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Windows Remote Administration

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Windows Remote Administration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Windows Remote Administration. Topics. Methods that Facilities uses for administering machines Tools for remote administration / automation: Computer Management (compmgmt.msc) WMI and WMIC Scripting. Current Rollout Projects. Windows XP Service Pack 2

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Windows Remote Administration

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Presentation Transcript
  • Methods that Facilities uses for administering machines
  • Tools for remote administration / automation:

Computer Management (compmgmt.msc)



current rollout projects
Current Rollout Projects
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2
    • Kclient upgrade to KfW
    • OpenAFS upgrade

Updates are applied to a group of ten machines at a time, completion date of 6/2005

  • Monthly Patch Updates (ongoing)
what we do group policies
What we do – Group Policies
  • Deliver default Firewall settings for XP SP2
  • Push software, XP SP2, Kclient / OpenAFS upgrade packages
  • Configure security for Xwin32, Time server for Leash (new ticket manager)
  • Configure Event Log settings, other security settings (NoNetAsAdmin, for example)
  • Stock Microsoft administration tools, methods are used (Remote desktop, etc)
  • Some tools are installed by default, others added via resource kit, support tools (form the OS install CD)
  • Administrative Shares (x$,admin$,etc)
  • Custom tools written in Vbscript
  • Windows Management instrumentation
built in tools
Built-in tools
  • MMC Based snap ins, roll your own tools
  • Some are advertised via Control Panel -> admin tools, some are not (Certificate manager for example)
  • Computer Management (compmgmt.msc)
  • Administrative rights required
  • Demo
why remote desktop
Why Remote Desktop ?
  • Built-in to all recent versions of Windows
  • Port blocked at border router (3389)
  • Next best thing to being there (console access)
tip for using compmgmt msc
Tip for using compmgmt.msc

Batch File:

Start Computer Management (target machine):

start compmgmt.msc /computer:%1

  • Windows Management Instrumentation – Microsoft’s implementation of WBEM.
  • Pre-cooked objects for obtaining information about a machine(s)
  • Gather information about Disks, partitions, Motherboards, memory DIMMS, etc.
  • Start / kill services, processes, etc
  • Demo
windows scripting host
Windows Scripting Host
  • Supports Vbscript, Jscript, Perl, .Net
  • Programmatically access WMI namespace, other object models (ADSI, CDO, etc.)
cheat sheets
Cheat Sheets

Will make available after this session …

webcasts resources
Webcasts / Resources

Using WMIC for administration:;en-us;325427

Scripting WMIC:;en-us;325946

Scripting Guys Webcasts:

Scripting Start Page: