washington s presidency
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Washington’s Presidency

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Washington’s Presidency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Washington’s Presidency. 1789-1797 Chapter 9, Section 1 . Washington’s presidency starts many precedents (examples) that become traditions. His Cabinet Sec of War - Henry Knox Sec of State – Thomas Jefferson Sec of Treasury – Alexander Hamilton Attorney General – Edmund Randolph

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washington s presidency

Washington’s Presidency


Chapter 9, Section 1

washington s presidency starts many precedents examples that become traditions
Washington’s presidency starts many precedents (examples) that become traditions.
  • His Cabinet
  • Sec of War - Henry Knox
  • Sec of State – Thomas Jefferson
  • Sec of Treasury – Alexander Hamilton
  • Attorney General – Edmund Randolph
  • These are the advisors to the President, but the Constitution had not called for this body.
  • (implied power?) Article I Sec 8 Elastic Clause or “Necessary and Proper Clause”
federal judiciary act of 1789
Federal Judiciary Act of 1789
  • The Congress set up the first Supreme Court system with this act. It set up 6 Justices as the
  • Court. It also set up lesser federal courts. Washington appointed John Jay as the Chief


alexander hamilton and the national debt
Alexander Hamilton and the National Debt
  • The US was in debt because of the Revolution. We owed money to France, Spain and the Netherlands + the AMERICAN PEOPLE (war bonds). To be taken seriously as a country, we need to be debt-free. His plan:
  • 1: paying off war debt
  • 2: raising government revenue
  • 3: establishing a National Bank.

The Bank mostly stabilized the National Government by providing a safe place to keep government funds. It also issued currency $.

  • Tariffs are taxes on foreign goods.
  • Hamilton’s idea here is to raise revenue with a high tariff. Affected the South more than others since they depended on foreign trade. But, it boosted the American manufacturing base.
  • Hamilton wanted a stronger national gov. using a “loose” interpretation of the constitution. Jefferson’s group favored a “strict” one with very limited Gov powers. Beginnings of political parties
challenges pg 320
Challenges (pg 320)
  • Northwest Territory (Little Turtle & the British)
  • Native Americans wanted to unite to form a nation and the British were behind them.
  • Originally, they were united under Little Turtle and repelled the American troops sent to defeat them. Washington later appointed Wayne (Western Front – Revolutionary War). Wayne defeated Little Turtle’s troops in the Battle of Fallen Timbers
  • They Ceded land to US through Treaty of Greenville (OH, IL, MI, Indiana)
whiskey rebellion
Whiskey Rebellion
  • 1794 – farmers from western PA revolted over a tax on Whiskey.
  • It was the backcountry vs. wealthier class, but it was rebellion.
  • President Washington saw this as a threat to the federal government. He sent 13,000 troops to put this down (Overkill!)
  • The rebellion was put down by the time the troops showed up
french revolution and america
French Revolution and America
  • The French had aided our Revolution, we are indebted to them, right? The French people in the 1780s (inspired by the colonists) overthrew their own king.
  • Unfortunately, this turns EXTREMEY violent, kill the King and Queen and we become split over which side to take.
us france britain
US, France, Britain
  • France and England went to war with one another.
  • Jefferson (France) and Hamilton (England) were split over which side to take, but the US was one of those countries caught in the middle.
  • US = Neutral but we depended on the trade with both countries and they saw our ships as aiding the others.
  • Britain started seizing our ships, so Washington sent John Jay to negotiate a treaty
jay s treaty
Jay’s Treaty
  • The British agreed to leave the Ohio River Valley and to pay for the damages to our seized ships. However, they wouldn’t let the US into the British Caribbean trade.
  • The treaty was not a popular one, but it did ease relations with the British.
pinckney s treaty
Pinckney’s Treaty

The US was also having problems with its former ally Spain over control over territories in America. Three issues stand out in this treaty with Spain.

  • · The US got the right to use the MS River
  • · US ships could go through the port of New Orleans