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Business Forms

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Business Forms. Group4 members:陈宇慧 郭晓欣 伍思欣 孟欣 劳洁莹 张炜靖 黄旭妍 叶美玲 郭锡瑶. Company. Reorganized base on the original China Petrochemical Company in 1998. The total share capital reach 867 billion in 2007. Net profit 707 billion in 2010.

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business forms

Business Forms

Group4 members:陈宇慧 郭晓欣 伍思欣 孟欣 劳洁莹 张炜靖 黄旭妍 叶美玲 郭锡瑶


Reorganized base on the original China Petrochemical Company in 1998

The total share capital reach 867 billion in 2007

Net profit 707 billion in 2010

Considered as the most responsible one by the Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility Report(中国企业社会责任报告白皮书) in 2014

Publicly owned---Sinopec Group公有企业---中国石油化工集团公司(中石化)

Development process


Why called sinopec?

Because people consider Sino is the transliteration of “秦” and “pec” is the abbreviation of pectrifaction.

management aim

scientific development


Business Overview

oil-gas exploration

oil refining

petroleum products


diesel oil

Jet fuel oil No.3



The overseas market

Oil and gas exploration and development overseas

International Petroleum Engineering

International Petrochemical Engineering

International Trade

Rank the fourth in the world's largest fortune 500 companies in 2013 !!!

a simple of publicly held profit private companies

A simple of Publicly held profitprivate companies

Apple Company

Apple Inc.

(usu.C corp.) 一般股份有限公司

apple company
Apple Company

Location : cupertino, California

Founded time : April 1, 1976

Founder: Steve Jobs

Steve wozniak

Ronald Gerald Wayne

business scope
Business scope:

Electronic science and technology products

Annual turnover : Us $156.5 billion(2013)

World top 500 ranking: 19(2013)

Number of employees : 76,100(2013年)

main products company nature
Main products &Company Nature:

Main products:

the iPod, the iTunes and Mac laptop and desktop computers, the OS X, and the iPhone and the tablet

Company Nature:

Listed Company(On December 12, 1980, listed on the NASDAQ ,Code:AAPL.O)

Usu.C corp(Usual C-Corparation Company)

guangzhou securities
  • Establish:1988
  • Address:19th and 20th floor, Guangzhou International Financial Center,Zhujiang New Town,

Zhujiang West Road,

Guangzhou City,China

  • Slogan:New for you
  • Thepredecessor:


Limited Liability Company


the business scope
The business scope
  • Acting sale of securities


  • Debt servicing, dividends payable


  • Generation custody, verification


  • Registration accounts;


  • Underwriting of securities


  • The securities investment consulting; 证券投资咨询;
  • The customer asset management;客户资产管理;

Quasi-Publicly Owned Corporation

China Mobile CommunicationsCorporation(CMCC)


China Mobile CommunicationsCorporation


CMCC Company setted

up in April 20th,2000

CMCC became a listed company

in May 16th,2000

Their customer reached over 720 million in 2012

In 2013,CMCC changed their LOGO,

  • China Mobile Communications Corporation is a Chinese state-owned telecommunication companythat provides mobile voice and multimedia services through its nationwide mobile telecommunications network.
  • The company isone of the largest mobile telecommunications companies by market capitalizationtoday, and it was named as such in March 2011. China Mobile Limited is listed on both the NYSE and the Hong Kong stock exchange.
  • As of July 2013, China Mobile is the world's largest mobile phone operator by subscribers with about 760 million.


  • Established in 1988 in Shekou, Shenzhen.
  • The first insurance company in China to have a shareholding structure.
  • Three core businesses: insurance, banking, and investment.
  • The Group’s shares are listed on the Hong Kong Stock.


·To investors:fulfill its commitment to investors

·Delivering stable returnsto customers

·To employees:offering career development opportunities and a fulfilling working environment

·To society:giving back to the community and doing our part in nation building

guangzhou automobile group co ltd
Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.
  • Converted into a joint stock company from the former limited liability company on June 28th, 2005.
  • Large state-owned holding enterprise group
  • The first A+H shares the overall listing of state-owned automobile group

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