnius, 4-8 October 2009

tutor leading professor
Tutor (leading professor)
  • specialist in pedagogy, psychology, methodology or practice,
  • the leader of the student teacher’s reflective seminar,
  • responsible of the overall quality of the practice, bridging practice with theory,
  • is in contact with the mentor,
  • assesses the practice.

PLA – Vilnius, 4-8 October 2009

partner school
Partner school
  • Provides possibilities for the student teacher to teach his/her subjects, get to know the teaching profession and the school life.
  • Provides a trained mentor in one of the subjects of the teacher and a helping colleague in the other subject
  • Supportive and accepting overall culture for student teaching and mentoring (supportive leadership is essential)

PLA – Vilnius, 4-8 October 2009

mentor supervising teacher
Mentor (supervising teacher)
  • gives a model,
  • supports the student teacher in planning, teaching, reflection,
  • introduces the student teacher to the school community, environment,
  • supports the involvements in other school activities than teaching,
  • is in direct contact with leading professor, and takes part in assessment.

PLA – Vilnius, 4-8 October 2009

asses s met of student teachers
is based on

competencies set in the ministerial decree

self development plan

is done by a portfolio of:

all the documents of the practice

reflections of the student teacher at the major events, elements of the practice

Assessmet of student teachers

PLA – Vilnius, 4-8 October 2009

mentor training

By 2 years long advanced professional training

By a module of „pedagogues’ professional exam” (top of career ladder)

(by short trainings)


Practice oriented training,

Provides info on the content of the new MA

Is only accessible to teachers with at least 5 years practice and school head support

Mentor training

PLA – Vilnius, 4-8 October 2009

thank you for your

Thank you for your


PLA – Vilnius, 4-8 October 2009